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Hot Impression: The longevity and richness of a game is not its strength

BingMag.com <b>Hot</b> <b>Impression:</b> The <b>longevity</b> and <b>richness</b> of a <b>game</b> is not its strength

In the "Hot Impression" series, we are going to introduce a series by Yahtzee Croshaw, one of the most ingenious and experienced game critics and satirists. Let's have a controversial perception of the current situation of the game industry and see if there are any problems in the game industry, where does its root go back. Join us.

The gaming world is not usually full of birds in January, as publishers continue to digest Christmas turkeys, preferring to wait a month or two for their big titles to be released. In January 2022, Dying Light 2 managed to save the game news market from a slump, as the game's creators proudly announced that it would take 500 hours to complete the game. People reacted immediately. My momentary reaction was that I announced on Twitter that Dying Light 2 was going to kill me. No critic has time to spend 500 hours in the week before the release of a new game to move on to the next "Headline" game. But they are well aware of this. Clearly, this is another attempt by stubborn publishers to downplay critiques of their game launches. The critic must either take the risk of starving to death and finish the game, or devote a reasonable amount of time to it and then wait for the jokes of the game fans who claim that the critic did not spend enough time on the game and real gamers know the game after 112 new hours come to life.

BingMag.com <b>Hot</b> <b>Impression:</b> The <b>longevity</b> and <b>richness</b> of a <b>game</b> is not its strength

Okay, let's Killer7's style's conspiracy theory Return him to his bed and wake Yatzi the analyst. "500 hours" is a vague figure; It is as if one person is saying I am looking for a mouth-watering quote and another person has been put into action. Immediately the scenario came to my mind: Sally, the head of the advertising department, humiliated Johnny, the head of the production department, and told him that I was looking for an advertising slogan to get likes on social media; That was the only thing that came to Johnny's mind. For the same year, the head of advertising immediately went and posted it, not letting his brain think a little about what he had heard.

Because 500 hours is too long. 500 hours means 500 times for lunch at work, or 2,000 times for lunch if you work in the Amazon warehouse. Are you familiar with Persona 4 Golden? This game is very long; Like most Japanese role-playing games, it is full of story content and grinding monsters in black holes. I played Person 4 three times from start to finish, because I felt remorse for not paying the same attention to all the Waifu. However, according to my Steam profile, the effort took 160 hours. 500 hours means playing 4 Golden Personas 9 times from the beginning to the end.

BingMag.com <b>Hot</b> <b>Impression:</b> The <b>longevity</b> and <b>richness</b> of a <b>game</b> is not its strength

500 hours is too much . Even gamers who do not need to critique the game need to finish their work with a game after a while so that they can go to the next option in the menu of popular foods. 500 hours seems like a lot, especially for Dying Light 2 style games. I checked my Steam page and found that most of the games I play at the moment are the ones I play to relax; That is, the games I play in the background when listening to a podcast to make time; Games like Persona 4 (where black hole erosion is a big part of the gameplay), Stardew Valley, FTL, and Dark Souls, which I'm so used to at this point that relaxing in Its world is easier for me than relaxing in some parts of the house where I live.

My point is that these games are for the moments when I want to put my brain in autopilot mode. I feel like spending 500 hours experiencing an AAA action sandbox game is tiring. I may say this because I'm getting older, but I'm certainly not the only one who feels that way, because it didn't take long for Sally, the head of the advertising department, to correct her initial tweet, saying that they mean 500 hours, 100% game time. have been. If you only want to play the main storyline of the game, because you have a deadline or you have to go out and buy Ritalin before the shops close, you can finish the game in 20 hours; If you add sub-missions to the equation, that number increases to 80 hours. Okay, so no problem No wait, there is a problem. When it takes 80 hours to complete the main and secondary missions of the game, what does it mean to "complete 100%" of the game? Do you mean to take all the achievements? Yes, I'm sure there are some games that take hundreds of hours to complete. That's why those who do this are psychotic.

BingMag.com <b>Hot</b> <b>Impression:</b> The <b>longevity</b> and <b>richness</b> of a <b>game</b> is not its strength

I think we can assume that Dying Light has 20 hours of main mission and 480 hours of other content. That is why some people reacted negatively to the announcement. I attended E3 in 2019 (remember E3? It was the same event where we, the gaming industry insiders, used to meet every year to go back and forth with people like you) and I know from experience that Diving Light 2 is supposed to have a series of dual choices throughout the campaign, according to which some parts of the map will be unlocked and some will be locked, so you can not see the whole game with one hand. If you want to play the whole game a few times from the beginning to see the whole content, you have to repeat the parts of the game that remain constant in each round several times to reach new parts. But this information was from 3 years ago, so I do not know if the game system is still the same or changed.

Otherwise, it was generally assumed that "other content" meant wandering It was a game map in the style of Ubisoft sandbox games, full of side activities and collectible items that look like dandruff on the game map from a distance. That means you have ten minutes of lead for every minute of play. It should be noted that these 500 hours have nothing to do with your skill level in the game, so all you have to do is work, check the option and go to an icon on the map and stand on something.

But well, this is us. Things we do not know. At the time of writing, I have not played Dying Light 2 yet. Perhaps the creators, in the style of The Witcher 3, have filled the game to the brim with well-crafted and well-thought-out side missions, all of which have unique plots and characters, and all of which are so high quality that we are going to mix foam and blood after their experience. But I doubt it is, because Diving Light 2 is a game that boasts of its longevity, and it's not something that a smart game can count on as its strengths. Perhaps the root of the negative reaction to the news that the game is 500 hours goes back to this, because I think what made people feel negative about this news is that being long is a source of pride for the media, which is still considered "artistic". It is not possible. It's like telling everyone what a big tool you have.

BingMag.com <b>Hot</b> <b>Impression:</b> The <b>longevity</b> and <b>richness</b> of a <b>game</b> is not its strength

Yes, there are sites on the Internet that take time They report the approximate completion of a game, but these sites are not advertising, but aim to let people know the length of a game so they can see if they can incorporate it into their daily routine. There is a difference between someone who tells everyone that mine is the biggest, and someone who carefully measures his own so that if he is going to put it somewhere, it will not cause serious damage.

If you reduce your game to a very small (rather than qualitative) factor, such as the hours it takes to complete it to help sell more Well, back to the same thing I said in "Sorry, the open world game is dead." In it, I likened the state of today's AAA games to Hollywood epics of the past, whose producers only aimed to increase the stunning, gloomy scenes and budget, because everyone assumed that bigger meant better. It was as if the creators of Diving Light 2 had read my article and then decided to go in exactly the opposite direction, a path in which the experience of playing games evokes more and more emotion, and the experience of making games becomes more like what we see in our nightmares. he does. Our game is better, because more can be killed with it. Is this really the peak of your ambition? Is your ultimate goal to distract our subjects and the community from the nightmare of reality with the utmost efficiency? Well, you raised your hand.

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