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Genocide of Humanoid Mice with Friends (Game Showcase: Warhammer Vermintide)

BingMag.com Genocide of Humanoid Mice with Friends (Game Showcase: Warhammer Vermintide)

One of the lucky things in the video game industry is the release of a game that happens to create a new genre. Diablo 2 created the Diablo Clone style by acting out the gameplay and emphasizing the skill trees. Metroid and Castlevania created the Metroid style by providing a vast world where all the holes are connected and open over time with new features, Dark Souls with a dodgy fighting style, breathtaking bass and the transfer of role-playing aspects. The unit called "Soul" that you lose when you die creates the Souls Like style.

  • Warhammerology: Everything You Need to Know About Warhammer 40,000 Another game that has created a new style, but may not have as much of an impact as the aforementioned games, is Left 4 Dead, which owes its relatively new and evolving Horde Shooter style to its existence. That is, the style in which Warhammer: Vermintide 2 and Deep Rock Galactic are two of its most iconic creations, thanks to fans' tireless efforts and the tireless efforts of their creators to keep the game up-to-date and add new content over the years. Since its release, the Horde Shooter has gained a reputation as a serious and prolific genre that has the potential There are more games in the context, the more it is established and the identity of Left Ford Dead as the father of this style becomes more and more evident, because the influence of these two games on Left Four Dead is very clear and public. BingMag.com Genocide of Humanoid Mice with Friends (Game Showcase: Warhammer Vermintide)

    Some stages of the game, especially the dialysis stages of Karak Azgaraz which is located in the dwarf civilization They have a strong Tolkien feeling.

    Horde Shooter, the experience of a tin and assembling a jackpot with friends

    The main difference between a Horde shooter and a regular shooter is that Its nature is co-op. In all the mentioned games, you are in a group of four people who control the other three people, either with artificial intelligence or other players, and you have to help them fight against a huge number of enemies who are constantly re-spawning and narrowing the field for you. In fact, the name Horde Shooter comes from the same feature of these games: in these games, you are constantly dealing with an army of jacks and beasts. In Left Four Dead the zombie army, in Gordesel the humanoid mouse army, and in the Galactic Deep Rock army the alien creatures.

    BingMag.com Genocide of Humanoid Mice with Friends (Game Showcase: Warhammer Vermintide)

    The city of Oberserick is designed as a precise and detailed medieval city.

    Another feature of the Horde Shooter style is that it saves and Checkpoint is not in the middle of the news stage. Every step you start, you have to finish it to get the reward of completing it. This increases the need to cooperate in these games, because when one member of the team's health bar is exhausted, the rest of the team members can resuscitate him, and the stage leads to complete failure if the health bar of all four members in it. The unit ends. You might think this is a big deal and it makes these games easy. The same is true at lower degrees of difficulty. That is why the experience of these games varies profoundly depending on the level of difficulty you choose. So that in lower degrees it is a nightmare to finish drinking water and in higher degrees it is a nightmare.

    BingMag.com Genocide of Humanoid Mice with Friends (Game Showcase: Warhammer Vermintide)

    Sometimes the difficulty of the game suddenly rises; This means that it may be 95% of the drinking phase, but in 5% of it you lose everything. Is. In Left Four Dead 1 and 2, all the characters have the same abilities and do not differ significantly from each other except for different appearances. But in Gordesel and Deep Rock Galactic, each character has different abilities and weapons, and is considered a separate class and plays a different role in team battles. This is so extreme in Deep Rock Galaxy that the structure of the stages changes depending on what classes you choose for each mission. Has worked on content development and keeping Gordesel 2 up and running with Gordsel 1. The number of active players in the game is also small these days, and if you look at the list of servers, the number of games that are in progress is a handful. The question is, with this situation, is the game still worth playing?

    BingMag.com Genocide of Humanoid Mice with Friends (Game Showcase: Warhammer Vermintide)

    The game's creators have paid homage to the culture and civilization of the dwarves.

    An apocalypse from which there is no escape

    Gordsell is located in the world of Warhammer. Like Black Holes and Dragons, Warhammer is a fantasy desktop role-playing game with a rich and elaborate worldview that can be described as equivalent to 16th-century European fantasy (in addition to swords and arrows, cannons and rifles) and the creators of Gordesel They have tried as much as possible to stay loyal to it. The setting in which the game takes place is The End Times, in which the Chaos Gods are tired of playing with their servants and have decided to destroy the world once and for all. The strange thing is that according to the official version (Canon) of the World of Warhammer, the world will really be destroyed in the apocalypse, and Warhammer is a soft reboot called Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, which was released in 2015. So King Sigmar finds a way to create a virtual world for himself and a number of survivors, and they enter this virtual world. Therefore, according to the official version of the game, everything that happens in this game and any effort you make to save the city of Ubersreik does not matter in the end, and the destruction of everything is inevitable. This is a strange truth that you have to come to terms with. But if one day there is an apocalypse in our world, will you be the one to destroy yourself without struggle and resistance? If your answer is no, you should not expect the same from Gordesell characters.

    BingMag.com Genocide of Humanoid Mice with Friends (Game Showcase: Warhammer Vermintide)

    If Edgar Allan Poe had created a fantasy world, it would probably have resulted in something like this.

    Defend against the attack of the Skaven, the race of humanoid mice. According to traditional board games, the hangout of these five adventurers is an inn called the Red Moon Inn, which is owned by its owner, Frans Lohner, with the help of magic, the building of which is hidden from the eyes of the skiers and from there gives you a mission. . Frances Luther is a cool character; He is like the leader of a resistance group, as if he is connected to everything and knows all the currents, and while he is warm-hearted, he seems to have a mysterious past.

    Take action to somehow stop the skies from progressing. For example, in the first mission of the game, you have to sound the Horn of Magnus to let people know about the attack of the Skies. In the next step, you must stop the skewers so that they do not poison the water wells. On another mission (which I think is one of the best in the game) you have to go to the wizard tower named Christoph Engel and ask him to help protect the Red Inn inn.

    BingMag.com Genocide of Humanoid Mice with Friends (Game Showcase: Warhammer Vermintide)

    In the wizard tower stage, depending on the character you control, you will have illusory images See.

    The turning point of the game is not the overall story, but the world and its characters and their interactions with each other. The game has five characters (one of which is inevitably absent in each mission) and each is very memorable thanks to the excellent sound and symbolic dialogues written for it. These characters are as follows:

    BingMag.com Genocide of Humanoid Mice with Friends (Game Showcase: Warhammer Vermintide)

    1. Victor Saltzpyre: Saltzpyre is a witchhunter who has a fanatical belief in empire and wants to rid the world of all evil. He is the clear equivalent of a medieval inspector. Saltspire is considered to be the leader of the group, and he often expresses his dialogues in a firm tone during the missions. His specialty is the use of rapier swords and pistols.

    BingMag.com Genocide of Humanoid Mice with Friends (Game Showcase: Warhammer Vermintide)

    2. Sienna Fuegonasus: Fugonasus is a fiery witch who was arrested by Saltzpeire for using magic, but then the apocalypse ensued and she had no choice but to release her. Yes, coexistence between a witch and a witch hunter is as stressful as you might expect. Fugunasus is the most different character in the game in terms of gameplay, because unlike the others, it does not use ammunition and has its own magic system, according to which the more spells you perform, the more your fire bar will be filled. If this tape is exceeded, Cena will catch fire and enter him. If this tape reaches its limit, Cena will explode and die.

    BingMag.com Genocide of Humanoid Mice with Friends (Game Showcase: Warhammer Vermintide)

    3. Bardin Goreksson : Bardin is a very energetic, stubborn and vicious dwarf and can be said to be the most energetic member of the group. His character does not match the stereotypical image of dwarves in popular culture, which makes it very fun to hear his dialogues (which are full of references to dwarf culture). His specialty is the use of battle axes, hammers, harpoons and shotguns (of the dwarf type).

    BingMag.com Genocide of Humanoid Mice with Friends (Game Showcase: Warhammer Vermintide)

    4. Kerillian: Kerillian is a very sarcastic and arrogant female elf who is constantly teasing and humiliating the humor of other members of the group (especially dwarf culture and empire). His constant outbursts with Bardin are reminiscent of the relationship between Legolas and Gimli in The Lord of the Rings. Krillin is a master of the use of bows and arrows, although he is also skilled in the use of swords and daggers.

    BingMag.com Genocide of Humanoid Mice with Friends (Game Showcase: Warhammer Vermintide)

    5. Markus Kruber : Kruber is an experienced imperial colonel and a professional military man. Like Bardin, he is a warrior and has an extroverted and watery spirit, although it is clear that being constantly drunk and losing his comrades and family have affected his spirit. In my experience, if you want to play the game alone, Kruber is the easiest character to progress. Because it inflicts a lot of damage, it also has a high ability to defend itself. Kruber specializes in the use of large swords, small swords, along with the shield and firearms of the Empire, which are suitable for firing at enemies or killing them remotely.

    BingMag.com Genocide of Humanoid Mice with Friends (Game Showcase: Warhammer Vermintide)

    Whenever you enter the realm of the skies, the color green is everywhere.

    Although Gordsell does not have a true story, and The game's characters do not grow from the beginning to the end of the game, but one of the turning points of the game for me was listening to the professionalism of these five people during the missions. One of the reasons why their dialogues are so appealing is the short sentences written for them. For example, you often hear such sentences in the game:

    "Holy Sigmar! Bless this ravaged body!

    (When Salzpier eats a life-giving potion, he utters this sentence)

    " Valaya's Radiant Helm, you ' ve a good eye!

    (When you hit a target from a distance, Bardin says this in your admiration)

    I wish you were an ale! (P. They are stored in your memory for a while and are tied to the character who expresses them, so that hearing them again gives you a pleasant sense of familiarity and you feel accustomed to these characters.

    BingMag.com Genocide of Humanoid Mice with Friends (Game Showcase: Warhammer Vermintide)

    After the end of each stage, depending on the number of points you have collected during the stage and the degree of difficulty When you complete the stage, you will be given a random trophy. Like the Diablo series, trophies are colored according to their value and power. It should also be noted that during the game stages, a series of collectible items called Lore Page are scattered, their placement is random, and in each round of repetition of the stage may be located in a different place. Finding these tabs opens an entry in the game encyclopedia that explains the gods, civilizations, geography, and other details of Warhammer's world, and if you want to know more about this fascinating world, it provides a good excuse to repeat the game's steps. And find these tabs in them. I especially liked the fact that these tabs do not have a predefined location, as the process of collecting collectible items from place to place is usually a tedious endeavor to navigate the boundaries and ultimately refer to online guides out of desperation. When they are randomly assigned, the problem will no longer exist and the process will be fun and unpredictable. Personally I hope more games apply this system.

    BingMag.com Genocide of Humanoid Mice with Friends (Game Showcase: Warhammer Vermintide)

    Finding the encyclopedia pages of the game world is one of your motivations for exploring the stages. However, the number of pages is so large that you have to repeat the game several times to find them all.

    Game AI: Great for enemies, mediocre for teammates

    As mentioned, Gordsell 1 currently has few players, and if you want to experience the game from start to finish, you have to play it either alone or if you have friends, convince them to join you. . But if you do not have a friend who is interested in experiencing this game, no problem. Because the artificial intelligence of your teammates, despite its problems, drives your work on an easy and normal level of difficulty. But by no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive. The chances of success tend to zero.

    On the other hand, the AI of the game's enemies, the Skies, is surprisingly powerful, and the techniques and strategies they use to defeat you are in keeping with the Skies culture. The Scythians are essentially a race of creatures in which class divisions are at their most extreme. Slave slaves, who are practically killed with one blow, are sent to you in large numbers. Killing them in the form of a fugitive is easy, but the problem is that these mice are practically a meat shield and are only sent to you to distract you, and in the meantime arrange more professional skins for you. The Scythians do not care about each other's lives because of their super-fascist society and culture, and many Scythians are killed during attacks by other Scythians, and you can use this to your advantage.

    BingMag.com Genocide of Humanoid Mice with Friends (Game Showcase: Warhammer Vermintide)

    Skones, although they look very backward in appearance, have a strange skill in building technological structures.

    Just as Lift Four Dead has different types of zombies such as Spit, Boomer, Tank, and , each of which has special abilities, Gordsell also has different skins that are very similar to Loft Four Dead zombies and can be said to be In this regard, the game has gone beyond inspiration and turned to imitation. For example, in Left Four Dead, there is a zombie named The Hunter who attacks any character who has left the group at high speed. There is a gutter runner in Gordsell that does just that, and it's one of the biggest threats to any team that is exploring the stage apart from their teammates, because when the Gutter Runner hits you, you can't do it yourself. Separate yourself and your teammates should reach out to you.

    BingMag.com Genocide of Humanoid Mice with Friends (Game Showcase: Warhammer Vermintide)

    In Death on the Reik, the game's latest dialectic, there is a section where you must protect your ship from the attack of the Skies. If you play the game alone, this is the hardest part of the game, even on easy difficulty. Because your teammates are not helping to destroy the Skion ship's connection points to your ship, and the longer this process takes, the more Skies will enter your ship.

    The artificial intelligence of these enemies and their cooperation with other spies is very interesting. For example, guttural runners are constantly wandering around you, waiting for the right opportunity to attack. If you happen to see a gutter runner or put him in your crosshairs, he will quickly retreat to attack you again in the right position. This is a good position, either when a large number of skies have attacked you and your head is hot or when you are out of the group. The game's brilliant AI gets even brighter at higher difficulty levels, so that the experience of playing on easy difficulty is so different from Cataclysm (the last difficulty of the game) that it is as if you are playing two different games. To experience the ultimate level of difficulty, you have to fight the Skies with the best weapons and the most skilled teammates, otherwise the Slave Skies may be the first to do so.

    Learn to build a horde shooter and reach perfection in Gordsell 2, this game is worth playing, even as a single player. Attractive characters, excellent stage design, clever skies artificial intelligence and enjoyable fighting combat system, in which you feel the weight of each blow, make Gordcell 1 an innovative and addictive experience in the style of hard shooter. p>

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