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The horror game A Quiet Place is based on this movie series

Saber Interactive and Illogika, along with EP1T0ME, have announced that they are building A Quiet Place. This game is in the style of single player, horror, story and adventure, which is based on a series of movies of the same name. According to reports, A Quiet Place will be released in 2022.

Saber Interactive says about it:

The first official game from the world of A Quiet Place It will provide you with an original story and beautiful gameplay. A terrifying experience that involves drama, emotion, and difficult decisions, also known as franchises. The game is a quiet place made by iLLOGIKA. A Montreal-based studio featuring Rainbow Six and Farcry. This game will be released by Saber Interactive and Embracer Group.

BingMag.com The horror game A Quiet Place is based on this movie series

Picture of the second part of the movie A Quiet Place

According to the creators of this game:

A Quiet Place game allows fans to understand the atmosphere of the movie in a way Which has not been possible in the past. We are excited to work with EP1T0ME and Saber. We hope to be able to share this particular view of fear and hope with all players around the world. The great success of A Quite Place films showed that the audience is thirsty for adventure in this world. ILLOGIKA company has also made every effort to provide a very attractive experience to users. We are proud to announce that Silent Place is the first case to be made by a studio separate from Saber and will be released by Saber. The creativity in the world of this franchise increased its potential for video games. At first glance, you are dealing with a normal scary environment. The important thing is that the characters in this world can not speak and if they hear their voice, they will be killed by space creatures.

Now we have to see how this idea turns into a video game. During this time we saw a lot of movies made from games. It is good to see that for a difference, a game is made from a movie. Especially since many of these games have been very successful in the past. So we hope they can offer a special experience to gamers.

Source: Gematsu.com

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