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Game Awards 2021 has been announced; An in-person ceremony will be held

BingMag.com Game Awards 2021 has been announced; An in-person ceremony will be held

As much as popular events like E3 and Gamescom have become less popular in recent years, the Game Awards event is several years old. Held in December, it has taken on a more prominent role and has established itself as the largest annual celebration for video games. As expected, the Game Awards event is set to return this year as well.

The Game Awards's return means another year and a celebration of video games featuring the best games of the year as well as exciting new games for the first time. Are unveiled. Jeff Kelly, who has been hosting the event for several years, recently announced that they have returned to the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles after last year's Game Awards online event and a digital event due to the Corona epidemic. This means that the developers will be present in person.

This means that once again, the developers will gather in person to determine the best games of the year in the offending sections from the perspective of the Game Awards jury, as well as projects. To be shown in the years to come. Although this year the ceremony will be held in person as the situation improves, but since the threat of the corona virus is still fully felt, only those who have been invited can attend the ceremony, and unlike in the past, attendance is not open to the public.

BingMag.com Game Awards 2021 has been announced; An in-person ceremony will be held

Game Awards is facing a huge audience growth every year compared to the previous year. In 2020, the Game Awards ceremony had 83 million live views. Like last year, you can watch the event live in 4K resolution. "We're so excited to be back at the Microsoft Theater this year for this special night to celebrate the past, present and future of video games," Jeff Kelly said of this year's event. "Our goal is to bring together the entire gamer community to celebrate the world's most powerful form of entertainment together and to recognize the emerging voices that represent the future of the media."

Game Awards can introduce the character of Sefirath for the super game called Brothers, the famous Perfect Dark game, the unveiling of the new episode of Copper Effect and shows of games such as Dragon Edge and many other titles. Last year, Last of Ace Part 2 won the Best Game of the Year award at the event, and even set a record in terms of the number of awards won in various categories in Game Awards history.

What games do you expect this year at the event? The Awards game will be shown and what effect do you think will win the best game of the year in this event?

Source: Polygon

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