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How did the Prince of Persia transform video games?

BingMag.com How did the Prince of Persia transform video games?

Ubisoft has focused specifically on reviving its older titles over the past few years. Their recent success with games such as Rainbow Six: Siege, Ghost Recon: Wildlands and the reboot of The Settlers demonstrates Ubisoft's ability to bring its old games to life with a modern twist.

The Prince of Persia still has the opportunity It is not unfortunate. The Sands of Time game is one of the most influential games of the two thousand years, in which storytelling is mixed with gameplay full of unique puzzles. Similar to how the game uses time manipulation mechanics has rarely been seen since. In this article, we will look at ten ways that Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time changed the arena of video games forever. Join us.

10- Art Design

BingMag.com How did the Prince of Persia transform video games?

Prince of Persia It is known for its Middle Eastern-inspired designs and fantasy but realistic places. This focus on fantasy rooted in reality is one of the cornerstones of modern day games. Games like Destiny, Skyrim, and many others have targeted such a philosophy in the design and creation of their worlds. Every room is magnificent in design or dimensions, but there are real elements in them that give the player the feeling that this can be a real place. By combining great music with all of the above, anyone who plays the sands of time will quickly notice its special and unique atmosphere.

9. Improve camera movements

BingMag.com How did the Prince of Persia transform video games?

Many third-party video games have difficulty establishing a smooth system of player-centric cameras. Sometimes the cameras get stuck in the geometry of the space or are restricted by a wall close to the player's view. Angles change alternately when running against a wall or fighting to give the player a better angle while still focusing on everything that is happening around the player. Titles like Darksiders also use such angular changes when needed to make the gameplay look appealing and smooth.

8- Companions

BingMag.com How did the Prince of Persia transform video games?

The prince spends most of the game with Farah. He can fire arrows at enemies and solve puzzles that the prince would not otherwise be able to solve. Ico is a great example of extending an escort mission to the entire game, and Ubisoft has cleverly used Ico as a reference in future games. In some areas, players can even take control of Farah's character, which helps them form a closer and deeper relationship with the character. The story of the sands of time also helps to humanize his character instead of just being a part of the mechanics of the game.

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The half-life game shook the pillars of the video game arena with its interactive cutscenes, but the sandbags of this successful formula by adding friendly jokes between the characters in Improved gameplay.

Prince and Farah talk to each other as they solve puzzles and fight. Cinematic sequences still form the core of storytelling, but information is provided to the player through dialogue between the characters during the stages. This helps to better understand the information and allows the player to think about it while trying to get through the steps. A technique used by almost all high-budget games today.

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Multiplayer in single player game

BingMag.com How did the Prince of Persia transform video games?

This may seem a bit strange, but finding games A one-man puzzle that requires the presence of several people is very rare. Sands of Time is one of the first games of the sixth generation that uses this technique skillfully in its gameplay.

Although the prince can manipulate time to a certain extent, many puzzles and parts of the game need Farah's help. To solve and cross them. The prince may not be able to cross the narrow crevices, but Farah can. His sense of humor can also make the process of solving puzzles easier for the player if he gets caught in a part. One of the examples of effective use of this case is the portal game and its sequel.

5- Parkour

BingMag.com How did the Prince of Persia transform video games?

There is always an exciting feeling about running on walls and crossing large spaces. The sands of time are one of the best examples of efficient use of the wall running from a third-person perspective.

Players have complete control over their character while running on walls, climbing objects, and traversing dangerous traps. Jumping between walls can also change the passage of different environments from boredom to the need for acceptable skill. Mastering the time sand parkour system gives the player a sense of power. This mechanic alone is the core of Mirror's Edge, which the game takes advantage of by changing it to a first-person perspective.

4- Action game puzzles

BingMag.com How did the Prince of Persia transform video games?

Although Farah can help the player solve the puzzles to some extent, much of the progress in the story and stages is naturally on the prince. The design and layout of some of these puzzles is still acceptable by today's standards.

Players can manipulate platforms with switches that change large parts of the map. Many of the corridors in which the player must cross the wall are filled with deadly blades and traps. The placement of the switches opens up a new way of being professionally designed in this game, and those who were caught behind closed doors could hear their companions joking so that at least they would not get too bored. Many adventure games learned from this game how fun puzzles can be.

3- Rhythmic Battle

BingMag.com How did the Prince of Persia transform video games?

Batman Arkham series not only showed players that superhero games can be entertaining, but also showed how rhythmic and exciting the battle can be.

Time Sands has a similar system. Players could attack, dodge and repel blows. Instead of running a series of repetitive attacks, like many action titles of the time, Sands of Time focused on scheduling and thinking about what to do next. If players made big mistakes, they could use their daggers to manipulate time or use powerful moves. This system is not as optimized as Batman Arkham City, but over the years it is still of good quality.

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Time manipulation

BingMag.com How did the Prince of Persia transform video games?

Slowing down time or controlling time in general is an interesting ability. Changing the speed of the game can add deeper layers to any type of game, from puzzle to shooter.

Time sands allow the player to turn back time for up to ten seconds. Not only is this mechanic efficient in passing various locations, but it also improves battles. You can make up for your mistakes or slow down time and make vital decisions with the more time you have. The ability to manipulate time and increase the speed of movements has allowed players to get out of difficult situations in a proud battle.

1- Encouragement to experiment and experience

BingMag.com How did the Prince of Persia transform video games?

More than a battle system, time manipulation mechanics allowed Ubisoft to encourage the use of one of the most important mechanics in video games: testing systems.

In Prince of Persia, players can go back a few seconds to try again, resulting in quick feedback and The player is given complete control over his actions and decisions. This mechanic is a great way to allow more effort on the part of players who have control over it, and also allows developers to design events around time manipulation. Games like GRID have used this mechanics appropriately, but a handful of games have encouraged players to try out in-game systems such as Time Sands.

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