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Hogwarts Legacy gameplay details released; Watch the game trailer

BingMag.com <b>Hogwarts</b> <b>Legacy</b> <b>gameplay</b> <b>details</b> <b>released;</b> <b>Watch</b> the <b>game</b> trailer

Hogwarts Legacy game is based on the world of Harry Potter. Harry Potter is one of the most successful collections of history books, from which 6 films were made. All the films made were very successful and made this series very popular. The world of Harry Potter is vast. During this time we also saw many titles based on it.

The important point is that the previous titles were mostly in the style of fiction and were not very widespread. The previous titles were originally about the main characters, and your main character was Harry Potter. Now Hogwarts's Legacy has tried not to be a repetitive game. That's why you see a whole new style and experience. This game is in the style of open world and role-playing. One of the positives of Hogwarts Legacy is that it does not mention the main story and characters much. That's why if you haven't seen the movies or read the books, you won't have a problem. Because most of the characters are completely redesigned and have a different look. However, fans may find familiarity with the game.

The game was developed by Avalanche and published by Warner Bros. Brothers. Now Warner Bros. has decided to release new information about the gameplay of this game. This information was shown to the fans in the form of a 15-minute trailer. Now let's take a look at the details of the Hogwarts Legacy gameplay.

Hogwarts Heritage gameplay details

In the Hogwarts Legacy game you are a new student. Hogwarts School is famous for teaching magic and the art of witchcraft, and that's your goal. The point is that your character has the ability to control an ancient magic. Magic that can threaten the future of the world of magic. That's why you have to find the people you are looking for and fight them. This will save the world of magic.

Before starting the game, you must design the main character yourself. This is one of the main elements of role-playing style. You have a lot of freedom in this matter and you can completely make the main character as you like. Note that everyone has the same ability at the beginning of the game and there is no such thing as an Elden Ring where there is a different class. Because everyone is a normal student at first.

Harry Potter fans are familiar with the fact that you must first join one of the four main Hogwarts groups. These groups; Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. You will then meet other people in your classroom and rest area. Next you must attend classes.

BingMag.com <b>Hogwarts</b> <b>Legacy</b> <b>gameplay</b> <b>details</b> <b>released;</b> <b>Watch</b> the <b>game</b> trailer

Joining each group has its own rituals that Harry Potter fans are definitely familiar with and the famous hat.

Living in Hogwarts

In Hogwarts you have to take different classes. In these classes you will learn how to use different magic and potions. There are different professors in these classes who teach you different things. Between classes you can explore Hogwarts and find different places. On the other hand, due to the many secrets in it, this tour will definitely be enjoyable for you.

You should try to raise your level. By doing this, you will gain new abilities. It is also possible that with these abilities you will be able to open new doors in Hogwarts. Then you find yourself in a place you did not expect.

The reason why there are so few familiar characters in Hogwarts is that it is in the 1800s. For this reason, many characters are not present in it. However, Harry Potter fans will definitely come across some familiar cases. Also, in classes you have to compete with or help other students. By doing this, your level will increase and on the other hand, it will help to understand the story.

BingMag.com <b>Hogwarts</b> <b>Legacy</b> <b>gameplay</b> <b>details</b> <b>released;</b> <b>Watch</b> the <b>game</b> trailer

Secrets in Hogwarts

Excursions do not end in Hogwarts alone. The world around Hogwarts is also fascinating and spectacular. You have to use your various abilities to survive in the world around you. It's essentially this Hogwarts adventure that will challenge you. Professor Fig is one of the people who will help you in your search for the world around you. You and Fig are looking for a rumor. Whether or not a number of goblins are building a group to fight witches.

There are many dangers in the world of witchcraft. In this world there are various magical creatures, powerful goblins, infected wizards and many more that you may even have. Eliminate. In fact, in this world there is a strange alliance between the Dark Wizards and the Goblins.

Each enemy has its own characteristics. For example, some inflict severe blows and others use magic to fight. You must be able to deal with these creatures using various spells. On the other hand, if you have good skills in Shield Spell, you can win battles more easily.

How you destroy an enemy is entirely up to you. Find the weakness and try to hit it. You will be taught all of these in a monster class. That's why attending classes is so important. On the other hand, you must have complete mastery of magic. By doing this, you can quickly change your fighting strategy and advance the game.

BingMag.com <b>Hogwarts</b> <b>Legacy</b> <b>gameplay</b> <b>details</b> <b>released;</b> <b>Watch</b> the <b>game</b> trailer

Both Hogwarts and the world around it are full of mysteries.

Abilities and talents

You will have access to a wide range of upgrades and various abilities. These will help you on your way to becoming a witch. You will receive points by completing various missions. Then use these points to upgrade and increase your level. You can choose the ability to use and upgrade it.

You also have the ability to create different items in the game. By doing this, you will upgrade your tools and make the fights easier for yourself. Also, magic is not your only tool for fighting. But potions will also help you a lot in the fight. The interesting thing is that you can choose the plant you want to make the potion, plant it and then make the potion.

One of the favorite things about the Harry Potter series was the ability to use a broom for transportation. . You will take special classes in sweeping and you will learn this art completely. You can even learn different abilities from students. As you try to get to know them and help them, they will teach you some new magic.

Some of the classmates in this game include:

  • Natsai Onai: He is an adventurer seeking justice.
  • Poppy Sweeting: He has a kind heart and a special interest in magical creatures. That's why he communicates with them easily.
  • Sebastian Swallow: He has no fear of punishment and is very brave. However, he is a member of the Slytherin group and has an annoying family secret.

In addition to these characters, there are other items that will help you along the way. These people are scattered in different places of Hogwarts.

BingMag.com <b>Hogwarts</b> <b>Legacy</b> <b>gameplay</b> <b>details</b> <b>released;</b> <b>Watch</b> the <b>game</b> trailer

The Room of Requirements

This room is one of the most important places in Hogwarts. The requirements room senses what you need. It then provides the space for you. For example, at first the main character is behind its classmates. For this reason, this room will give you the opportunity to cultivate the ingredients needed to make potions. It will also give you a lot of upgrade items.

There is also an Elf called Deek. He will help you find Vivarium. Where you can build a small place to explore.

Outside the world of Hogwarts

Next to Hogwarts is the village of Hogsmead. There are many things to find here. On the other hand, there are many people from whom you can buy all kinds of tools. There are originally dark wizards in Hogsmeade. These people are led to a dark path by a magical force and intend to confront Hogwarts.

BingMag.com <b>Hogwarts</b> <b>Legacy</b> <b>gameplay</b> <b>details</b> <b>released;</b> <b>Watch</b> the <b>game</b> trailer

Whatever you Looking further into the world of Hogwarts, you will find that the world of this game is quite lively and dynamic. The weather has changed and it may snow suddenly. Also, there are dungeons in this game. Of course, there is dark magic in them and they are extremely dangerous. So you have to be careful when navigating them.

The interesting thing is that if you find a creature that is infected by the magic of darkness, you have two options. The first is to kill it, the second is to save it and bring it back to normal in the room of necessities. . On the other hand, you should be very careful about the world around you, but do not be afraid to explore. However without risk taking any process to Not going.

Hogwarts Legacy game will be available for 8th and 9th generation consoles with Nintendo Switch and PC. Of course, the exact release date has not been announced yet.

You can Watch the 15-minute gameplay of Hogwarts Legacy.

Source: Gematsu.com

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