Hot Impression: Konami, please don’t worry about Silent Hill!

In the "Hot Impression" series, we are going to use a series by Yahtzee Croshaw, one of the most ingenious and experienced game critics and satirists. Let's have a controversial view of the current situation of the game industry and see if there are any problems in the game industry, where does its root go back. Join us. Hot Impression: Konami, please don’t worry about Silent Hill!

In the "Hot Impression" series, we are going to use a series by Yahtzee Croshaw, one of the most ingenious and experienced game critics and satirists. Let's have a controversial view of the current situation of the game industry and see if there are any problems in the game industry, where does its root go back. Join us.

According to recent rumors, Konami has canceled Silent Hill Kojima (which is the only project) after allowing Third Party gaming studios to ruin Silent Hill. (Seems to have potential) and burying the corpse of a new series of Silent Hill games under construction for several years. Yes, you read that right: "Games". Apparently, several games are under construction, and one of them is the creator of Bloober Studio; The same studio that made The Medium, inspired by Silent Hill, and I criticized it a while ago. Over the years, I have taken every opportunity to express my unconditional love for the Silent Hills major - especially Silent Hill 2 - but at this point I have just passed the mourning period. I do not want the new Silent Hill to be built anymore, because we have not received any good from the new Silent Hills for a long time. Hearing this news was like Konami dipping a broom in the buttocks of my dead father and saying, Look! "If we shake his jaws with a piece of wire, he looks like he's really alive!" All the juggling media that says, "Oh, this can be interesting," makes me think I'm crazy, because all I can think about is shouting, "Leave my dad to the land of dirty monsters!" Hot Impression: Konami, please don’t worry about Silent Hill!

I hate phrases like "this can be good" or "it can be interesting". These are the most useless terms in the field of entertainment journalism. It turns out that "it can be good." Anything unpublished "can be good." Anything unpublished until it is released is in the good/bad quantum's state of the dead/living type of Schrdinger's cat. As long as nothing is published, speculation is useless. Of course, this was not the case before, as something called a "playable demo" was released that allowed us to experience the original gameplay before the main game was released, but these demos are very rare these days. And we know why, don't we? Because these demos did not allow publishers to easily deliver lies about the final product to the audience.

But I'm going to deviate from the point. The next time you feel like saying something "interesting" in a description, pause for a moment and ask yourself a few questions.

Start your query with a heartfelt question: Why is this an epsilon for you? It is important? Because it is Silent Hill! so what? Silent Hill is just a phrase that consists of two words, six letters and three letters. There have been so many awful creative works that the two words are stuck like labels on them. We do not even have to enter the world of cinema to find them. But the first few games of the series were very good! Why were they good? Because they were well-made and had good ideas behind them? To whom did these ideas belong? Production Studio: Team Silent! Who were the members of the Silent team then ?!

You do not know the answer to this question, do you ?! Well, I know. I know that the members of the Silent team were different from game to game. That's why Silent Hill 1, 2, 3, and 4 each had different phases (and I think 3 are highly valued). You know, I think the problem with the video game fan community is that they value collections more than their creators. Of course, this is one of the schemes of the scary committees that rule the world. People like A game, so they are more likely to buy A + 1 as well; Regardless of the fact that during the hiring and firing process, which is reminiscent of the Ship of Theseus case, the two games actually made the two people completely different. Everyone then wonders why the sequel to a game does not behave as well as its predecessor.

In the end, practically all of its components are upgraded, and the question is, is this the same ship as Theseus or a new ship?) Hot Impression: Konami, please don’t worry about Silent Hill!

However, even if the same developers make the game, there is no guarantee that it will have the quality of the past. Maybe the creators could only build a good game. Sometimes it happens. Perhaps the first game said every word that the idea behind it could say. Even if none of these problems are involved, a sequel can never provide the sense of wonder and excitement that comes with entering a whole new world.

I came to a conclusion a few years ago, or maybe I should say I was right. I realized that the factor that motivated me to endure fifteen years of ungrateful and occasionally torturous playing all the new and critically acclaimed games was the rare moments of experiencing an amazing new game that completely overwhelmed me. Almost every example that comes to mind of such games in the last few years has been new IPs that I did not know about before. Games such as The Return of the Obra Dinn, Spirit Farer and The Artful Escape. These were not games in which someone described the so-called "can be good" phrase. If you were to explain the idea behind Papers Please to someone verbally, it would be unlikely that he would say, "This could be good." But when the game was released and I played it, I thought it was great. However, when I play sequels - even when they are unique (such as Portal 2, Saints Row 4, Psychonauts 2) - they can not provide the thrill of the first game. . It seems that human emotions can peak in a familiar environment up to a certain threshold.

Of course, there are exceptions. For example, Silent Hill 2 and maybe Persona 5 are sequels that can convey that feeling, but these sequels were so transcendent that they really conveyed a sense of new experience. The reason they were interesting was not the similarity to the previous titles in their collection. Yet the committees that run the entertainment industry are still run with the idea that what sells is the familiar element. This may be true in the short term, but if you consistently deliver the same experience to your audience, you will sooner or later see a steady decline in your profits. See what happened to poor Assassins Creed. This set proved that we need the equivalent of "Child Protection Organization" for video game IPs. Hot Impression: Konami, please don’t worry about Silent Hill!

The problem with committee game design is that the committees think a lot like artificial intelligence; The committee can only process information that already exists and is fully committed to what has happened in the past. The committee has a bad habit, which is to assume that if X is true, then X will always be true. The nation really liked Jockstrap Fletchers (Jockstrap Fletchers=the name of a fictional game made by Yatzi), so they will love Jockstrap Fletchers 2 as much; In addition to the 9 movies we are going to make in the movie world of Jackstrap Fletters. This decision will work perfectly, because Marvel did it and worked for Marvel. In the process of this algorithm, there is no opportunity for the creative mind to come up with new and exciting ideas. He wants and tries to give them exactly the same thing. But in my experience, people do not know what they want. If you ask them, they will probably say more than what they used to like. Then if you give it to them, they will protest that they are tired of it. No one can predict what the new work that everyone is going to fall in love with will be. Because if we could have predicted such a thing, we would have made that work and become as rich as Qarun. But it is never so simple. I'm really sorry that I'm presenting the obvious as a revolutionary idea, but would not it be better to give a hefty budget to build a first tier (AAA) game to a lot of crazy, creative people to put their new ideas into action? Isn't it better to hope that at least one of them succeeds than to spend a lot of money trying to replicate past successes? Hot Impression: Konami, please don’t worry about Silent Hill!

Now back to the news of the new Silent Hills and the tough question we each have to ask ourselves: In this particular case, what evidence is there that the outcome of this news" could be good? " For example, it has been announced that Blueberry Team is going to make a new Silent Hill. Have you played Medium? Practically the nineteenth game is a walk with a bad plot, and the other eleventh part is nonsense stealth, where if the wind comes out of your stomach, you will be killed immediately. Trust me: as long as Silent Hill is held hostage by Konami, nothing good will come of it. Do you remember what happened to Metal? Oh my God, they're supposed to make Silent Hill Survive, right? hurry up; As soon as possible, combine a rusty metal piece and a health potion to make a patch for your sweater, which by placing it on the sweater, you will find 2.6% resistance to the symbol of the remorse of their past sins. I was joking Konami. Do not write down my words.

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