Get to know the details of the new FIFA 23 Career section

Career Mode has always been one of the important parts of the FIFA collection. That's why Electronic Arts (EA) is doing its best to make this part better than ever. In FIFA 23, career mode has changed a lot compared to before. From gameplay to discussion of design and personalization. FIFA 23 is the most extensive title of this series, and for this reason its career section is more complete than ever. So stay with us. Get to know the details of the new FIFA 23 Career section

Career Mode has always been one of the important parts of the FIFA collection. That's why Electronic Arts (EA) is doing its best to make this part better than ever. In FIFA 23, career mode has changed a lot compared to before. From gameplay to discussion of design and personalization. FIFA 23 is the most extensive title of this series, and for this reason its career section is more complete than ever. So stay with us.

Playable Highlights

Fifa company is always looking for players to have more control over their career. This is why playable highlights are included in FIFA 23. In this mode, you can experience the important parts of the games. By doing this, you can change their results and turn the lost critical minutes into success. Then you can continue the game in the simulation.

There is a background system in this mode that checks the conditions of the two teams. Which part of each team is strong, such as defense or attack, and can do better. Then, based on the obtained information, the FIFA game creates 23 key moments. Then it broadcasts these moments in the game. Every goal chance creates a highlight in the game. Now in the playable highlights mode, users take control of this part and can score goals or defend their team.

All highlights are different from each other. For this reason, users will not face duplicates. For this reason, it is a complete simulation of real game conditions. Highlights can be a counter attack, a normal attack or even a corner. So in this part you will face the same things that exist in a normal game. Your only time to make a change in the game is less. The positive point of the playable highlight is that the results of the games are not completely dependent on artificial intelligence. Because of this, players are more involved in their experience. Get to know the details of the new FIFA 23 Career section

Playable highlights as a manager

In this mode, you can experience all the highlights in the game. Also, you can choose those that are attack or defense separately. There is no limit to which highlight you play and it depends on your play style.

Playable highlights as a player

Just like you would experience a normal game, playable highlights Playing as a player also gives you two choices. Whether you control the whole team or control only your player. If you select a player, the highlights will only include those that your player is involved in. Other things are decided by the game itself.

Differences in the Main Menu

Electronic Arts' effort is that the different menus of the game do not differ much from each other. For this reason, the main menu of the career section is the same as the other parts of the game. The main menu of the profession section has been completely redesigned. Now you will have faster access to the things you are most interested in.

As this menu provides you with more information. Things that will help you progress in the game. For example, which players' contracts are expiring or what are the strengths of your team will all be shown to you at the very beginning. This information is presented to you more in FIFA 23 and you have better access to them. With this, there is no need to look for information in the main menu.

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Dynamic Moments

Dynamic moments are basically cinematic ones that will accompany you in career mode. These items exist in both player mode and manager mode. The main goal of designing dynamic moments is to capture the game and improve the user experience. There are generally 7 dynamic moments throughout your experience. Each one is based on an achievement you've earned.

Each of your main achievements will have a special video. By doing this, you will enjoy success in FIFA 23 more. These items are especially well designed in player mode and will keep you engaged in FIFA 23.

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Pre Season Tournament Format

Pre season tournaments have changed a lot. Now these things have become much more real. There are 8 teams in this tournament. Each team must play a different game to have a good start. Only the winner of the competition can claim the prize and increase his budget. The timing of the matches as well it has been changed. Now the games are closer to the season. This way you can make better use of your players in matches.

Save files have changed

Experience career mode using multiple teams and different players is really interesting. For this reason, Electronic Arts has made every effort to make this event easier for users. Now you can use one area to store different files of the profession section. You can change these save files and have 17 different save files in the career section.

In addition, FIFA 23 offers you more information from each file. So you don't need to run a file. The information you need will be in the same part of the menu. Career)

FIFA users always wanted to play football instead of one of the famous coaches. Now in FIFA 23 you can take the place of one of the 350 coaches in this game. Once you've chosen this character, you can customize their skin and decide what team they manage. If you are successful with a team, you can continue working or change your team. How the game will play out is completely up to you.

Transfer Analyst

FIFA 23 will allow you to raise the level of your exchanges. The transfer analyzer will help you with economics and the impact of players on your team. 5 levels are considered for each transaction. From level A, which is the best for the team and business, to F, which is the worst. You can see the points for each transfer on the left side of the page.

These points are based on the requested and agreed price. Also, this analyzer is not only for transfers. It is also used for loans. To earn more points you should try to make your trades closer to the minimum cost of each team. With this, your transactions will be done better. If you are going to buy a player, you should carefully check all the available information about him. In FIFA 23 you can get a lot of information about each player and his abilities.

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at In addition to the economic situation, the transfer analyst will also examine the effect of each player on the team. It will even guide you in which part of the team to put him in to perform better. When you lose a player, the analyst will suggest you the best replacement. Now you have to decide how to buy the alternative.

A tension meter has been added to the game so that the pressure of each transaction is not excessive. This tension meter will warn you if you put too much pressure on your team. had. To the extent that you can fully customize your team. Now you can completely change the team coverage to the progress of the team. In the Create Your Club section, many items have been added for you to create your favorite team. This will allow you to better control the personality of your team.

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You can change the names of the players, Change their height, weight and even their appearance. Your freedom of action in professional mode will be greater than ever.

Detailed examination of the financial situation

Financial and economic management of the team is one of the most important parts of the profession. Now you will receive more information in this field. By doing this, you will not come close to bankruptcy. However, you should be very careful not to make a risky move. You should always take care of your budget and try to make the best purchases with the previously mentioned items so that the team does not suffer financial damage. Get to know the details of the new FIFA 23 Career section

Changes in Player Career

Player Personality

Each player has his own personality. This will cause their playing style to be different from each other. There are 23 character sections in FIFA career mode. You can give special features to your player by choosing each one. Your team will also use these personality traits. The main goal of the developer team is to get you more involved in the game and feel like a player.

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Personality points with each game you play Point) you will get. These points will help you to more accurately place your main character in the game. The player check system will accurately check your player character. It will then suggest certain items for you to choose to upgrade your character. These things make there are 3 different personality styles in this game:

  • Maverick: These players are selfish and looking to score goals. Also, they are willing to do anything to become a star. This character has a strong interest in single-player and generally does not care much about the team. They also have their own lifestyle.
  • Artist (Virtuoso): This character style is very intelligent and talented. For this reason, they can be used to improve the team. Especially since they can change the outcome of a game in the blink of an eye. The performance of these players is very good and they are extremely useful for the team.
  • HeartBeat: This character is the most important indicator for a team. He reads the entire process of the group and tries to overcome the opposing team. The first priority of these players is the team. For this reason, they do their best to make the team in its best condition. It is their self-sacrifice that makes the previous two personality types successful.
  • Evolution also exists in this part of the game and is very important. You upgrade your character and make your player stronger with the various points you get. Every item you choose to upgrade should be relevant to your player's personality type. When you get all the desired items, you will reach Absolute Personality. This is the ultimate development of a player and determines his future. Get to know the details of the new FIFA 23 Career section

    Activities outside the football field

    Activities off the field will allow you to further develop your character. In this way, the character of your players is not only important in the game, but also the daily decisions and actions have a great impact on your character. For example, sometimes you have to decide what to do in certain situations. Every choice you make will have a different result.

    Different decisions on and off the football field will be shown to you. For example, if you become the best player in a game, you can react according to the score you want. Your decisions can be influenced by the actions of the team. Get to know the details of the new FIFA 23 Career section



    In the life of every player, investment is very important. Because it has a lot of income and they have to try to maintain it. This is where the discussion of investment becomes very important. Especially since with a good investment you can multiply your money. Some investments are riskier than others but have good results. So you should try to choose the best one so that you don't lose your money.


    Making money is a part of the game. Now you have to spend this earned money. Shopping is very important in the character of the players. That's why you will receive multiple character points with each purchase. On the other hand, your lifestyle is also determined by the purchases you make.

    Your main focus when shopping should not be just yourself. You can also do charity work. As you progress in the game, you will earn more and more items will be revealed to you. Which one you choose for your player depends entirely on your taste and style of play. You can also use your earnings to upgrade abilities. This will make your player stronger.

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    Electronic Arts in FIFA 23 do their best so as not to offer fans a duplicate title. For this reason, this game is different from the previous titles and many things have been added to it. The career section is now more realistic and makes users understand the experience of being a real player or head coach with this section.


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