How does music affect our gaming experience?

When discussing their favorite games and newly released games, players tend to gravitate toward stunning graphics, innovative gameplay, or groundbreaking stories. In fact, it's rare that a game's soundtrack is discussed with so much care and attention. How does music affect our gaming experience?

When discussing their favorite games and newly released games, players tend to gravitate toward stunning graphics, innovative gameplay, or groundbreaking stories. In fact, it's rare that a game's soundtrack is discussed with so much care and attention.

This is unfortunate, because a great soundtrack can make a game, or a sequence in particular, Make something unforgettable. On the other hand, music can stimulate the player's emotions and connect more with the avatar. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag It is one of the most interesting versions of the Assassin's Creed series. Brian Tyler's incredibly epic soundtrack seems expertly crafted to place the player perfectly in the role of a pirate. Of course, none of the problems of a pirate in real life can be found in the game. In fact, there is no danger of being caught and hanged, drowned at sea, or waking up with rats biting your toes. You loot for what they have and take on the British Navy with Blackbeard by your side. Black Flag makes that childhood fantasy of being a pirate come true, and the soundtrack makes that fact loud and clear from the moment you play it. How does music affect our gaming experience?

Brian Tyler has certainly mastered his work on this game. And the percussion is energetic and sometimes sad, which immediately conjures up images of sailing on the high seas and movies like Pirates of the Caribbean. The island cities of Nassau and Kingston come to life in the game with the strange sounds of wind and string, and ship battles are transformed into amazing cinematic scenes with pounding drums and rousing guitars.

However, it is Black Flag's original score that It really sets the tone and overall atmosphere and never shies away from putting players in the shoes of the infamous and corrupt pirate Edward Kenway. The game's main soundtrack starts off softly with a very catchy fiddle, but builds up to some of the most amazing and passionate percussion you'll ever hear. This music is a path full of happiness and adventure and promises a world of wealth. Either way, here's hoping that Ubisoft's next pirate adventure game, Skull and Bones, draws its music from Brian Tyler's work. That's what a good soundtrack is known for. Although the lovable characters who are well-paid and the charming and well-told story evoke these feelings in you, it is the deep music behind the scenes that unconsciously captures your heart. It can be soothing, like the nostalgic music of Stardew Valley, or it can be epic, triumphant, uplifting, like the original Halo music, cheering the player on for the fight ahead, or it can be devastating, like All Gone Last of Ace! How does music affect our gaming experience?

All Gone is the game that plays when (spoiler alert!) Eli meets a creepy cannibal named David at the end of winter. kills her and Joel tries to save her from a burning building. As this scene plays, all the other sounds in the environment and the sound of Ellie's sobbing along with Joel's words begin to fade and the only thing that can be heard is the sound of this song.

This is heartbreaking and very effective music. Is. The way the notes are twisted into this music seems to forever echo the despair and depression that Joel and Ellie feel at that moment. This goodness continues into the next chapter, Spring, where we see Ellie still suffering and unable to come to terms with everything she's seen and done. This effective use of music culminates in Last of Ace 2 using songs and images of Eli's guitar to show the extent of his suffering and maturity. How does music affect our gaming experience?

Keeping the player engaged even after the game is over

However, it doesn't have to be all that bleak. The most memorable pieces, however, are the songs that engage the player long after the player has been put down. In Monster Hunter: Rise, the final boss of the story is the unruly snake. Fighting him is kind of a test of everything the player has learned by spending dozens of hours exploring the game and crafting great weapons and armor for this.

Now at the last moment, When the big snake reaches the peak of its power and just when the player to Ending its resources, the game's main soundtrack, Proof of a Hero, stands out amid the chaos of combat. In fact, just hearing that loud and uplifting heroic music is enough to energize anyone to focus and finish the fight. How does music affect our gaming experience?

Similarly, Control uses music to give players a sense of power. While exploring the game, players may encounter the Ashtray Labyrinth, only to find that no matter how hard they try, there is no way to get through it. The reason is that in order to bypass this strange maze, the player must have a special item. Later in the game, you'll encounter a mysterious yet helpful janitor named Ahti, who will give the player a cassette tape. Goes through the Ashtray Labyrinth to the song Take Control. This heavy metal song is a combination of electric guitar, dharam and exciting lyrics that gives the player a lot of power and spirit to destroy the enemies in different parts of this labyrinth. It should be noted that this song was specifically created in collaboration with members of Remedi to ensure that different parts of it play at different times depending on the player's actions. How does music affect our gaming experience?


On the other hand, there are games that use their soundtracks to skillfully tell their story. Salisbury Games usually do this brilliantly. Who can forget the music when he walks past the fog at the location of the first flame in Dark Souls and enters the cinder lord area. Here, instead of hearing the epic music you hear during other basses in the game, you'll be treated to a sad piano melody. The music fits well with the story at this point in the game.

In Bloodborne and when facing Ludwig, the opening soundtrack echoes his animalistic nature. Ear-splitting violins along with a heavy piano melody and backing vocals create a sad but frenzied atmosphere that slowly builds as the fight continues. After that, when the player gets Ludwig's health bar down to half, it changes as expected, and from here on out, the fight music gives the player a sense of madness and despair. A madness somehow driven by something greater. Trying to make sense of it all while battling a monstrous and gigantic creature is enough to blow anyone's mind and is an experience you'll never forget. How does music affect our gaming experience?


Music helps games have soul. A good soundtrack can be simple yet surprisingly effective. Music plays with our emotions in a way that maybe nothing else can. Then it buries itself in the depths of our unconscious, and it is enough to relive all the associated memories by hearing it. To prove this, it is enough to listen to the music of the games and even your favorite movies and series to immerse yourself in the events of their world once again.

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