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George R. R. Martin talks about collaborating on the Elden Ring game

BingMag.com <b>George</b> R. R. <b>Martin</b> <b>talks</b> <b>about</b> <b>collaborating</b> on the <b>Elden</b> <b>Ring</b> game

game of Thrones series author George RR Martin talks about his experience making the Alden Ring . He also wrote about working with Miyazaki in a new blog post.

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He wrote on his blog:

Hidetaka Miyazaki and his unique team of game designers in Japan asked me to make this Play to help them. I helped them with the characters' stories and the history and world of the game.

Martin wrote in this text that he is not very interested in video games. However, in the past he has played some strategy games. For example, Railroad Tycoon and Romance of the Three Kingdoms are some of the things he has experienced. He continued:

Miyazaki and his team were making a masterpiece. The art used in the Alden Ring was extremely beautiful. The only thing they asked me more was to build the world of this game. A deep and dark world that is the basis of the game. As it turns out, I have a great interest in building the world and using my creativity. That's why I accepted.

BingMag.com <b>George</b> R. R. <b>Martin</b> <b>talks</b> <b>about</b> <b>collaborating</b> on the <b>Elden</b> <b>Ring</b> game

Martin He was originally responsible for creating the game world, which looks extremely beautiful.

He concluded by saying that the construction of Alden Ring has been completed and it looks extremely beautiful. It was recently announced that Alden Ring will be released on March 25th. Of course, this date is different from what was initially announced. Bandai Namco wrote about the Alden Ring delay that they should work more on freedom of action in the game.

Alden Ring is in the world of The Lands Between, created by Martin. Also, Martin was involved in writing the background story for the character and the items in the game.

Some time ago, with the hacking of PlayStation 4, people were able to access more information about Alden Ring. Some even managed to break the lock of the limited trial version and make its files available to users.

Of course, during this time, both Fram Software and Namco Bandai provided a lot of information about Alden Ring to the fans. Alden Ring is currently one of the most popular games available and many people are waiting for its release.

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