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Horizon Forbiden West's story sets the stage for the third part

BingMag.com <b>Horizon</b> <b>Forbiden</b> <b>West's</b> <b>story</b> <b>sets</b> the <b>stage</b> for the <b>third</b> part

By the time Horizon Forbidden West was released in 2017 for the PlayStation 4 console, we could have guessed that Horizon was set to become a major franchise for the PlayStation 4 Be. While it has not been long since the release of the second installment of the series, Horizon Forbidden West, Griella Games Studios is considering a Horizon Forbidden West sequel. Just as Horizon Zero Down set the stage for the story of Forbidden West, Forbidden West also sowed the seeds that will be sown in the third game. "The game ends with another great artist, in which we have once again laid the groundwork for the next game," he said. There is a way that the unannounced third game can come out of their hearts. "Horizon is really about mystery," he said. Each of our stories has been about discovering secrets in the ancient and modern world of the game. In fact, there are many background stories that we can use to develop new stories and create new mysteries from what we have already created.

BingMag.com <b>Horizon</b> <b>Forbiden</b> <b>West's</b> <b>story</b> <b>sets</b> the <b>stage</b> for the <b>third</b> part

Matthias de Jong explains that in Horizon Forbidden West, the procedure is almost the same. "In addition, we had stories from the past, from the old world in the game, that we wanted to use," he added. "So we had to work on a lot of things, and we also knew how to evolve the story arc of Eloi's character, and everything came together from there." PlayStation 4 was released and has received several different updates so far according to the received feedback. The IGN website listed it alongside The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Elden Ring as one of the top ten open world games in history. Had stated that this work was to be one of the major PlayStation franchises in the future. The first part of this game has been very successful both commercially and in terms of attracting critics, and according to official reports, Sony has managed to sell more than 20 million copies, for a new game that has spent more than its life in just one console. Available and then available for PlayStation 5 and PC, the statistics are staggering. It is possible that PlayStation's focus on the Horizon game series will go even further than video games and penetrate other media.

Source: IGN

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