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Gwent; Minigame Witcher, which became a great competitive game

BingMag.com Gwent; <b>Minigame</b> Witcher, <b>which</b> <b>became</b> a <b>great</b> <b>competitive</b> game

In general, the Deck Building Games style has a lot of fans. On the other hand, because they are not like normal games, some people may not like them. However, there are some great titles in this genre; For example, Hearthstone or Gwent are great titles in this category.

Card style is definitely mixed with other styles; For example, with the release of Slay the Spire, they recently mixed the Rug Like style with it. However, 7 it can be said that the excitement of this genre is very high and when it is played online, this excitement will multiply.

Now in this text, we are going to play Card Gwent. This game was originally a small component of Witcher 3. It has now become one of the big and important titles of CD Projekt Red, which this studio attaches great importance to. This shows the potential of card games.

Card games from the ground up

If we want to look at the first card games in general, we have to say that this category of Games existed long before other types of video games. Because in a way it can be said that this style of play originated from the same real card games. It was originally introduced in 1993 by Magic (The Gathering). With its release, this game introduced the Collectible Card game style for the first time.

This style of game attracted many fans from the very beginning and was able to achieve great success. . In this style of play, you first have a number of weak cards. Then, by gaining experience in the game and progress, you will improve your cards and move forward. Your competitors will always be tougher and you will be stronger. You must use all your intelligence; This means that you have to have a good strategy, you have to have the right cards in your hand, and you have to have a good connection between your cards.

BingMag.com Gwent; <b>Minigame</b> Witcher, <b>which</b> <b>became</b> a <b>great</b> <b>competitive</b> game

In general, card games have their own fans.

Due to the great popularity of It became card games, big companies like Blizzard also thought of making them. Harthstone is one of the biggest online games that has gathered a lot of fans during this period. The characters in this game are mostly Blizzard characters, and if you are a fan of this company, they are familiar to you. Another example of this style is Pokemon card games. This series is very popular in itself and now with the release of its card game, its popularity has multiplied.

In a way, it can be said that different companies, by offering card games as a side game, make the main game more Expanded. In this case, if you want more information about the game characters, try a card game; Because there are so many explanations in it.

A good example is Gwen. This game is originally based on Witcher's book and has relatively little to do with the game. However, if you are in love with the world of Witcher, this game is for you. Because it contains a lot of information about different characters, monsters and even the whole story of Witcher.

Gwent; From Minigame to Main game

Gwent: The Witcher Card game has an interesting story. This game was originally a side game in Witcher 3 itself. You could play Gwent with different characters in the game, and if you won, for example, you would get a discount or whatever the game intended. Gwent was originally a relatively insignificant game in Witcher's original game. It was in the meantime that CDR Project Red noticed the overwhelming response from Gwyneth. This is how many people praised it on social media and spent a lot of time playing the game.

That's why the company decided to offer the game Gwent separately and for free. The interesting thing is that this side game was based on the book. That is, you only saw a few similar character designs, and the rest were based on the information in the book; For example, the character of Regis is one of the most important characters in the book who was not present in the game. On the other hand, with the many different events that took place in Gwent, it more or less showed you the story of Witcher. Of course, if you paid attention to these events.

BingMag.com Gwent; <b>Minigame</b> Witcher, <b>which</b> <b>became</b> a <b>great</b> <b>competitive</b> game

On the other hand, Gwent with a very beautiful card design. And a very interesting environment has set itself apart from other card-style games. Special cards have animations, the cards have their own classification, and on the other hand, the card layout system is very carefully designed.

Even a few years ago there was a lot of difference; For example, in the early Gwent, which is the same as in Witcher, the cards were placed in three sections. This is while in the new game, this number has been reduced to two positions. Also, a large number of cults have been added to the game, which we will discuss below.

Gameplay Gwyneth; Beautiful, fluid and enjoyable

You might think that Gwent is another card game like any other. Not at all. It may look similar to other games, but in general it is very different from other card games.

If it is a personal experience, I have spent more than 40 hours on this game. Considering that each hand of Gwyneth takes about 15 minutes, I've played a lot of games. I have definitely won and lost in it. Two factors led me to prefer Gwent to other card games; The first was because of my fascination with the world of Witcher. It was great to know that each character was familiar to me and that I knew almost everyone. On the other hand, there was a cross progress between the computer and the phone. That's why I could experience this game wherever I could, and I always experienced it in my free time. Because of this feature, each of your achievements was shared on a computer or mobile phone, no matter what platform you experience it on. Of course, note that this game does not have a cross platform (Cross Platform). For this reason, you can not play with the computer, with the person who has the phone or vice versa.

BingMag.com Gwent; <b>Minigame</b> Witcher, <b>which</b> <b>became</b> a <b>great</b> <b>competitive</b> game

On the other hand, because each hand of Gwent is short, it will not take you much time, and for this reason, after a while, you will find yourself running this game involuntarily. As I said, a beautiful card design with interesting prizes will encourage you to keep playing.

When you enter a round of the game, the cards are placed in two parts. They are called Melee (front) and Ranged (rear). What these two sections do depends entirely on the cards, and some cards do not work in the same section. For this reason, be sure to read the description when using them.

Gwent is by no means a comfortable game. So do not think that you are faced with a simple game with an attractive appearance. Each card has its own characteristics and has a very special place. You have to choose your strategy carefully and try to find your style of play. The interesting thing is that despite this number of hours, some competitors still easily defeated me. Of course, this is quite normal. Given the variety and number of cards in the game, you will always find something that is better than your cards.

When you run Gwent for the first time, you Complete will teach the game. On the other hand, you will have the opportunity to play with all the Factions in Gwent. In fact, one of the factors that distinguishes this game from other card cases is the existence of these sects.

Sects; The main elements of the game Gwent

In Gwent you have 6 cults. Each of these cults has its own cards and are designed according to your style of play. Note that justice is fully established between them and one sect cannot be said to be superior to another. In fact, in Gwenet, the player's skill is much more important than his cards.

However, once you have tried all the denominations, you can choose the one you like and move on. In fact, it is difficult and impossible to think that you can progress with all sects; Because each card is not easily accessible.

BingMag.com Gwent; <b>Minigame</b> Witcher, <b>which</b> <b>became</b> a <b>great</b> <b>competitive</b> game

Each cult has its own characteristics and cards that make it possible for each person to choose it according to their style of play.

There are 6 main cults in Gwent:

  • Northern Realms : This cult is one that may not seem very powerful at first. In the following, however, with its very special cards, it will show that a difficult beginning will have an easy end.
  • Skellige : The Skligge has a number of cards that can easily make your enemy angry. This cult with monsters is the most I have seen in the game and it can be said that it has many fans.
  • Scoia'tael ( Scoia'tael ): People who have read Witcher books know that in the Witcher world, elves are present in the form of forest warriors called Squiatel. So this sect is about elves and has relatively good cards. The cards of this sect are highly interconnected and need to be picked carefully.
  • Nilfgaard ( Nilfgaard ): The largest empire in the world is Witcher Nilfgard. Of course, becoming this title requires a lot of effort and espionage, which you can see both on the cards. Nilfgard cards are more of a steal and will use the capabilities of the opposing team.
  • Monster ( Monster ): Personally My favorite cult was the monster; Because the design of its cards was very interesting and had the ability to bleed. By doing this, I could reduce the enemies' points and harass them. The important thing about the monster cult is that you do not necessarily need to have a precise connection between your cards. If you want to be very careful, yes you have to take the bleeding cards together to be completely superior.
  • Unions ( Sindicate ) : This cult is relatively new to the game. That's why few people have played it. However, there is a coin factor that does not exist in any of the other denominations. With these coins you can get new abilities and even use new cards.
  • Each denomination also has special abilities; For example, the monster has Frost ability, which deducts 2 points per round from the enemy card with the highest score. There are basically all these differences so that people with any style of play can experience Gwent. As I said, the connection between the cards is very important. Now if you can make the connection between the cards and the special ability of your denomination, you will definitely be far superior to your competitors.

    For example, one of my cards had the ability to do this in exchange for bleeding cards. Enemy, increase your score. Now, when I bleed 3 enemy cards, 3 points are added to my card for each round. So I had a complete advantage over the enemy. That's why I say if you enter Gwent try to arrange your cards carefully.

    BingMag.com Gwent; <b>Minigame</b> Witcher, <b>which</b> <b>became</b> a <b>great</b> <b>competitive</b> game

    Cards are a little difficult to obtain!

    Obtaining a card in Gwent is such that you are given the card at random; Now, whether in a barrel (Keg) or in the daily prizes, a card is given to you by chance. Of course, in the continuation of the game, when your credit increases, you can buy the cards and get what you want. At first, it is better to buy a barrel to make your work easier and try to make a base card. Then spend your credit on bigger cards.

    Card layout also has a number of rules to ensure fairness in general. Each card, apart from its points, has a Provision that will limit you; For example, your whole hand has a provision limit of 165. Because of this you can not exceed one card number or more. On the other hand, in order for a person's cards not to be few, there is a limit of 25. For this reason, your hand must have more than 25 cards and its providence must be less than 165. Given these limitations, you should try to make the best possible hand.

    BingMag.com Gwent; <b>Minigame</b> Witcher, <b>which</b> <b>became</b> a <b>great</b> <b>competitive</b> game

    For example Your hand should not always be full of very valuable cards. because of two reasons; First, valuable cards have a lot of providence, and if you do not exceed 165, you will definitely have less than 25 cards. Second, because in some game rounds, you need a worthless card to skip that round. For this reason, these restrictions will not only not bother you, but will help your game strategy.

    Note that some cards are not exclusive; For example, Witcher cards are available for all denominations and can be used by anyone. These cards are also very useful and you need to have at least one of them in your hand.

    game rating system

    The game rating system is also interesting. Instead of starting with 1, you start with 30 and your rank will gradually decrease. Of course, like any other ranking system, you may fall and go lower. For me personally, the hardest rank was 22. It was here that I met Gwent's professional players and realized what the game really was like. I even had to completely pick up my cards from scratch. However, I also learned a lot at this point.

    In general, one of the most important principles at Gwent is that you should not be afraid of losing a round. What you should be afraid of is losing the card and having it less than your opponent. This means that initially the number of cards will be equal; But somewhere your opponent may give up with more points. Here you are greedy and want to win this round, so you will use more cards to win. By doing so, your opponent will trap you and easily defeat you in the next round. This was kind of an advice from me that if you wanted to experience this game, do not be afraid of losing a round at all.

    BingMag.com Gwent; <b>Minigame</b> Witcher, <b>which</b> <b>became</b> a <b>great</b> <b>competitive</b> game

    Let's go back to the ranking section. The higher your rank in the fights, the harder the game will be. This is a logical thing to do. So you have to constantly adapt to the game and try to deal with rivals in the best way. From the 25th rank you will be awarded a rank that will always increase; Of course, your main rank is the same order of 30 to 1, and other systems in this game are not very important.

    Variety in different games

    When it comes to variety in card games, very few they exist. However, one of Gwent's strengths is in the variety of his games. In general, you have a normal style of play that you will fight with people as usual. There is another part in this game. Basically, this part is such that according to the rules that you have to play. For example, it will limit you in terms of sect or card score.

    It is true that there are two parts to the game; But because the second part is constantly changing, its variety will increase.

    In the same part of playing, there is another part called Journey. This section is for Witcher fans. In this section, the story of Kelly Witcher will be explained and she will show you a part of the story every day. If you do not have access to Witcher books, you can use this section. Of course, it is not perfect at all and it has many shortcomings, but it is better than nothing.

    game music; A complete masterpiece

    One of the parts that could not be talked about is Gwennett's music. The music of Witcher 3 was unparalleled. Gwyneth's music is also a number of songs in Witcher, but it is significantly in line with the conditions of the game; For example, a very calm and beautiful song is played in the menu. A fun and interesting song will be played at Schuppes Shop, where you buy barrels of cards and more. In battles, the song is slow at first, but when the game gets exciting, the music gets louder and more exciting.

    BingMag.com Gwent; <b>Minigame</b> Witcher, <b>which</b> <b>became</b> a <b>great</b> <b>competitive</b> game

    As we said, Gwent was part of Witcher 3.

    Playing with friends is fun but not the main part of the game

    One of Gwyneth's pleasures is experiencing it with friends. However, this part is not considered a major part of the game by the creators. First, the menu is in the corner and a little hard to find. On the other hand, whatever you gain in these struggles will be lost and your victory is practically useless. Unless you have proven to your friend that you are better than him.

    This system is probably designed because of the same issue of justice and the fact that some people do not raise their rank in vain. But it can not be said that it is not enjoyable. Because you can play with your friend after a while and surprise him.

    It should be noted that you can not play with the computer against the mobile phone, but Android and iOS can play together . Therefore your access will be high.

    BingMag.com Gwent; <b>Minigame</b> Witcher, <b>which</b> <b>became</b> a <b>great</b> <b>competitive</b> game
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