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Hilo Infinity has been improved following the beta version; The old radar of the set returns

BingMag.com Hilo Infinity has been improved following the beta version; The old radar of the set returns

Game developers Hilo Infinite have published a lengthy article about new game changes and accepting player feedback after the game's technical preview was released in August. . There are many changes in the way of the game that are to be tested in the next test version, and the most important change is the return of the old radar system to the game. And we saw an important change that was not an acceptable step for many fans. The new system only showed the opponent when running or shooting on the radar, and its mechanism was similar to the "danger indicator" used in the Hilo 5, while the classic Hilo radar detects all movements except slow and steady movements. It showed work. The change sparked a serious debate among fans of the game on social media. , We found that many players like the same old system. We have changed the "combat sensor" to bring back the feeling of the past, and as a result, all movements are displayed on the radar, except for bending "

BingMag.com Hilo Infinity has been improved following the beta version; The old radar of the set returns

The developers continue to review all the feedback sent and express the pros and cons of different parts of the game. For example, the players are satisfied with the sound and music used in the game, and the post-rock melodies are to the taste of the fans. Players are also satisfied with the idea of permanent battles, and the question is whether challenges are the only way to progress in the game or not? has done. Killing 10 people with a special gun, for example, can give a player a lot of points. Is to increase the artificial intelligence of the bats. Providing a Cortana-like personal AI is also considered by many to be an interesting decision, and it is necessary to add more variety to her personality traits as well as the variety of her dialogues. Other problems include the lack of a proper indicator to understand the quality of the shields in the game, and it is not clear whether the shield has been removed, is in perfect health, or has been damaged.

Rifles are available, as well as a training section for novice Hilo Infinite. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. But we know that Hilo Infinite will be released for Xbox and PC on December 6th.

Source: RockPaperShotgun

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