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Hot Impression: Is Dark Souls the scariest game in the world?

BingMag.com <b>Hot</b> <b>Impression:</b> Is <b>Dark</b> <b>Souls</b> the <b>scariest</b> <b>game</b> in the world?

In the "Hot Impression" series, we are going to use a series by Yahtzee Croshaw, one of the most ingenious and experienced game critics and satirists. Let's have a controversial view of the current situation of the game industry and see if there are any problems in the game industry, where does its root go back. Join us.

Oh boy, it's the end of the year again (December 16, 2021). Do you know what that means? Awards Season! Formal ceremonies so that watermelon gamers in the gaming industry can embrace each other and the gaming industry media can force us to pay attention to the issue. My question is, what game is going to win the "Most Expected Game" award this year? Or the prize that I personally prefer to call "the game with the most funding for the advertising department, the department whose members deserve to break the glass bottles on their shelves." I did not even bother to see which game won the game Awards of the Year. I'm assuming he was the winner of a game that is supposed to line my nerves more than any other candidate. For me, the interesting and debatable point is that Golden Joysticks has decided to award Dark Souls with the "Ultimate game of All Time" award.

I understand that the awards season It should come with a bit of hyperbole, but for me, hypebola becomes hyperbole. (Did you like this sentence? I think it turned out very well.)

BingMag.com <b>Hot</b> <b>Impression:</b> Is <b>Dark</b> <b>Souls</b> the <b>scariest</b> <b>game</b> in the world?

"The scariest game "All the time?" The phrase sounds more like a slogan than a series of drunken football spectators shouting in front of a TV news camera, rather than a serious commemoration. Given that I am very sensitive to the meaning of words, I feel that the implication of this phrase is that we have reached the end point of my video. The meaning of the word Ultimate means "final". So I think it means that our work is over here and we have to pull down the shutters; It's time to dump her and move on. Maybe the apocalypse is near and the earth is going to open its mouth soon and the hellish spiders will come out of it and arrange it all for us. But it is even more likely that fifty years after the release of Bloodborne 9 for Sony's new console - which runs on the nerves of your brain - and mixes up all the foam and blood, the Golden Joystics claim would sound silly. I mean, it 's been a while since everyone said that Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is the best game of all time, but it did not even make it to the final list of Golden Joysticks. But Breath of the Wild found its way, because the game is newer and therefore more justified. But let's not be fooled by the words and assume that the Golden Joy Sticks crew consumed a little too much caffeine, and they really meant that Dark Souls is the best game ever released. Do I agree with this claim? Well, I think it's worth analyzing.

I like Dark Souls. I think the game is very good. Games like Dark Souls are both wide and deep. This game is like a delicious deep, rich and Dark chocolate cake. Over the years, I have allowed this game to be abused and enjoyed so much that I can no longer have an objective view of it. But when it comes to the scariest game of all time, one cannot look at it objectively. I'm sure many gamers have not been able to connect with Dark Souls. It is certainly not a game that can not be criticized. For example, in my opinion, in the second half of the game, the stage design will suffer a setback, because the ability to move between bonfires exempted the game developers from designing intertwined stages. On the other hand, it's stupid not to be able to do a lot of gaming work without resorting to online guides (like how to make Boss weapons).

BingMag.com <b>Hot</b> <b>Impression:</b> Is <b>Dark</b> <b>Souls</b> the <b>scariest</b> <b>game</b> in the world?

Compared to the other games on the roster, I'm not sure Dark Souls had the best experience with the most enjoyable moments. If it were up to me, I would give this prize to Portal. Undertale is also the most engaging gaming experience for me, but Undertale is not on the list, because the graphics are not such that the Geforce GTX series can be used to dominate the nation, which is why AAA is not present in the gaming industry. It does matter.

But if I was asked to choose a game as the ultimate representative of the entire gaming industry, I would choose a game That really traces the largest number of games can be seen in it. Portal and Undertail are not games either. It is true that both games have high prestige and influence in their respective fields, but Dark Souls is an almost world-class fantasy hack and slash role-playing game with dragons and wizards, and traces of all kinds of games can be found in it. This game is somehow the result of decades of innovation and progress in the fantasy and role-making genres, and its excellent combat system and beautiful scenery are also light upon light. If you decide to shoot most of the game with a bow and arrow and sit very close to the screen, it can be said that it is also influenced by the first-person style. Its impact can be seen in the dozens of action-adventure games that have been released since then.

BingMag.com <b>Hot</b> <b>Impression:</b> Is <b>Dark</b> <b>Souls</b> the <b>scariest</b> <b>game</b> in the world?

Choosing a representative for the game industry, there are certainly worse choices than Dark Souls. Certainly Dark Souls seems to be a better representative of the gaming industry than Space Invaders and Pac-Man; Both games were shortlisted for retrospective gamers with a drooping nose. Although determining the best game in the world depends on the personal opinion of the people, but we can talk about the game that most gamers will consider as the best game in history, and it no longer depends on the personal opinion of the people. So if we go on with this argument, I think I agree with Dark Souls being chosen as the scariest, richest, and bloodiest floor in history. But let's open the discussion a bit and go back to the previous point about "Ultimate". Because another thought that came to my mind when I heard the news about this award was very upsetting and sinister to me, and it still lingers in my mind. The question is: Has the gaming industry reached its peak or final stage of development?

Clearly, video game work is not over and the apocalypse is not going to happen; Or if it's going to happen, it's not going to happen fast enough to be interesting and dramatic, but I'm worried that the best video games in history are out now, and from now on everything is going to go backwards. Of course, there is no doubt that games have not reached the pinnacle of technology, there is always more room to include polygons and shaders and this nonsense, but contrary to what the hardware manufacturers claim, none of these things lead to better games.>

I mean the question I asked is, has video game creativity reached its peak? As I said before, the era of the author's craft and playmaking seems to be over. The atmosphere of the game industry has become such that a series of soulless game-making committees meet and plan to make world-based games and cinematic line games that are not fundamentally different from each other, and until the making of these games makes one more Quran in They will go for it, they will prefer their construction to innovative and risky works.

I think it was the best console in the history of PlayStation 2. Not because it was the most powerful console, but because it was the last console with a high level of technology that could accommodate most artistic perspectives, but not so advanced as to make smaller game developers whose money does not go far enough. Making games discourage. That's why PlayStation 2 had a weird and innovative gameplay like Katamari Damacy and Okami whose creators had no affiliation with Sony and did not want to sell PlayStation 2 any more and just wanted to bring their weird and crazy ideas to fruition. .

BingMag.com <b>Hot</b> <b>Impression:</b> Is <b>Dark</b> <b>Souls</b> the <b>scariest</b> <b>game</b> in the world?

Yes, now an independent game world is being created and all of them are full of creative and strange elements. But making these games is very frustrating these days, because as a game maker you already know that your game will be buried under the hundreds of millions of games that are released on Steam every second of every day, and the games that get the most attention are the ones that get the most attention. They show the biggest breasts in the arena. The Age of PlayStation 2 was an age of equality between games, an age in which you could see a strange game like Viewtiful Joe in the showcase with pride and pride alongside the call of duty. This is not news these days. These days, you have to have all the money and attention and surprises in the market, because you hired the size of a town and worked to the death to build your game, otherwise you are doomed to oblivion and anonymity. In other words, the gaming industry has become like a society whose citizens are divided into billionaires and below the poverty line, and there is no longer a middle class. Now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground: it's true that the situation may change in the future. Maybe I'm an idiot with nostalgia for the early 2000s. Maybe the day will come when the main motivation for making a game is not the publisher The game manages to transfer all the money in the world to its bank account. But the problem is that the only way to achieve this ideal is for a society not to be founded in such a way that all its citizens want to put all the money in the world into their pockets. The problem is that corporations are extremely inflexible and governments are extremely corrupt, and neither has the power to prevent society from falling rapidly into its inevitable collapse. When that happens, the situation in the world will deteriorate so much that making innovative games will no longer be a priority for anyone. Maybe the game has reached its climax. But what is your opinion? You may think I'm wrong. Be sure to let me know what you think, because it is up to God to prove me wrong. Sorry, I promise not all of these articles will have a depressing ending. You may not be able to escape the system, but you can certainly find a way to survive.

Source: Escapist Magazine

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