How did the creators of God of War recreate the Blades of Chaos swords?

Kratos' journey to the Norse world in God of War 2018 takes him and the players to wondrous realms, pitting them against legendary beasts and mythical characters. . Central to the game, however, is Kratos' relationship with his son Atreus. The thought of what kind of father he should be, as opposed to the person he was, reoccurs at every stage of his journey. So it's no surprise that one of Kratos' most challenging moments comes when Atreus falls ill and his only escape lies in Helheim, where no known fire in the Nine Realms can ignite.> How did the creators of God of War recreate the Blades of Chaos swords?

Kratos' journey to the Norse world in God of War 2018 takes him and the players to wondrous realms, pitting them against legendary beasts and mythical characters. . Central to the game, however, is Kratos' relationship with his son Atreus. The thought of what kind of father he should be, as opposed to the person he was, reoccurs at every stage of his journey. So it's no surprise that one of Kratos' most challenging moments comes when Atreus falls ill and his only escape lies in Helheim, where no known fire in the Nine Realms can ignite.>

Of course, Kratos recognizes fire from another realm, and in an incredible and epic sequence, we see him turn to the Blades of Chaos again. It's a difficult decision for him to make because it means revisiting a past he's clearly worked hard to put behind him, but it also shows that Kratos will do anything to save his son. In fact, that heartbreaking moment weighs heavily on Kratos' shoulders, and the Santa Monica studio team allows the player to bear that burden before he finally gets the blades. have done and talked about reviving the Blades of Chaos in Kratos' latest adventure. Now, in this article, we will discuss this interview, and on the other hand, before we examine the return of Kratos to our past, we will describe the developers' journey to revive these weapons. How did the creators of God of War recreate the Blades of Chaos swords?

Creating Blades

The Blades of Chaos are a surprise to players as Kratos travels through the Norse world. However, it is interesting to note that according to the game's art director, Raf Grassetti, in the early days of the project, many of the team did not even know about the existence of these blades, and some doubted that they would be part of the project. This allowed the development team to focus on Kratos' new weapon, the Leviathan Ax. On the other hand, when work began on Kratos' old weapons, the art team wanted to keep what fans loved about them, while making changes to match the gameplay. Part of this trend is related to the more realistic appearance of the blades. Grasti said:

Kratos went to great lengths to get rid of them, so we wanted to kind of show that in the blades, while also making it look iconic as it is. We all know, remember. So at first, it was a simple task to make the blade model more realistic. This realism was kind of a change for the series as a whole, so we had to tinker with the proportions a bit while still keeping them close to the old blade sizes. We took a step back and looked at the iconic shapes and sections as we adapted the blades to the Norse setting. keep On the other hand, some of the changes they made were done with the help of the work done on the leviathan ax and also knowing how gameplay elements like upgrades and runes affect the weapons. How did the creators of God of War recreate the Blades of Chaos swords?

Grasti continued:

This is probably the most recognizable piece we have and it kind of bridges the mythology of the two worlds. So we had to keep that, but thematically we had to give it something to relate to. So for the blades, we explored how to incorporate the game's universal serpent, Jrmungandr, into the designs of the blades during the upgrade, because we knew that It's a symbolic element that we can use to make the blades more compatible with the Norse world. When you upgrade the heads of the blades, you can see the snake at the end forming an omega (kind of a Greek letter) and this was kind of a way to put the blades in the Northworld and keep what it was before.

Initially we struggled a bit to make the blades feel very different. Once we saw positive reactions from team members, we finally agreed to take another look at their mechanics. When we realized that we were going to remake the blades, because of the confidence we had, we didn't see it as a failure and told ourselves that we should celebrate this aspect of Kratos in a different style. How did the creators of God of War recreate the Blades of Chaos swords?

Bruno Velazquez as the game's animation director says:

It was very important to make sure Timing, feel and similar frames in We have this version. We check each frame as the players recognize the square, square, triangle combo, and now using the buttons on the top of the handle, we make sure that these are in the same timing as before.

Chain removal story!

One of the biggest changes that the production team took into account when designing the blades was one of the most important differences between the game and the previous versions of the series, namely the camera angle. Mihir Sheth explained about this:

Going back to 2018, the biggest change in that game in terms of design and gameplay is the camera angle. The zooming in on the game's player-controlled third-person camera changed everything from the ground up. Like the blades in the series' classic point of view, the ax is an ideal weapon for the new point of view. So all the decisions and changes were made with the ax in mind.

At one point we thought that modernizing the blades actually meant offering them without chains and actually designing them like knives. We thought it would be an interesting twist and somehow fit better with the game's new camera angle. On the other hand, it will be very similar to an ax in terms of the range at which you can hit enemies. We tried all of these, but it just didn't appeal. Coming back, the positive response from the members kind of showed that this was the way to go. Going back to the game camera change issues, these changes should have also been applied to Kratos' movement animations while swinging the blades. Velasquez says:

Because the game's camera had changed so much and now the angle was supposed to be from behind Kratos, you're not going to see the blades from the same angle as before. Therefore, it was very important to us to make sure that in the new perspective, they evoked as much of the same feeling and atmosphere as we had in the first few games.

In relation to the chains, the framing The camera also led to changes in the distance they could travel compared to the past. Velzquez, who has also worked on older games in the series in addition to the new version, noted:

The other big challenge was that we couldn't have the chains be as long in many moves as they were in the previous games, because if We wanted to expand them to the same length they were before, they would go beyond the scope of the game's new camera. So, we had to make them a little shorter, but at the same time, make sure they didn't look weak or nerfed in some way. In fact, we made them look like Kratos won't drop them as far as he used to. How did the creators of God of War recreate the Blades of Chaos swords?

The absence of these chains in the early plans of the game was also necessary, so that the players could not guess their presence. Raph Grasti said:

Since chains are such an iconic part of his design, when you talk about armor upgrades and adding it to the series to make sure players can customize whatever they want. It's a big challenge to have proper chains that fit the armor well. It may seem easy to many, but it took us a long time to figure out how to do it.


One of the The obvious differences that the blades have in the new version of God of War is a new set of fire-oriented attacks. What you might not think about, however, is just how difficult it can be to make a fire. This is one of the biggest challenges and you have to make sure that the fire is believable enough, Grassetti said. This is very important for gameplay when performing special blade moves.

Velasquez further explained:

This is something we see so much in life. We're so used to being able to easily notice whenever fire isn't animated properly or doesn't feel real. How did the creators of God of War recreate the Blades of Chaos swords?

On the other hand, being able to upgrade the blades adds more complexity to the mentioned items. Grasti says:

When you talk about blades, you have to know that they upgrade and so does fire. How do you upgrade fire? A big challenge was trying to figure this out. Blades start off with a kind of yellow fire that doesn't have much of a mess. As you progress and start upgrading the blades, their fire gets redder and redder, and we're also kind of dealing with rage mode, and we're making some small changes to the environment in that regard.

Velasquez also continues. He added:

We were only doing the animation part, but when the VFX team took over our animations, they even created different types of flames based on the surface of the blades, and they kept on They are increasing and changing. On the other hand, when As you level up your Runic attacks, you get more special effects. So, without the special effects team, our animations wouldn't be as bright, so we take our hats off to this team for doing amazing things with the blade fire. How did the creators of God of War recreate the Blades of Chaos swords?

Fire is of course important to weapons for a special reason. Kratos apparently has to use the blades to defeat Helheim's enemies or use them to defeat other ice creatures in his path. However, it seems that the developers don't believe in forcing the player to fight in a certain way. Mihir Sheth said about this:

Many players think that every time they want to attack those blue Helheim enemies, they have to use blades and there is no other way. It is not true. There is basically one type of them that won't do any good if you attack them with an axe. We introduce these types of enemies very early in the game and we do it early in the game because it gives you the knowledge that you can't use the ax to kill them. However, when fighting a lot of enemies, you can use an axe.

We don't force you to use blades that much, but you say in your head, I can only use blades. I use it because the story tells you that only their fire can burn in my hearts. Although blades are great weapons for this, you can still play with axes in most parts of Helheim. We won't penalize you for doing this apart from specific enemies. How did the creators of God of War recreate the Blades of Chaos swords?

Animation Design

Kraitos certainly doesn't feel weak when wielding blades, but making them in the context of the 2018 version versus the classic games in the series required a lot of ingenuity on the part of the development team. Velasquez says:

We designed all the chain movements in every frame, and in fact every movement that Kratos does with the blades is completely custom made. Each movement of the chains is manually animated. In this regard, a lot of physics rules should be used and a proper balance between using the physics engine and the combination of hand drawn animations should be achieved. It comes out and returns to him with the blades. When Kratos is moving on the screen, the movement of the chains is physics-based, and you'll see them moving on their own and reacting to the player's actions. On the other hand, we try to adjust all the frames manually.

The physics of the chains was investigated in the technical and gameplay section, and the development team for some time had different ideas about how the blades and their chains should work. He tried. How did the creators of God of War recreate the Blades of Chaos swords?

Sheth also said:

In the beginning There was a lot of excitement about simulating the movement of the chains, and whether or not it worked in gameplay was interesting to us because that's what we ultimately have to decide. However, at the time there were definitely different ideas about throwing the blades and returning them.

While there were some interesting ideas, the development team ultimately decided to stick with the new blades instead of trying to make them. Focus on what they were known for:

There was a lot of experimentation with gameplay and enemy combat, and to be honest, it wasn't very successful at first, because so much of the game, as As I mentioned earlier, it relies on the camera, and every time you attack an enemy, you're effectively pushing them away from you. We kind of decided that if we were going to try for something, given the time and resources we had, we should try to make the blades feel familiar.

Velasquez He said:

When moving with the blades, Kratos does something like a dance of death or annihilation. It's always very important to us to convey the feeling that Kratos is directing the blades in every move and never let the blades move on their own. He can pull them back whenever he wants or direct them any way he wants. How did the creators of God of War recreate the Blades of Chaos swords?

Sheth added:

There are a lot of things that are actually different from the older games in the series, but I think players have a sense of familiarity with it and some of the combos are still there. This is intentional, because we want you to feel what Kratos feels.

By showing the past but bringing it into the present, the blades not only reflect the history of the series, but alongside the Leviathan axe, It showcased all the incredible efforts that went into modernizing the collection while also honoring the history of the series. The specific location of the blades in the story of the game also represents this is the theme.

Back to the Past

Kratos' journey home to retrieve the blades begins with a boat ride sequence against a red storm. While the game excels at combat and exploration, it takes control away from the player for a few minutes, allowing you to spend some quiet time with Kratos. Narrative director Matt Sophos says that if a Mystic Gateway was to be used to get from Freya's home to her home, it wouldn't have been as effective. Velasquez also said:

This sequence went through a lot of careful planning and was tested many times. We wanted to make sure we struck a good balance in this department and created enough expectations for the players to get the big reveal. At the same time, we had to make sure that the sequence wasn't too deep.

I remember the day we shot that sequence on stage with Chris Judge, who played Kratos. He did an amazing job because Corey Barlog (game director) talked to him and explained the importance of Kratos exploring his past and what the blades mean to him. He did a really great job of communicating the things mentioned without any dialogue and that's what Kratos was going through. How did the creators of God of War recreate the Blades of Chaos swords?

Matt Sophos praised Corey Barlog:

I really admire Corey for the confidence he had for this scene. We specifically shot this scene and allowed it to create a sense of suspense the moment Athena appears. The main problem was to make sure that the person holding the camera, Dory, didn't feel like he had to shoot the scene faster in order to satisfy the audience. It is somewhat familiar to those who know Kratos' history and background and can give them a clue about the blades. But even if the players don't know about it, this long river reinforces the importance of what lies at its end. Sophos added:

The boat ride was a way to hook those players who know the blades because they're the symbol of Kratos. However, having to watch Kratos on the boat and everything that eventually leads up to it makes you understand how important they are to Kratos, even if you haven't experienced the previous games. This section was actually meant to help players who haven't played the previous games.

Everything from Kratos' pensive mood to the chaotic nature around him beautifully conveys the moment that is about to happen. How important it is to him and the production team have tried to highlight every detail of the boat ride. How did the creators of God of War recreate the Blades of Chaos swords?

Velasquez About these sequences, he noted:

Almost all the wildlife and everything we had there was hand-built and custom-placed. Because we knew the length of the scene at the bottom of the river was going to be so long, we wanted to have interesting points and little things that kind of moved in the background. It's also interesting how the animals see Kratos and immediately run away. They know there will be trouble with this man going down the river. So they get out of there.

This attention to detail can be seen even in small character decisions, such as the choice Kratos makes at the start of the boat ride. Sophos explains:

In the boat sequences, every time Kratos gets into the boat, he pulls Mimir from his belt and places it at the front of the boat next to Atreus. However, in this particular sequence we deliberately put him in his place, behind Kratos. Not because he has a problem with it, but because this moment isn't about Mimir. This moment is specifically for Kratos to be alone, and Mimir knows what Kratos is going through. He knows he's not going to talk. As soon as he leaves Freya's house, Mimir says something and Kratos says, "Leave me alone." Mimir does the same thing.

Athena's presence

However, Kratos is not alone on the path. At one point, Athena, the Greek goddess, appears, and given Kratos' risky but important history with her, the developers knew that a figure from his past would have to haunt her. Sophos said:

For Kratos, of all the gods, Athena was the one that Kratos trusted the most, and in the end, he felt betrayed by her. . We always knew Athena had to be in this sequence. The fact that we were able to bring back Carol Rogier, who played Athena in God of War 2, is significant. He was great. Just hearing his voice somehow brought everything to life. How did the creators of God of War recreate the Blades of Chaos swords?

It wasn't just the voice, though, that the developers They wanted to bring to the game from the past, but also the appearance of Athena It must be close to the past. Grasti stated:

We wanted Athena to be exactly the way Kratos last saw her. So we've actually taken the character from the past games and worked a little to improve the details, but overall it's very similar.

Athena chases Kratos to his house, where he ends up with Blades of Chaos. takes it out from under the house. It's a heavy and somewhat personal moment for Kratos and the player, but Athena appears in the background, taunting Kratos that he'll never be able to escape the monster he once was. However, Kratos makes it clear in one of the most engaging dialogues of the series that he is not running away from what he is. Sophos explained:

That was the moment when we felt that this scene was in sync with the dialogue mentioned, because Kratos has been through a lot. What he shows in this moment is that he is willing to go through those events again, but he will try to have better reasons this time. It was a moment for Kratos to accept his past. He's not doing it for Athena, he's not doing it for revenge, he's doing it to save his son. Having that dialogue and then walking towards Athena without swinging his blade shows that Kratos is done with the past. He is now a freight train moving forward alone.

Grasti, referring to the disappearance of Athena in this scene, says:

One of the things that is very special and seems What not many people talk about is the disappearance of Athena. This is what we saw in previous games when he died. It's the little connections that Corey Barlog has more taste for than anyone, and knows the reasoning behind it all. All of this ultimately makes you celebrate the past with the new game.

Kratos doesn't ignore his past at this point, but tries to embrace it in a way he never did in his Norse life. Is. In doing so, he chooses how to use it in the past. It may have been in the form of blades, but now it's to save a life that matters to him. How did the creators of God of War recreate the Blades of Chaos swords?

In part of the interview, Matt Sophos told a sweet story about joining the game team:

When I first walked into the studio for an interview , I knew I was going to be working on God of War, but obviously this was before the game was officially announced, and as someone whose father is Greek, with a Greek last name, I told myself that I was going to be working on something inspired by I work on Greek mythology. I'm not sure what's going to happen, but like God of War, I'm Greek.

When I talked to Corey, he immediately said that we were going to work on a Norse world, and I told myself that none of the stories which I read as a child will not matter. For me, working with blades and working with Carol, who was supposed to be Athena, was like playing with other people's toys. It was exciting for me to do this, both in terms of the effect I knew it would have on the players, and in the fact that I could finally dabble in Greek mythology a bit. Done, moments after Kratos left his home, it came to a conclusion against a not-so-challenging group of enemies. This scene may not have been the big show that many users were hoping for, but it comes down to stage design issues, and it's even mentioned before going home. Velasquez said:

One of the things that I don't know if a lot of players have noticed is some of the enemies are kind of roaming around in the background and when you come out of the house, You'll see the blades after you somehow retrieve them. They saw Kratos coming down the river and decided to follow him. How did the creators of God of War recreate the Blades of Chaos swords?

Mihir Shath He went on to say:

One of the things we wanted to make sure was that when you pick up the blades and walk out, the sequence after that is focused on Kratos. A lot of times when we design battles, we focus on what we call puzzle combat, where enemies basically ask questions that the player must answer based on their location and movement. However, once you get the blades in your hands, it's a different matter at first. In fact, the important thing is that this moment should give you the feeling that the blades are back and they are wonderful. We've introduced some of the weaker enemies in the game, which up until this point have been set up to be a little hard to kill with an axe, but once you get the blades, they slice like butter. This was also carefully planned to make sure we put the right enemies behind the door So you immediately feel the power and return of the old Kratos.

On the other hand, they are also enemies of ice, so what better way to celebrate the blades than by destroying enemies with fire? However, there is a certain kind of internal joy that many players experience after this initial fight, and it is the joy and excitement that the developers were hoping for. How did the creators of God of War recreate the Blades of Chaos swords?

Sheth also stated:

However, the real moment of joy and a kind of surprise happens at the end of that fight; Where a small window pops up on the screen saying to upgrade your blades in its skill tree. At this point you'll be surprised and then you'll open the menu and see a skill tree.

It might seem a little funny that a skill tree can create this much fun and excitement, but It does this because it kind of conveys that the blades are going to be an important part of the game and not just for a certain stage of the game. Although it's late in the game's story that you'll have the chance to unlock new skills for this beloved weapon, the developers didn't want to deprive players of the joy of wielding blades. Sheth added:

We could have introduced the blades late in the game and that would have been a more conservative approach, but the value of the moment when the blades come back is so powerful that we decided to include different movements of the blades in the game. How did the creators of God of War recreate the Blades of Chaos swords?

However, as players learn that blades are an important part of Kratos' journey, The production team has tried to keep them important and the special scene related to them does not lose its impact. Matt Sophos says:

He doesn't want to put them back under the floorboards. We're not going to give blades to players and then somehow get them back.


Finally, the blades stay with Kratos throughout his journey, linking the game with The old editions of the collection have a special place. Kratos has moved on to find a new life, fighting style, and new world, but it seems that the past can never be forgotten, and Santa Monica is clearly not ignoring it. On the other hand, it beautifully examines the past by using blades as part of Kratos' story and shows the series' progress from the past to now. How did the creators of God of War recreate the Blades of Chaos swords?

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