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How will Gad of War Regnarok continue the relationship between Kritos and his son?

BingMag.com How will Gad of War Regnarok continue the relationship between Kritos and his son?

Although the story of Kritos in the first trilogy of the God of War series was based on the tragic story of the loss of his family, the previous episode released in 2018 Re-painted a new family challenge for Kritos; Kratos takes care of his son Atrius.

The story of the previous part deals with a personal story about Kratos and his son and how Kratos learns how to be a father and what responsibilities he has for him. He also learns some secrets about his current family late in the game. Details of the story and gameplay

The events of Regnarok God of War do not happen immediately after the previous episode, and we can see this in its recent trailer. A few years have passed since the story of the previous game, and now Regnarok is ahead, and Kritos and Atrius have entered into a bigger story, but in any case, one of the main focuses of the story is the continuation of the relationship between Kritos and Atrius and their story. This is something that has changed in this game.

After the game trailer aired, Eric Williams, the director of God of War Regnarok, said in an interview with IGN: " Because these characters are on a great adventure and journey, we want their relationships to grow, evolve, and sometimes even decline. Even in the simplest things, such as a midwife, we guess what happens to them when they are fumbling. Do you think that Kritos and Atrius will not do anything at this time? " Regnarok's story is important, especially when it comes to Atrius 'identity and Cretus' ignorance of it. These facts, which are revealed at the end of the previous part of the story, raise new ambiguities and questions and create changes that are part of the cornerstone of the story of God of War Regnarok.

Eric Williams Explained in Ragnarok, he explains: "One of the most interesting things for me was the idea that we see Kritos grow and change a lot at the end of the last game, but when he realizes that his other child's name is Loki and his wife tells him this. He was hiding, no one really comes to him. "The person whom Kratos trusted with all his life still had secrets in his heart and kept them secret from Kratos." It is clear that this issue can be a serious challenge for Kratos throughout the story.

BingMag.com How will Gad of War Regnarok continue the relationship between Kritos and his son?

Williams "Right now he can't ask his wife anything," he said. Kratos can not ask why he has to endure this pressure. He has had traumas in the past and is facing them now. This is a serious psychological problem for someone who wants to overcome problems. He also has questions, but who should he ask? As you can see in the trailer, we have tried to induce such a thing to some extent. Fans have a lot of questions. We did not show anything for a very long time. That's why we wanted to give them a lot of answers, but also ask them new questions.

The relationship between these questions, the answers, and the facts behind them is crucial to Williams. Sometimes curiosity comes from believing in curiosity, and on the other hand, how engaging and amazing it can be to interact with such very curious characters.

Eric Williams says: They are, I like, and I like that the characters we create have this curiosity and continue on their way. The answers seem a bit tedious to me because they are limited and definite, but the questions are surprising because they open up a topic. A good answer should lead us to a new question. "

BingMag.com How will Gad of War Regnarok continue the relationship between Kritos and his son?

Some were worried that The game's trailer may have revealed a lot, but Eric Williams 'words show that it was done on purpose, and they wanted to answer some of the fans' questions as easily, but instead create new ambiguities for them to curiosity about. In fact, curiosity is something that can attract the player to a fantasy world like God of War. This is the need to balance in the tangible and smaller moments that make players or viewers care about the world of the work. Finding a balance between these moments, how to ask questions, the idea of trust in these relationships and a related world full of mythical characters are the things Williams really wants to address with the help of his team in the God of War 2018 sequel.

Williams "When you can get into his psyche and mood, this is a good place to maneuver," he says. This is something that attracts people, because in some areas it is very familiar to them but very wonderful. "

Together is one of those moments that matters to Williams. He believes that these moments are an essential part of the story of Cretus and Atrius.

BingMag.com How will Gad of War Regnarok continue the relationship between Kritos and his son? Cory Barlag "The best moments in games and the best moments in movies are the same everyday pleasures and joys," he says. Beauty and moments with truth are ordinary and completely understandable moments. After connecting with these moments, it is there that you will suddenly see a huge troll or a dragon nearby. "You have to put these things together and put them together to get the inner feeling that while you are in a fantasy world, you can fully communicate and understand it."

  • God of War Ragnarok gameplay trailer

Whether this process is through the story of Cretus and Atrius or the story of the sub-characters of previous episodes such as Mimir, Brooke and Sindari or even the new characters of this episode Like Thor, Odin, and others, Williams hopes the players will find their own perspective and enter the larger world in which Ragnarok's story is told. The interesting thing is that the collection of characters in the story deals specifically with the theme of family and relationships that have been created in God of War 2018. Although Williams did not elaborate, when asked if Thor and Fria were very angry with Kritos for interfering in their family, Williams simply said, "This is a very clever take on the game trailer." But how the story of these great mythical families in Ragnarok come together is still a big mystery, and to get the answer, we have to wait for the release of Regnarok God of War in 2022 for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

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