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Game Museum: OutRun 1987

BingMag.com <b>Game</b> <b>Museum:</b> <b>OutRun</b> 1987

Driving a red Ferrari of the eighties on the green roads of Europe is not even in most people's dreams. However, a video Game with the same style and context is the basis of today's racing and car games. Racing games are all rooted in an arcade game; A Game that not only earned a living for Sega and its employees, but even played a major role in keeping arcade shops alive. OutRun came out in 1987 to last for years, but Sega certainly imagined years to be years, not decades.

If you look closely, you see that Autran is in the style of a game. We have not categorized races and called it a "driving game" because it is basically not a racing Game and it shows itself from the very beginning when we start the game.

When you want to start the race A video Game from the dashboard of the Ferrari sitting behind you confronts you and asks you to select a song on the car radio. We check in time how well the songs come out of the water, but the same theme and the choice of songs gives the Game a different feel from the beginning. When you start the game, you do not see a car next to you on the road or a competitor, but you see a girl sitting next to you in the car and you are going to drive on different roads for hours and listen to music. We say this considering that you have certainly not played a low-level racing Game today, and you have a mentality of them, a mentality that people did not have in mind when playing Autorun.

BingMag.com <b>Game</b> <b>Museum:</b> <b>OutRun</b> 1987

And that 's why we do not consider Autran a racing Game and call it a driving game. You are basically going to drive on a variety of roads, listen to music and enjoy the environment. However, Outran is designed as a video game, specifically an arcade game, so not only should it challenge and entertain you, but it should be designed to swallow people's coins at every opportunity. p>

This is where gameplay shows itself. You have about thirty seconds to reach each checkpoint, and if you do not reach the next checkpoint, the Game ends and the machine basically eats your coin. You need to drive fast to get to the checkpoint, but the faster you drive, the more likely you are to run into cars or roadblocks. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. The gameplay has a good depth, especially for a driving Game of the eighties and you have to play for a long time to be able to schedule everything correctly.

BingMag.com <b>Game</b> <b>Museum:</b> <b>OutRun</b> 1987

The Game always starts from the same point, but from time to time in the Game you come to a crossroads and you can choose one of two roads. Choices lead to different paths, and in order to see them all, you have to finish the Game several times. Basically, Autran does not have a lot of content, and thanks to its good gameplay and music, it does not get boring.

We feel that the discussion is a bit technical and we should get out of it quickly, but it is not bad to mention a lot of graphics Have a good game. Autoran had a completely new system for shrinking and enlarging elements on the screen, and thanks to it, it shrunk and moved the environment as smoothly as possible; So that the sense of movement on a road was created in the best possible way in the player. This system was so powerful and advanced in its time that even years after the release of Autran, home consoles could not run Autran with the original quality of Arcade and needed to be changed and reduced in quality.

BingMag.com <b>Game</b> <b>Museum:</b> <b>OutRun</b> 1987

The visual power of the Game and its gameplay have become very popular instead of the autran music alone and apart from the Game itself. We do not specialize in music, but we heard from a music expert in a documentary about video games that Autran music is played in the Latin jazz style. The more we think about it, the more we see a Japanese composer making music for a arcade video Game inspired by Latin jazz on a Sega chip that could only produce a few sounds. We dare say that the subject is not easy to digest. Autran music is so popular that a new style of music is known as Autran. Autran music style includes electronic music of the eighties that give people a good mood. Incidentally, we also used Autran music in the music of the non-stop program of the "Toy" program.

The arcade did not fall, let alone a Sega eighties car arcade made for the car. However, it is not unlikely that you have played Outran on a Sega home console. Our memories of Autran go back to the Sega console, and in fact we have no idea of the famous arcade device that made Autran popular.

However, this does not prevent a Sega simulator from being found so far. Let's not play on it for a few minutes. Our memories go back to the same Sega driving game, and obviously to revive them, we go to it and know that even decades after the release of the car, we will still enjoy playing them.

BingMag.com <b>Game</b> <b>Museum:</b> <b>OutRun</b> 1987

Source: The Verge

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