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How did the famous Scorpio move in Mortal Kombat come about?

BingMag.com How did the famous Scorpio move in Mortal Kombat come about?

As we approach the 30th anniversary of the Mortal Kombat fighting game series. That's why Ed Boone, the director and co-creator of the game, posted a video on Twitter revealing how Scorpio created a symbolic movement.

In fact, Mortal Kombat will turn 30 in 2022, with However, Ed Boon commemorates 2021 as the 30th anniversary of the work because it was the beginning of the series when he and other creator of the series, John Tobias, began work on Mortal Kombat. . To mark the occasion, Ed Boone posted a clip from behind the scenes of Mortal Kombat on his official Twitter page showing how Scorpio created the famous "Get Over Here" move.

Ed "By 2022, Mortal Kombat will be 30 years old," Boone wrote. But now that we are in 2021, 30 years have passed since we started working on the game. To celebrate this anniversary, it seems like an interesting idea to share some behind-the-scenes clips with you. This clip shows how we created the iconic GET OVER HERE Scorpio.

In this clip you can see Scorpio actor Daniel Pesina practicing this famous Scorpio move He represents to achieve the exact desire of Boone and Tobias. Meanwhile, the game's creators come up with new ideas about this move.

BingMag.com How did the famous Scorpio move in Mortal Kombat come about?

Ed Boone In a relatively long tweet, he stated: "We were certainly preparing a lot for our filming, but while filming, ideas came to our minds. About this move, it started with the phrase "Do you know what could be a scary move?" From there, you can see the details in this video. One of the details was how fast the scorpion had to throw the spear in order to surprise the opponents. This means that we needed simple animation and very few frames. "We also wanted the spear to pass over the opponent, so we kept it at chest height."

We did not do this technique. Instead, we borrowed from their existing moving frames. You can hear us talking about reusing one of the victim's "Knock Down" animations when he is initially attacked by a spear. We also used "special dizziness during fatality" frames to show that victims will be stunned for a moment after the chain is pulled. Reusing existing animations was one of the tricks we often used to store memory because in 1991 the memory was much more limited. "

" A few things a year make me laugh. If you look closely, my hand can be seen from the right of the image several times, while I was eagerly trying to simulate the scorpion ninja movement. "I also find it interesting to see how John Tobias wants to create the rope in the shape of a snake by making the sound of a snake." It has had an impact on the minds of the audience. However, it has been interesting for him to show the fans the ideas of this particular Scorpio movement after all these years of formation. A move that later became one of Mortal Kombat's most iconic symbols in games, movies, TV series, animation, and comics. , Publish more videos similar to this one from behind the scenes of this game.

Source: Twitter

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