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How do action games encourage players to improve their skills?

BingMag.com <b>How</b> do <b>action</b> <b>games</b> <b>encourage</b> <b>players</b> to <b>improve</b> <b>their</b> skills?

What was called a clever warrior in ancient times is one who not only wins but easily excels in combat. He wins his battles without any mistakes. Making no mistakes is what lays the groundwork for a decisive victory because it means overcoming an enemy that has already been defeated.

Excerpt from Sun's Art of War Tezu

The most sensitive and exciting moments when experiencing the world of video games are the times when an effect divides every second of a sensitive situation into different possibilities. The action genre can be considered a genre that is the undisputed master of this work. The action genre means styles like beat 'em up to hack and slash. It can be said that a good action game is rooted in the balance between player strength and challenge; So it moves along the lines of what makes the player feel superior in combat and How it can stimulate skill leveling. In fact, core power is what makes these games. Now, in this article, we will talk about famous action games such as Duel Me Cry, Bayonetta and Ninja Gaiden as original examples of the genre.

BingMag.com <b>How</b> do <b>action</b> <b>games</b> <b>encourage</b> <b>players</b> to <b>improve</b> <b>their</b> skills?

These three games define their expectations from the player in terms of character design from the very beginning before the cutscenes start. Each game's cinematics are a separate topic that requires separate reviews, however in games like this they encourage the player to do better than before. Dante has a charming and funny personality, which makes fighting demons even more fun than before. On the other hand, Bayonetta's not-so-clothed appearance is not only for more attractiveness, but her dominance and disrespect for her enemies should be included in the gameplay.

Ryo Haibusa's authority should also shine when the player executes the right combination of combos. The way the character is presented is supposed to show his strength and motivate the player. On the other hand, with cutscenes that only show the killing of enemies by the main character, it is not supposed to motivate the player enough to become the best version that can be in the game.

BingMag.com <b>How</b> do <b>action</b> <b>games</b> <b>encourage</b> <b>players</b> to <b>improve</b> <b>their</b> skills?

For example, you can complete the entire game in Dante's Inferno by pressing a button in a row, however if The character is supposed to be introduced as a professional fighter, the player will not feel this powerful by pressing only one button. Therefore, he should be given the ambition to improve. Let me introduce an idea called "First Optimal Order Strategy" which perfectly describes the situations in these games and should be avoided. These types of strategies, which are usually expressed at the beginning of solving any problem, think about achieving the most results for the least effort.

For example, if you can clear a room full of enemies with the same tactic Kurds, fueling the strategy is mentioned. If we're going to use one button to kill every enemy and the game doesn't punish us for it, we'll give ourselves less difficulty over time. On the other hand, no matter How many different enemies we remove from the road using this strategy, we will not feel powerful. So why bother when you can finish the game at the press of a button?

BingMag.com <b>How</b> do <b>action</b> <b>games</b> <b>encourage</b> <b>players</b> to <b>improve</b> <b>their</b> skills?

A good action game should empower the player by giving them options. In fact, if you want the player to feel the power, he has to get it by mastering the game mechanics. To achieve this goal, it is better to follow three basic things. In fact, if these three things are observed, the freshness of the game will be maintained as the player's skill increases.

  • Options should be well accessible through personalization or different mechanics.
  • Options They should have enough depth without making the game unnecessarily complicated. A technique that can be used most of the time is better than a bunch of them that can only be used in certain scenarios.
  • Using options should be emphasized to encourage creativity when players dig deeper. become It depends on the variety of gameplay, such as different enemies, stage design, etc.
  • Well, let's put these ideas in the form of a number of correct examples, from involving the audience in fights and inducing a sense of power to the correct use. Let's examine the mechanics and their depth.

    Ninja Gaiden

    BingMag.com <b>How</b> do <b>action</b> <b>games</b> <b>encourage</b> <b>players</b> to <b>improve</b> <b>their</b> skills?

    How Ninja Gaiden follows these rules ? Some techniques only become available when you upgrade your weapon, so you need to master the techniques before becoming a pro. Learn the basics well. You might think that once you've mastered the techniques, you'll be able to take out enemies easily, and that's against the rules. Although there are techniques that kill certain enemies with just one hit, different groups of enemies prevent the player from using a particular strategy.

    In fact, many techniques such as Flying Swallow which seem powerful in this game, contain weaknesses that make it impossible to use them repeatedly. Therefore, the game avoids the strategy of getting the most results for the least effort, and the player must be creative in using his techniques. 6.jpg" alt="BingMag.com How do action games encourage players to improve their skills?" loading="lazy">

    As we said, a high-quality action game with enough depth for the player to feel the potential for improvement. To achieve this goal, putting various techniques for different characters and mechanics is one of the ways. Bayonetta's Witch Time system is one of these mechanics. This system gives him super speed by taking some of Bayonetta's magic. However, this feature does not have much effect when using some special equipment, in some parts of the game and on certain enemies. Therefore, before fighting the enemies, you must know them. Witch Time is not only a reward for those who study enemies, but also provides new ways for the player to experience different techniques.

    On the other hand, Bayonetta's dodge system is one of the best systems of its kind. . Dodging doesn't cause the character's combos to fall out of rhythm, and this makes players understand each enemy and their behavior better than before. The sense of combat mastery that comes from mastering the dodge system makes the player feel even more powerful than before. Also, since these systems are easy to access, the player is motivated to experience them more and be creative.

    Devil May Cry

    BingMag.com <b>How</b> do <b>action</b> <b>games</b> <b>encourage</b> <b>players</b> to <b>improve</b> <b>their</b> skills?

    As mentioned, easy and convenient access to techniques usually makes the player experience them more. On the other hand, this issue can help maintain the rhythm of the gameplay. Duel May Cry 4 probably has a better rhythm in the gameplay among other versions of this hack and slash series. The player can easily cancel a combo and try new moves without feeling out of rhythm. Dante's movements are so diverse that it is as if the techniques of several other characters of similar games have been put in the form of an avatar. Especially, it has caused the player to continuously have different techniques. Due to the fact that these mechanics are easily available, they are not difficult to master and the player can easily choose his favorite fighting style and master it. On the other hand, the player's rank in the stages is also a part that makes the players act beyond just finishing a stage.

    BingMag.com <b>How</b> do <b>action</b> <b>games</b> <b>encourage</b> <b>players</b> to <b>improve</b> <b>their</b> skills?


    Finally, it should be said that the three rules mentioned are not only defined for action and hack and slash games, but are necessary for a wide variety of games to provide a deep experience. On the other hand, the presence of these items and their observance in games can significantly increase their life. So practicing different techniques and understanding your potential that is possible with these rules will allow you to enjoy every victory in the fight. Victory against enemies who have already been defeated!

    Source: Niccolai Boulton

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