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Hot impression: Mario is a brand, not a character

BingMag.com <b>Hot</b> <b>impression:</b> <b>Mario</b> is a <b>brand,</b> not a character

In the "Hot Impression" series, we are going to introduce a series by Yahtzee Croshaw, one of the most ingenious and experienced game critics and satirists. Let's have a controversial view of the current situation of the game industry and see if there are any problems in the game industry, where does its root go back. Join us.

You may remember some time ago - with great grace - an interesting news was released that the movie Super Mario is set to be released in 2022 and Chris Pratt is set to play the role. Play Super Mario. After the news spread on the Internet, people reacted lightly. I also lazily tweeted three words in response to the news ("I'm sorry, what?" And it soon became one of my most popular tweets in recent years. I do not know what to do these days to become popular on social media, but of course thinking is not a requirement. But with the least amount of research, it can be understood that this movie is supposed to be a CG animation. Previously, in 1993, an attempt was made to make a live-action movie from Super Mario. Although Bob Hoskins was born to play Super Mario, he does not take chances twice at home. Poor Haskins is no longer alive to show the world a re-enactment of his masterpiece.

BingMag.com <b>Hot</b> <b>impression:</b> <b>Mario</b> is a <b>brand,</b> not a character

One thing is for sure, given his hiring: Mario is supposed to have a clichd voice that is supposed to cover the widest range of tastes. . If that's going to happen, what bothers me is that Mario has a famous, well-established voice. Maybe it can even be said to be a symbolic sound. The situation is no longer the same as it was in the nineties, when the only identifying elements of the characters were eight-bit sounds and a few pixels on the screen, and whenever filmmakers and serializers wanted to make something based on game characters, they had to invent everything from scratch. For example, in the 1993 film Super Mario, the Mario brothers are from Brooklyn and sound like immigrant workers who enjoy wrestling in the backyard. But since then, the game industry has benefited from the art of voice acting, and for decades we have benefited from the sublime and highly accented voice provided by Charles Martinet for Mario. Doesn't all this attempt at identity matter matter?

Doesn't this provide further evidence of the film industry's relentless disregard for video games? Doesn't that imply that every element of identity that video games have established is irrelevant, and that nothing counts until stubborn filmmakers get in the way and show the right way? Maybe it's better for filmmakers to be in charge of their own business, because video games have been more profitable than movies for some time, and game makers have not needed to persuade people to buy a popcorn for profit.

Of course, this may be a more logical explanation. For example, perhaps the purpose of Charles Martin's screams in the role of Mario is to convey important gameplay concepts to the player with intense intensity; Like "Do not throw yourself into the molten material", and if you have to endure that sound for 2 hours while watching the movie and trying to communicate with the main character, it will line your nerves. But doesn't that explain the fundamental problem with Mario movie adaptations - and indeed most video game adaptations? The problem is that Mario is one hundred percent the character of the game. The roar of the companions, the mushroom powers, the short, plump legs on which the industrial spring bounce power lies, none of which make sense in a context outside of video game media. To make a Mario movie, you either have to fill in the blanks with so much ingenuity that from now on you actually make your own movie and just patch the name of the game - like Bob Haskins's adventure - or you have to take an ironic and self-referential approach. Be there to show that you are aware of the joke.

BingMag.com <b>Hot</b> <b>impression:</b> <b>Mario</b> is a <b>brand,</b> not a character

Let's be honest: Mario's film is supposed to take a second approach. Hiring Jack Black and Seth Rogen as Bowser and Donkey Kong has a pungent irony. Because that's what all the "family-friendly" CG comedies are doing these days. For example, the Star Trek: Lower Decks animated series also has a proud and disrespectful phase that says, "Oh, look at us poor zooms." We are tired of the world too. We are also pessimistic. "Buy our product now." Without knowing anything about Mario's film, I can guess that it's going to follow Wreck-it Ralph's approach; At first, Mario is talking to his famous cartoon voice, and as soon as the player leaves the game, his ridiculous voice is replaced by Chris Pert's tired American voice, and all the characters leave the green screen room to rest. The interesting thing is that even if the filmmakers follow such an approach, it will not be far from the original (Canon) version of Mario games. Ever since the release of Super Mario 3, when the red curtain was lifted to reveal the home screen, Mario games have all been theatrical performances, not a deadly mission to rescue a hostage princess. That's why Mario and Bauser are bloodthirsty enemies for a minute, and a minute later they are playing Go-kart together in complete serenity and intimacy. In one of our podcasts, Jack Packard and I came up with pro-Mario theories; The theory is that perhaps Bauser's taking Princess Peach hostage is a kind of peaceful sporting event between two rival kingdoms that is intended to honor old conflicts in the history of the two kingdoms. Mario's journey between different worlds to save the princess is equivalent to the Olympic "torch movement" ceremony. Why do you think Mario has to go through several different worlds each time, instead of flying straight to Bauser Castle with his raccoon tail? That's why we do not use jets to carry the Olympic torch.

So what the filmmakers can do is make Mario stop pretending at the end of his shows and think about whether Does his life have meaning or not? This interpretation fits perfectly with the nature of Mario's character. But as the sentence went out of my mind, I came to a point: speculation, or any kind of talk about Mario's film in general, is useless. "To be in tune with Mario's nature?" Mario was a doctor, a golfer, a typewriter, and he even blinked at Ubisoft's crazy rabbits (Raving Rabbids). Mario has no character. He is just a logo to make a profit by putting it on a box of cereals and pillows for children. You can make a film about the historic event of George Washington crossing the Delaware River, put a red hat on Washington and say you made a film about Mario. Such a film is as inherent in nature as any other film to be made about Mario.

BingMag.com <b>Hot</b> <b>impression:</b> <b>Mario</b> is a <b>brand,</b> not a character

You know very well that none of this matters. It does not matter if Chris Pert was a smart choice to voice Mario. It does not matter if the film is going to be pure garbage or even benefit its creators. None of this matters, because they have already won. The moment we devoted our analytical power to this issue, when we spent an afternoon of my life writing this and you spent five or six minutes reading it, we declared our failure. . You could spend this time improving your life or folding your clothes. Do you know how long you have left the clothes alone? Did you think they were going to fold themselves?

Source: Escapist Magazine

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