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Free access to some of the PS5 games for hours

BingMag.com Free access to some of the PS5 games for hours

Last Friday, PlayStation sent an email to some PlayStation users announcing that users could play two exclusive Death Stranding games: Directors Cut and Experience Sackboy: A Big Adventure for free on PlayStation 5 for a few hours. Of course, this offer has a big limitation, which will make it very difficult and somewhat useless for us to use it.

This feature allows you to use the PlayStation Store inside your console until November 26 ( October 28) Experience these games for a limited time and try them out. The main problem is that the limited time allotted for the experience of each of these two games starts from the start of the game download. This means that the faster you have the internet and the sooner you can download the game, the better for you and the more you can use your time limit.

BingMag.com Free access to some of the PS5 games for hours

According to Sony, Death Stranding: Directors Cut is 6 hours long and Sackboy: A Big Adventure is 5 hours long. 6 hours is a great time to try out parts of a game, but not when it counts from the moment you start downloading. Since the Death Stranding game itself has a large volume, if you want to download this game in full with the Iranian Internet, it is likely that this deadline has expired or at least a small part of it remains.

This The feature will only be available to PlayStation 5 owners, and if you want to get an add-on package within the allotted time, you can only experience it after the deadline to try the game for free and purchase the full effect.

Recently, one of Sony's new patents found evidence that Sony may want to release PlayStation 5 games for the PlayStation Now service soon, which could potentially be an easier way to experience gaming experience in the future. For players.

BingMag.com Free access to some of the PS5 games for hours

Anyway, this is something Sony has just launched And is currently only available for Death Stranding: Directors Cut and Sackboy: A Big Adventure. Some of the terms may change in the future, and Sony may want to expand it. However, before you can take advantage of this, you must consider your download speed. If you can download the game in a short time, which is a big challenge, this feature can provide a good opportunity to try these two effects for a few hours.

Source: VGC

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