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The high graphics of Dimens Souls on the PS5 worried the Alden Ring team

BingMag.com The <b>high</b> <b>graphics</b> of <b>Dimens</b> <b>Souls</b> on the <b>PS5</b> <b>worried</b> the <b>Alden</b> <b>Ring</b> team

After all this waiting, we are very close to the release of the game Elden Ring. During the game's latest preview in Edge magazine, an interview was prepared with the creator of the work, Hidtaka Miyazaki, during which he made some interesting remarks.

Last month, George R. R. Martin, the famous author of the song "Ice and Fire Song", who collaborated with FaramSoft Studio to lay the foundation for the world of Alden Ring, wrote in a blog post that the game looks incredible. Thanks to a new interview with Edge Magazine by Miyazaki, it seems that the remake of the Damn Souls game made by Bluepoint Studios has improved the graphic effects of the new Framasoft game and, of course, has put pressure on the game development team. "

Director Alden Ring said during the interview when asked if the visual effects of the Dimens Souls remake put pressure on the Alden Ring development team:" Yes, I'm almost certain that our graphics staff They felt the pressure more than anyone else, not just in the Old Ring but in all the games we make. graphics are not something we prioritize. "What we are asking for in the graphics section depends on the game's systems and needs, and is less of a priority than other development elements."

BingMag.com The <b>high</b> <b>graphics</b> of <b>Dimens</b> <b>Souls</b> on the <b>PS5</b> <b>worried</b> the <b>Alden</b> <b>Ring</b> team Reconstruction of Dimmens Souls

Because I know they work very hard. "They've worked hard on Alden Ring - our team of graphic systems and programmers have added a lot of new features to create the best visual effects we've ever made."

The interviewer honestly admitted that he has not experienced the remake of Dimmens Souls on PlayStation 5 because he does not like to see the games he has worked on before. "As you said, I have not been directly involved in the development of the Dimensions Souls remake, and in fact I have not yet experienced it, but that 's because I're not just enjoying the games I've made in the past," he said. Re-experiencing it brings me a lot of old feelings and a lot of past memories, and it's a little boring for me, and it takes away the feeling of playing. "So I did not play the remake of the Dimens Souls, but I'm very pleased to see that with the high graphics, all of the current generation's works have taken on a new look." Players have the chance to experience one of the oldest Farasoft games. However, he also had concerns about this. He noted that despite some of the difficulties that Dimens Souls had as Souls' first game, he was concerned that some new players might not be able to enjoy Dimmens Souls as well. However, he says that with the release of the game and the positive reactions of the fans, this concern has been allayed and he is very happy about it.

Source: Game Informer

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