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How did Dishonored predict the destruction of our city today?

BingMag.com How did Dishonored predict the destruction of our city today?

The nature of the human searching mind, which in its boundless struggle to find the meaning and purpose of creation, constantly asks him to In the chaos that apparently encompasses all aspects of life, look for order and a pattern that gives direction to his thoughts and a purpose to his life. It's as if the only consolation for this Neanderthal heir to the doubt - which forms the other dimension of this mind-seeker - is to know that his existence is not accidental, and behind this astonishing and extraordinary intelligence that he has compared to his other roommates in this blue zone. , One can find something beyond the indifferent rotation of Darwin's ruthless natural selection dice. Because a fisherman caught in an eternal turmoil, during a self-immolation arising from the volume of attacks of this unbreakable chaos, to find any kind of generalization, allegory and simile, they turn the earth and time upside down, and that aperture of light is the last glimmer of human hope. Holding the flag, thinkers see that in the last six thousand years, by finding these subtle conceptual connections without grace or reward, and even acknowledging these courage and sacrifices, they have paved the way for mankind.

But beyond the traditional philosophers And the innovative intellect, the artists of this people, sometimes without even realizing it, the mourners of Javanese The poets of this suffering are human beings, the poets of this chain of truths of civilization, whether with the cream of writing, the brush of painting and, more recently, digital tools. But the truth that is now in the back of my mind and in the corners of my eyes - as if a weight is bothering you without actually being there, and maybe it is - begging me to hear his voice and understand his words, and to sound the threat in a trumpet. The static state of man in the face of this step is crucial in the history of human civilization.

BingMag.com How did Dishonored predict the destruction of our city today?

The perpetual stupidity of world politicians, and what a natural and perhaps abnormal calamity known as the acute respiratory syndrome of the coronavirus - and all the suffering that lies between the two - we live in a ruined city without realizing it, now a ruined city that may resemble It has nothing to do with any of the apocalypse we expected. How beautifully Ehsan Abdipour said when he described modernity 2020 and beyond:

"We are in an apocalyptic sequence, right now. Nothing in human history has unplugged a fuse like this. Nothing, not the world wars, not even Noah's flood. This is the first time in history that this style of man standing by and waiting to see when life will start again in the morning. We do not go to school or university, we do not push the boundaries of knowledge, we do not shout at the stock exchanges and make new deals, we do not rush for inventions, we do not even go to places of worship. "We are calm and we are thinking of life as a continuation of respiration and survival."

Suddenly, in the mind of the same mind-seeker who is constantly looking for a pattern, concept, and meaning to explain the misery and misery of his life, and clings to literature, history, philosophy, and art for the temporary relief or consolation of his pains, I remembered the ruined city. It is as if you are looking at this world and these current human societies in a mirror; The ruins of a city called Danval.

BingMag.com How did Dishonored predict the destruction of our city today?

Think that the reason I draw this analogy in my mind is because the city of Danval is struggling with the plague from Dishonored. Yes, this is undeniably part of the story, but the allegories of the world created by Arkin Studios have a lot to say compared to our world today. We encounter a scenario. The first is a world on the brink of extinction, in the streets of which all sorts of threats - from zombies and vampires to invading space creatures and civil war - are causing him trouble like a thorn in the boots of our unfortunate hero. In these worlds, the social structure as a whole is collapsing, and thousands of innocent people are being killed left and right, so long as nothing is left of that old structure. In the second type, however, we encounter a dead space that contains only tiny clues and vague signs of what already existed. Just pay attention to the pervasive silence of many environments such as "Our Last"; A haunted world and a society free of whatever the word means.

Danval's world is none of these. It is not a world drowning in unbridled fiery ashes or an unstoppable flood, nor is it a world that has reached the painful tranquility of its apocalypse. Danval is the static manifestation of a human being who has no power over the coming and going of his life and in the larger dimensions of his world. A human being in whom there is no longer a spark of excitement and joy. A man who is only alive and breathing and his only happiness - if it can be called happiness! - This is breathing. He is content to live as if it were an incredible gift even in the midst of death and extinction.

If you neglect to kill the countless guards of the Danval aristocracy for a moment And have the courage to explore the limited world of Dishonored, you will see heartbreaking scenes that will occupy your mind for a long time. In addition to the poverty and general discontent of the people, the "plague" of the plague has spread throughout this great city and Stimpanki, and in every corner of it, citizens are struggling for their lives.

BingMag.com How did Dishonored predict the destruction of our city today?

" Danwal "is not an apocalypse, it is a ruined city full of unwilling and withered people who are not even willing to fight for their rights. . For example, in an old alley far from the main game path, you may encounter two crazy people who attack you aimlessly and for no reason. In the other corner, under the stairs, you see a father holding his little girl in his arms and there is no sign of life, whether because of illness or because of hunger and even the cold. But the problem is that apart from such scenes, there is still a rush of life and endeavor in the city of Danval. There may not be a revolution, there may not be a change in the deplorable condition of the citizens, but the game gives you the feeling that this city - in spite of all the deaths in it - is still full of people, people who are reluctant to do anything. They continue to live longer.

Quarantine prevails in most parts of the city, and officials are urging people to report people who are ill or have symptoms. On the other hand, we see cars that carry a pile of corpses of dead patients to the lower parts or suburbs and dump them in a pit. In this civic space where the citizens seem to be still present, you rarely see anyone on the streets, because everyone is in quarantine for fear and anxiety. The player himself constantly feels anxious in this withered atmosphere, because he does not know what will be waiting for him if he turns in a certain alley or walks in a certain playing area.

This feeling of anxiety will definitely remind you every time You have been out of the house for the last two years. Certainly the shelling of your bodies reminds you of the thousands upon thousands of victims of coronavirus who are buried every day around the world. From the apocalyptic scenes in India to the dreaded graveyard of the Crones in New York, all "Danval" seems to be a chapter in the world story in which we live today.

BingMag.com How did Dishonored predict the destruction of our city today?

Meanwhile, Dishonored has another very strange and admirable artistic anomaly. That despite all the misery and misery you see throughout the game, it seems that the ruling class and the rich live in another world. That when one of the stages of the game takes you to a lavish party of the aristocratic class, 100 meters away in the streets, people are dying in every corner.

There is no doubt that this also turns your mind to a phenomenon. Another generalizable takes over our world. For example, the same celebrities who temporarily distanced themselves from the spotlight in the days of Corona by losing their preoccupation, but tried in every way to attract people's attention again. From "Gol Gadot" and his gang, who want to give people hope in their luxurious mansions by covering the song "Imagine" by "John Lennon", to those business giants who, taking advantage of the current situation, sought to make more profit. That the global economy suffered irreparable damage at every turn, and millions lost their job and financial security. Even now, small businesses and many other freelancers are struggling, and thousands of people are struggling to make a living every day. It evokes the depths that human beings today struggle with every day. Perhaps no one even imagined that one day our lives would adopt such conditions for themselves, but it is clear that the devastating psychological effects of this unexpected event will be with us for years to come.

Despite all these descriptions, we should not He forgot that the human mind is always looking for that order and pattern that can not only give hope to his life, but also be a great consolation in the face of the chaos and accidental happenings that pervade the lives of many of us. Maybe after all this misery and loss, we need to face the reality of our ruined city and accept it. And that is why it is not without grace to revisit the extraordinary Dishonored world, even to process our feelings and thoughts about the status quo and achieve a transient catharsis.

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