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Game Museum: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night 1997

BingMag.com <b>Game</b> <b>Museum:</b> <b>Castlevania:</b> <b>Symphony</b> of the <b>Night</b> 1997

No doubt over the past decade you have seen comparisons of games with the Dark Souls series; So that both gamers and writers in this field, left and right, compare every different Game that is in their hands with Dark Souls. We do not deny Dark Souls' credibility and impact, but the exploration and struggle we attribute to Dark Souls has much older roots; The roots that we have to look for in the Castlevania Game series, specifically "Castlevania: Symphony of the Night".

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night was released when Game developers were turning to 3D games. Nintendo 64 and PlayStation were the consoles of the day, and their ability to process 3D graphics was so appealing to people that the best games like Castlevania: Night Symphony were not delivered as they should have been. However, the Night Symphony was the result of what he had learned two decades earlier in making two-dimensional games; The result is one of the best two-dimensional map designs in history.

If you look closely, we called the Symphony of the Night a "map creation"; This is not the case with previous episodes of Castlevania. Castlevania: The Symphony of the Night, for the first time in this series of games, was not only a role-playing game, but also looked at Metroid in the design of the whole stage. Sure, you hear the name "Metrodvania" in describing this style of play, but Castlevania happened to be very linear before the Night Symphony. The Symphony of the Night was so influential that they named a style of play based on it, and of course Metroid.

BingMag.com <b>Game</b> <b>Museum:</b> <b>Castlevania:</b> <b>Symphony</b> of the <b>Night</b> 1997

A well-connected map, in which the player has to look for different items in the corners to progress, is the basis of the Night symphony. There is no mention of helping the player, and the Symphony of the Night says nothing more to the player than one or two vague dialogues, which are probably not intentionally written vaguely and are in fact the game's poor translation. It is not unlikely that we have basically looked at the erroneous and bizarre translation of a number of Japanese sentences and phrases and told ourselves what a mysterious and multi-layered storytelling the Game is. In any case, the player himself must discover everything about Dracula's castle, which is the main environment of the game. The Game map is completely in front of the player, but a large number of castle doors are locked, some routes require special abilities and skills, and some routes require the defeat of enemies and certain giants to progress.

Imagine at the beginning of the game, you see a large lock in front of you and You pass it many times, then you find a key for it and you know that this key is going to finally reveal the secret behind that door. Or imagine a situation where you see a very high corridor that you think is never going to be possible in the game, but as you move forward, the Game gives you the ability to become a bat, and at the moment the thought comes to your mind. It takes you to get back to that corridor quickly and try your new strength there. Castlevania: The Symphony of the Night is full of such situations; Solutions that you enjoy when you discover them.

BingMag.com <b>Game</b> <b>Museum:</b> <b>Castlevania:</b> <b>Symphony</b> of the <b>Night</b> 1997

The structure we described is exactly This is the definition of Metrodovania. Castlevania: The Symphony of the night, between the excursions and the trips that you have in the Game map, puts the enemy and the monster in front of you as much as you want; As much as you can get nervous. However, maintaining the points where the enemies are located and how to deal with each of them is also an important part of the game. You have to remember a few steps ahead, what enemy is going to surprise you and be prepared to face it. The game's combat system greets the cautious person and kills the player who wants to move forward completely. In the meantime, from time to time, a huge giant, whose attack pattern you have to maintain and defend and attack according to, comes to your post. Obviously the giants each leave an item that is supposed to open a closed path to the castle for you, so one of your main tasks is to look for the giants in the Night Symphony and destroy them.

Castlevania: The Symphony of the Night also incorporates several elements of design; Aligning and finding different weapons, each with its own attack, is an important part of the game. Some enemies show weakness in relation to the same element, some sword is better than whipping in the fight against some enemies, and things like that. Night Symphony definitely introduces for the first time a large menu to the Castlevania collection in which you manage and use various items and weapons.

BingMag.com <b>Game</b> <b>Museum:</b> <b>Castlevania:</b> <b>Symphony</b> of the <b>Night</b> 1997

While you enjoy nightly Symphony gameplay, battles, and sightseeing, you also enjoy plenty of visual design and gameplay music. The Symphony of the Night has been made by a different group of Konami Game developers, and this is evident not only in its gameplay, but also in the game's artistic design. Instead of the comic designs of the eighties, we are on the side of completely anime-like designs. These designs, which include both characters and the Game environment, are best illustrated thanks to the power of the PlayStation hardware.

The very high processing power of the PlayStation in its time, usually in 3D processing Used in Castlevania: The Night Symphony has been used for two-dimensional environmental processing, and the end result is one of the best two-dimensional games in history visually. Castlevania: The Symphony of the Night can easily be visually compared to modern two-dimensional games, and the Game not only does not detract from the particles, but in most cases even sets foot above modern games. Characters and enemies have so much soft and mental animation that the idea of designing all those frames for the Game does not even cross our minds. The game's visual effects are also weird for their time; So we did not think that Plastation could put such crowded and full images in front of us and not say oh.

BingMag.com <b>Game</b> <b>Museum:</b> <b>Castlevania:</b> <b>Symphony</b> of the <b>Night</b> 1997

Symphony of the Night is best composed and designed, except for one. The Game does not end until it does not scratch your skin and make you tired. At exactly the point where you think the Game is over and everything is going to end in the best and most beautiful way possible, the Game forces you to go through the whole castle one more time. The Game is long enough and we do not know why the creators of the Game have decided to make it longer, but do not trample the whole castle once again, with a series of repetitive obstacles and a number of new challenges, the Game will not show you the end. For all that, this problem does not diminish the value of Castlevania: the Symphony of the Night. Castlevania: The Symphony of the Night is the basis of what gamers and gamers have rediscovered and enjoyed today; A topic that many games today have forgotten: to let the player discover everything himself, learn on his own, and finally, play on his own.

BingMag.com <b>Game</b> <b>Museum:</b> <b>Castlevania:</b> <b>Symphony</b> of the <b>Night</b> 1997

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