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The huge commercial success of Switch has prompted Nintendo to expand its games

Nintendo has announced that Switch's huge and unexpected success has allowed the company to invest in new business opportunities, including 880 new business opportunities. $ 1 million will be spent on game development.

Nintendo CEO Shantaro Forukawa said in a briefing after the release of the latest financial results last Thursday that Switch's performance exceeded expectations. Nintendo went so far as to explain how the company intends to spend its cash outside of R&D costs and conventional capital. Will allocate $ 880 million) to expand the capacity of its in-house gaming development and 50 billion yen ($ 440 million) to expand its non-gaming entertainment assets, including movies. However, twice that amount - up to 300 billion yen (2 2.6 billion/ 2 billion) - will be invested in building the foundations for maintaining and expanding consumer relations.

Furokawa About the Plan "As a company that brings smiles to its audience through entertainment, Nintendo has always aimed to create genuine entertainment," the company said. "In volatile businesses, such as entertainment businesses, the main policy of our financial activities has been to guarantee cash and other cash assets so that we can continuously offer products and services that constantly offer new surprises to our audiences."

"While this fundamental policy will not change, the Nintendo Switch business has exceeded our expectations and has put us in a strong position in recent years, giving us a good opportunity to Let's review how to use our cash more effectively in a variety of strategic and meaningful investment methods. "

BingMag.com The huge commercial success of Switch has prompted Nintendo to expand its games

With Nintendo's 150 billion yen plans to invest in new software assets, the company will focus primarily on the organic expansion of its various existing organizations so that, according to its CEO, they can continue Nintendo's creative culture. However, Furokawa has not ruled out the possibility of acquiring new studios.

Earlier this year, Nintendo acquired a studio after nearly a decade and added it to its in-house studios. They took over the makers of Luigis Mansion 3, the Canadian studio Next Level Games; A studio that, of course, had a long and close relationship with Nintendo in the past, and their acquisition by Nintendo was not a surprise given the current state of the industry. In fact, Nintendo stepped in early to prevent the studio from being bought by other aspiring companies.

It will work on developing new video content, as well as opportunities in non-gaming entertainment businesses that are heavily dependent on the gaming business. With customers, the cost is focused on expanding ways to improve users' accounts and provide better experiences and services for them to add more value to players.

According to Nintendo now There are more than 250 million Nintendo account holders in 164 countries and territories around the world, including areas where the company has no official or special operations. "The goal is not just to promote a shift to digital services, but to build a unique Nintendo service infrastructure based on our integrated hardware-software business," Furukawa said. Nintendo officially announced a few days ago Sales of the Nintendo Switch console have exceeded 92.87 million units. Nintendo expects sales of the Switch console to exceed sales of the seventh-generation Wii by the end of the fiscal year in March 2022. The Wii, currently Nintendo's best-selling home console, sold 101.63 million units in its lifetime. It seems that the switch will be easy to reach this statistic.

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