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How Much Money Do Biggest Streamers Make From Twitch?

BingMag.com How Much Money Do Biggest Streamers Make From Twitch?

As you probably know, the Twitch site has recently been hacked by an anonymous hacker, and various important data from it have been leaked to the Internet. Has been shared.

This is one of the biggest hacks done during this time and is unprecedented for Twitch. The hacked data was uploaded to 4Chan via a 125 GB file last Wednesday. According to the VGC, one of the main goals of this was to disrupt and provide more competition in the stream of streaming services; Because from the point of view of this space hacker and user community, Twitch has a very toxic atmosphere.

Even Twitch officially stated shortly after the news was published: "We can confirm that holes have been created in our security system. Is. Our teams are immediately working to understand the magnitude and magnitude of this. We will share more information with you as soon as it becomes available to us. Thank you for joining us.

If you want to know what this hack involved, you can find out more about it here.

However Among the leaked information, one of the most controversial issues that has caught the attention of many players and made available on the Internet is the list of the highest Twitch payments to some of the streamers who have the highest payouts. This statistic shows how much Twitch paid to streamers from August 2019 to September 2021. The high revenue of this hundred streamers has been so great that it has caused a lot of reactions on social networks and has caused a lot of surprises.

BingMag.com How Much Money Do Biggest Streamers Make From Twitch?

Contrary to popular belief, not a single woman can be seen in the top 25 streamers.

A Twitter user named KnowSomething The list, which was released separately on Twitter, noted that the figures were just the cost that Twitch paid directly to these users, and most likely included things like costs incurred through the number of subscribers and ads. Has been. However, it is natural that the income earned outside of Twitch and through things like YouTube, sponsors, foreign donations (foreign donuts) and other goods is not included in this statistic. Since its release, the list has confirmed three streams of the figures.

Among the list of Twitch's 100 highest-paid streamers, 81 streamers have made more than $ 1 million over the two-year period. . Most revenue belongs to Critical Role. If you are not familiar with Critical Role, they are a team of well-known and professional voice actors who experience the famous board game Black Holes and Dragons (Dungeons & Dragons). According to the report, they have earned more than $ 9.6 million from Twitch over the past two years.

You can see part of this list below. August 2019 to September 2021 1 CriticalRole $ 9.6 million 2 xQcOW $ 8.4 million 3 summit1g $ 5.8 million 4 Tfue $ 5.2 million 5 NICKMERCS $ 5 million 6 ludwig $ 3.2 million 7 TimTheTatman 3. $ 2 million 8 Altoar $ 3 million 9 auronplay $ 3 million 10 LYRIC 2.9 million $ 11 __unknown__ $ 2.8 million 12 Gaules $ 2.8 million 13 HasanAbi $ 2.8 million 14 Asmongold $ 2.5 million 15 loltyler1 $ 2.4 million 16 RanbooLive $ 2.4 million 17 MontanaBlack88 $ 2.3 million 18 ibai $ 2.3 million 19 Castro_1021 $ 2.3 million 20 MOONMOON $ 2.2 million 21 TheRealKnossi $ 2.1 million 22 moistcr1tikal 2 $ 23 million Mizkif $ 2 million 24 CohhCarnage $ 2 million 25 shroud $ 2 million

Source: VGC

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