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Free upgrade of Final Fantasy 7 to PS5 was possible for PlayStation Plus subscribers

BingMag.com <b>Free</b> <b>upgrade</b> of <b>Final</b> <b>Fantasy</b> 7 to <b>PS5</b> was <b>possible</b> for <b>PlayStation</b> <b>Plus</b> subscribers

A few months ago, when the Final remake of Fantasy 7 was among the PlayStation Plus shared service games, it was a lot of fun at first, but after that Square Enix has announced that this version will not be available for Free upgrade to the PlayStation 5 version and receive the Intergrade add-on package, and fans of Square Enix and Sony have strongly criticized this strange decision. After a few months, Square Enix has now officially announced that from now on, people who have received the game through Service Plus can receive a Free PlayStation 5 version update and purchase the paid add-on package for the game at a lower cost. p>

This decision is scheduled to take effect on Wednesday. Another Plus is that the Final Fantasy 7 remake add-on pack, which adds a special mission to the game and in which you can also take control of the UFO character, is now available for a short time with a 25% discount.>

BingMag.com <b>Free</b> <b>upgrade</b> of <b>Final</b> <b>Fantasy</b> 7 to <b>PS5</b> was <b>possible</b> for <b>PlayStation</b> <b>Plus</b> subscribers

Intergrade add-on package and in general the ninth generation version of Final Fantasy 7 remake with great acclaim from critics And it met with fans, and if you haven't experienced it yet, this could be a good opportunity to get it for the ninth-generation PlayStation 5 console. Anyway, the story of this add-on pack will be influential in the next episodes of Final Fantasy Reconstruction. And Sony fans are annoyed with this game because when it was announced to the PlayStation Plus service that it was not possible to update it to the ninth generation version for free, many fans decided to add it through PlayStation Plus and made it complete. Bought. This is despite the fact that Square Enix was only a few months late and probably decided to do so from the beginning.

BingMag.com <b>Free</b> <b>upgrade</b> of <b>Final</b> <b>Fantasy</b> 7 to <b>PS5</b> was <b>possible</b> for <b>PlayStation</b> <b>Plus</b> subscribers

A few days ago, during the Game Awards 2021, the Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade game was finally introduced for personal computers, and this version was released in the Epic Games store a few days ago and is scheduled to be released in The future will be released on Steam as well, so that fans who play with personal computers can experience this popular Japanese role-playing game.

Source: Game Informer

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