From graphics to story; New information about Tekken 8 has been published

The release date of this game is currently unknown, however, its trailer has excited fans, especially with its wonderful graphics. Recently, Katsuhiro Harada, the general manager of Bandai Namco, has provided explanations about this in an interview. At first, referring to Jin and Kazuya's fight scene in the midst of rain and thunder, he said:

The release date of this game is currently unknown, however, its trailer has excited fans, especially with its wonderful graphics. Recently, Katsuhiro Harada, the general manager of Bandai Namco, has provided explanations about this in an interview. At first, referring to Jin and Kazuya's fight scene in the midst of rain and thunder, he said:

Tekken 7 kind of featured a match between two members of the Mishima family, but these two were Heihachi Mishima and His son was Kazuya. Now we've kind of moved forward in the timeline, so you'll have a father-son showdown again, but this time the characters will be different, with Jin Kazama pitted against his father, Kazuya Mishima. From graphics to story; New information about Tekken 8 has been published

If you have seen the trailer, you probably noticed the chains at the end of the trailer that eventually become the game logo. you have done Harada says of these chains:

We didn't just do it because they're interesting, but there are actually very important story elements tied to them. The breaking of the chains is a symbol of Jin's freedom from all these things that limit him.

However, it is the game's development on Unreal Engine 5 that has Harada most excited. In his opinion, the versions that have made the most efforts to use the maximum power of the consoles have been more successful. Harada points out the rain and sweat rolling down Jin and Kazuya's faces, stating that this is the first time they use effects like rain. It's interesting to note that the characters' clothes also get dirty during battle and it looks like the characters have been recreated from scratch and nothing borrowed from Tekken 7. From graphics to story; New information about Tekken 8 has been published

Harada explained about the development team's use of Unreal Engine 5:

From the point of view of not only us, but also the developers of the industry, the process is different from what users think. Obviously, we didn't start on Unreal Engine 5 first. This engine was introduced not so long ago and we still haven't seen any special game on it. So we started with Unreal Engine 4 and gradually ported some game elements to Unreal Engine 5. We worked closely with Epic Games to figure out how to optimize some parts of the game. So we have just started our work on Unreal Engine 5 and from now on, this process will continue.>

As you can see in the trailer, the graphics are what we really focused on. I know this sounds a little corny, but if you look back and see where the series did well like Tekken 3 on the PlayStation 1 and maybe Tekken Tag Tournament on the PlayStation 2, even though there were different modes and gameplay that Players enjoyed them, but one important aspect is always the graphics that players expect from games on new hardware. From graphics to story; New information about Tekken 8 has been published

Harada said about the story of the game and the confrontation between Jin and Kazuya:

The story of Tekken has always been about the Mishimas and their rivalry, and Tekken 7 featured Heihachi Mishima, Kazuya, and confrontations between the two. So now we're showing everyone a climax from the beginning of the game's campaign, but it also reveals that these two are the only members of Mishima left. Therefore, whoever wins this battle will greatly affect the fate of the Mishima family, and in that sense, it is a turning point for the series.

He answered a question about the players' reaction Added to the Rage system in Tekken 7 and its return to the 8th version:

As for the Rage Arts or the Rage system in general, we first implemented the Rage system and then, as you know, Rage arts and so on. Tekn 7 was added. So initially when we added Rage, there was a lot of backlash. However, after some time, the opinions changed drastically and they felt that it is a good addition to the game that makes the game more exciting. As for Tekken 8, unfortunately we cannot talk about the game mechanics at this time. This is something we hope players can look forward to in the future.

Many fighting games today have some sort of mechanic where when you take damage, a bar fills up, allowing you to do more attacks. Since Tekken didn't have such a mechanic before this version, many didn't like it at first because they thought that the only way to win was to be better than your opponent and there shouldn't be such a thing as a comeback mechanic. From graphics to story; New information about Tekken 8 has been published

In the released trailer, we also see slow motion scenes. Whether these slow-motion scenes will be present in the gameplay during the fight or only at the end of each round is questionable. Harada says:

That's something we can't really comment on definitively. In Tekken 7 we had some of these scenes in certain situations, for example when you were low on health, they were there but not very noticeable, so many players didn't notice it. It looks cool to have slow motion during matches, but you can't just put it on whenever you want because it can mess up the rhythm and pace of the match. So there's a very fine balance that you have to strike, and that's something we haven't quite nailed down yet. p>This feature was included in Tekken 5 and I didn't think it would be noticed like this. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and even Tekken 7 had a lot of options in this department, but players are still looking for more options. They sometimes make their own items and take personalization to a new level. So it's surprising how much players like to customize their character. I have a theory as to why fighting games like street fighter etc don't use extensive customization system. They only put clothes for each character because they know how intensive and difficult it is to develop this part. From graphics to story; New information about Tekken 8 has been published

Harada went on to note about the additional characters:

We were quite pleased with the results. When we first introduced the guest characters, fans were shocked. But their initial reaction was really satisfying. In the end it was a win for us because they got into the game really well. On the other hand, it was also a win for the fans because they got something completely new and different. Finally, the owners of this IP were also happy with the positive reaction of the fans. In general, everyone was happy with the presence of these characters in Tekken 7.

I'm not talking about wanting to have guest characters in Tekken 8, but in general, that's something we really want to do. We are happy because it is motivating to work with some new resources as well as the connections you make with other people while doing this. will receive in the form of an extension package. It is also one of the new fighting games that aims to revolutionize this style with sections such as World Tour and Battle Hub. Regarding the state of fighting games in general, Harada says:

Fighting games are probably the most popular games from the mid-80s to the end of the 20th century. Some younger and new players now have the false impression that the fighting game audience has shrunk because there are fewer games in the genre, but that's not necessarily the case. We used to have more mediocre fighting games that came out at that time and you probably don't see that particular group of games anymore. However, this genre is now more towards indie games and on the other side towards big IPs like Tekken and Street Fighter.

So it's not like Tekken, Street Fighter or any of the big series Have few sales. Most of them sell well, and it's just the perception of some fans that the genre has lost its audience. On the other hand, there are other changes in the genre from the point of view of business model and income generation. Many of these games were on arcade machines, and then gradually we saw games that were not released on these machines and went directly to the console.

He said about the story part of the game:

I'm not allowed to talk about it because the more I talk, the more details will be revealed that we're not going to reveal right now. However, what I can say at this point is that the story part of Tekken 7 was well received and I think the game sold 9 million copies. Soon we will reach 10 million copies. So I can say that the thing that was highly evaluated in the previous part is not something that we are looking for and we are looking to improve; Not just in the story mode, but any other mode or part that fans have come to expect. We understand this and try to meet these expectations. From graphics to story; New information about Tekken 8 has been published

Harada about the capabilities of Compared to their price, the new generation had some interesting words:

It's unfair that they are so powerful. I am a PC gamer. And I would like to build my own PC. So for me, building a powerful computer that plays games the way it does I want to perform, it's something I like to experience. So one of the things that comes as a surprise is how cheap both consoles are compared to similarly powered PCs. That's why I said it's unfair that consoles are so good in this price range.

As mentioned, Tekken 8 is built from the ground up and there are no 3D models or special content to make the game from the original versions. Previously unused. Regarding the problems of the development process, he said:

There are risks and problems in this process, but there are also aspects in which we have a lot of confidence. For example, one of the reasons we felt confident building the graphics part of the game from scratch is that we have a lot of veterans on our team. Most of the team members have worked on this series for 10 years or more, and for some, this amount even reaches 20 years. So everyone has a very thorough knowledge of the Tekken set and its popular elements, and on the other hand, they have enough experience to avoid common pitfalls.

However, no matter how much experience you have, it always It is a very difficult task and no one has an exact answer for its process. This may sound strange because many think that the players cause this answer, but this is not the case. They just react to what they like or don't like in the game, but they don't really know how to make a successful game. If that was the case, we could go to them before making the game and talk about what they want. Gathering feedback from as many different groups as possible is important, but what you do with it is even more important. From graphics to story; New information about Tekken 8 has been published

In order to make the game easier for newcomers, Street Fighter 6 uses a type of control in the game that makes it easier to perform moves and combos. However, according to the creators of this game, this feature does not make the game any easier. Harada also seems to have such an approach in this regard. He says that these games are one-on-one, and no matter how simple the controls are, you're not going to become a better opponent unless the game is more based on luck or something like that. He also mentioned the existence of these types of simpler commands in Tekken 7, adding that implementing them was a challenge, and did not release details about Tekken 8.

Harada about his feelings towards Tekken's almost 30-year history said:

This series has changed over the years. I mean, when I first started working on the series, it was more about improving it in a way that I liked. After that, there was a period where I wanted to show everyone around me that I knew more about fighting games than anyone else and that I loved the genre more than anyone else. It may sound childish now but I felt that way at the time.

But then over the years there were more opportunities to travel abroad for various shows or competitions. With the internet being so ubiquitous now, it's easy to interact with fans and different communities of the game and gather all their feedback and opinions about what we've made. Then I decided that I needed to live up to the expectations that everyone had created for the franchise. For Tekken 7, I felt like it was going to be the most important work of my life. This could be the last part of the series, so I had to make it the best I could. The game was released and it did really well and now Tekken 8 should do better than that. There are no regrets from me or any of the team members. This is something we talk about all the time. This might be the last version of the series so you should try your best. From graphics to story; New information about Tekken 8 has been published

He finally Regarding the possible ending of the series, he added:

I designed an ending for the game in 1996. I was writing the story and I said to myself that after this story, we will have another story and thus the story of the collection will end. However, I later realized that games can be made very quickly. I think I made a game in just six months. I thought that if I could make more versions at a faster rate, we would be done, but it turns out that games can take longer to develop.

At the same time, you have new members on your team who have different ideas and This makes the build period of the game longer. So as for the ending, I didn't think it would take that long. I had an ending in mind then, but it gradually grew along with the collection. If there's an end, it's going to be when I'm gone and buried, whenever that is.

The other thing that's kind of weird is how it affects your psyche. When we broke the Guinness World Record for the longest continuous video game storyline by years of release, we told ourselves that We want to keep this record and not let another work take it. As a result, we have to make the story continue.

Technology 8 game currently has no specific release date. Regarding the game platforms, Harada announced that the game will be released for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and PC.

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