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Hitman trilogy was introduced for consoles and computers

BingMag.com <b>Hitman</b> <b>trilogy</b> was <b>introduced</b> <b>for</b> <b>consoles</b> and computers

The maker of the Hitman collection called IO Interactive has introduced a special collection. The series will be released next week from the Hitman trilogy.

The series will be available digitally on January 20 for the 8th and 9th generation consoles of Microsoft and Sony. Also, the stores will host the Hitman series on PC, Epic Games and Steam. The bottom line is that this set of gamepads will be for Xbox and PC. Also, this is the first time Hitman 3 has been released on Steam.

Clemens Koch, the game's community director, said in an interview:

, We've made it easy for you. You can download the whole trilogy in one set and enjoy it. Hitman trilogy includes Hitman 1, Hitman 2, and Hitman 3. These three items will give you everything you need to enter the world of murder. The series will also be available on Gimps for Xbox and PC from next week.

In 2016, when the first Hitman of the new series was introduced, it was highly acclaimed by critics. Because this game was in the form of stages and the design of the stages was very good. Also, the freedom of action in the game was something that attracted a lot of attention from the audience. The game had more than 13 million users by 2018.

BingMag.com <b>Hitman</b> <b>trilogy</b> was <b>introduced</b> <b>for</b> <b>consoles</b> and computers

In 2018, Hitman 2 to The title of the previous issue was released. This game was mentioned as an improvement over the previous issue. Hitman 3 can be considered the best hitman. The gameplay is much more complete and generally a sharp improvement over the previous ones. This game was able to complete the series in the best way. The only drawback to this game was the final stage, which was somewhat disappointing.

The Hitman series has a lot of fans around the world. These games have always been known for their simple killing style and their original sound and character. Agent 47 is one of the most iconic characters in video games. The trilogy not only revived the Hitman series, but also introduced some of the best murder simulation games to the world of video games. As mentioned, the most important thing in these games was the freedom of action of the player. Of course, the volume of this collection will not be small, but in terms of price, it will be cheaper than buying these items separately.

Source: Videogameschronicle.com

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