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How to use Dual Sense handle on computer?

BingMag.com <b>How</b> to <b>use</b> <b>Dual</b> <b>Sense</b> <b>handle</b> on computer?

Dualense, the main category of the PlayStation 5 console, is not only one of the best strengths of this console, but also one of the best categories available for personal computers. . Thanks to two touch-enabled features and adaptive triggers, at least in the games that make the most of it, it evokes a feeling that is unmatched in any other category. While dual-sensing is easy to use on PCs, most PC games are not designed to be optimal.

The exciting news is that some games like Deathloop, Metro Exodus, and Assassin's Creed Valhalla Personal computers have also used some Dual license features in computers. Another good thing is that thanks to us, we can easily use dualscenes in all computer games without complicated settings. Via USB or wireless and via Bluetooth.

BingMag.com <b>How</b> to <b>use</b> <b>Dual</b> <b>Sense</b> <b>handle</b> on computer?

How to get Dual license use on a computer?


This is a snap to start. To connect the controller to your PC via USB, you need a USB Type-C to USB-A cable for your PC (or you need a USB Type-C to Type-C cable if you have a suitable port available. ). While there is a cable for the handle in the PlayStation 5 box, Dual accessories that are sold separately do not. So, if you do not have a cable, plug it in.

Bluetooth & Wireless

To use Dual sensing via Bluetooth, connect to a Bluetooth adapter You need USB (or a motherboard with built-in Bluetooth). To connect, open the "Bluetooth & other devices" menu in Windows by pressing the Windows key and typing Bluetooth. Then click on "Add Bluetooth or other device" and then click on "Bluetooth". Your computer starts searching for available devices.

In DualSense, hold down the button that displays the PlayStation logo and the Share button (the small button to the left of the touch screen) so that the lights around the touch screen start flashing quickly. . Within a few seconds, "Wireless Batch" should appear in your list of Bluetooth-enabled devices before you can connect to it. Just click on it to finish the connection.

DualSense will now be available in Windows with its DirectInput driver, which some games detect and let you reset controls. But many PC games today are based on Microsoft's newer XInput driver for Xbox consoles, so dual-resolution will be very limited without further ado.

BingMag.com <b>How</b> to <b>use</b> <b>Dual</b> <b>Sense</b> <b>handle</b> on computer?

How to set up DualSense controller on Steam?

Steam added initial DualSense support in November 2020 and has been supporting it ever since. Has improved. Using Steam is the easiest way to operate your DualSense on a PC, even if you want to use it in non-Steam games.

To begin, use DualSense as wired as described above Or connect Bluetooth to your PC. Once connected, open Steam and enter Big Picture Mode. You should see that DualSense is now recognized and listed as a PlayStation 5 batch. Steam automatically configures the keyboard keys to mimic the layout of the Xbox controller. For example, it shows the Playstation triangle button with the letter Y and the square button with the letter X. You can do things like handle sensitivity, batch naming, activating or deactivating the handle vibration motor, and adjusting the color and brightness of the touchscreen controls.

There is an important point here. If you want to customize the button layout or gyroscopic control for your dual-sensitivity controller, make sure the PlayStation Configuration Support check box is checked. By checking this option, you can press the PlayStation logo button on the controller in each game in Steam to raise the Steam controller configuration screen.

BingMag.com <b>How</b> to <b>use</b> <b>Dual</b> <b>Sense</b> <b>handle</b> on computer?

Note that category configuration is only available via Steam Big Picture mode. If you want to use gyroscope aiming, from this page you can change the button connections, change the way the touch screen works (it can click left and right separately) and also configure the gyroscope. You can also define Action Set and Action Layers for it. For example, if only You want to use the aircraft gyroscopic controls in GTA, you can create an Action Set for it and activate it every time you jump on the plane by pressing a special key.

If you want your Dual license It works like any other category, you can leave this page as it is, without having to make any adjustments.

BingMag.com <b>How</b> to <b>use</b> <b>Dual</b> <b>Sense</b> <b>handle</b> on computer?

How can we use DualSense controller in games outside of Steam?

If you want to use DualSense in games that you own outside of Steam, for example In the Epic Game Store or anywhere, there is a way you can use it for anything, even emulators. An easy way to do this is to return the steam to the image. Steam has a "Add to Library" feature for Windows executable files that allows you to add other programs to your game library on Steam and then use the Steam cover.

As you can see in the image above, Click the "Games" menu on Steam, then select "Add a Non-Steam game to my library" to see a list of programs on your computer. In most cases, this allows you to add a game and use a Steam controller as an intermediary.

Another option: use DS4Windows strong>

If you prefer to experience your off-Steam games without adding them to the dual-core Steam Games library, DS4Windows is another option you can use. This app has been updated with dual-version support.

To use it, connect your controller to your PC via USB or Bluetooth, as described above, and open the DS4Windows app. You should then be able to customize your handle button, change the color and intensity of the LED, and monitor the handle battery level. The DS4Windows app lets you use dual-sensing in any PC game that supports the Xbox controller.

Which PC-based game uses dual-sensing features?

You do not need to use Steam for DualSense to work in all games. In Windows, DualSense uses the DirectInput driver, which some games support. But most games today use Microsoft's newer XInput driver, which is where Steam Input really comes in handy. However, it is exciting to see that more than a year after the release of PlayStation 5, more developers are trying to take advantage of the unique features of this category.

Below is a list of some of these works. Games

Touch Feedback Capability (Heptic Feedback) Adaptive Trigger Capability (Adaptive Trigger) Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition Yes Yes Assassin's Creed Valhalla Yes Yes Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War No Yes F1 2021 Yes Yes Death Duty: Vanguard Yes Yes

Source: PC Gamer <// p>

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