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The former Apple Arcade CEO will lead the PlayStation mobile division

Nicola Sebastiani, the former content manager of Apple Arcade, has joined the company as the head of the PlayStation Studio mobile division to follow the new plans of the company. The PlayStation Mobile Division Company to Move Seriously Forward.

A few months ago, during one of Sony's strategy meetings, Sony Interactive Entertainment Chairman Jim Ryan announced that the PlayStation is entering the mobile gaming market. It was at this time that a specific job advertisement was published for the mobile department of PlayStation Studios. The ad states that the director of the mobile department will work in offices in San Mateo or Los Angeles, California, and will be responsible for developing a product roadmap for a period of 3 to 5 years. Now, a few months later, according to Nicola Sebastian's LinkedIn profile, it has been determined who won the position.

This appointment shows that Sony is very serious in this way and is looking for someone. Which can accompany this section with a significant leap. Nicola Sebastian has worked at Apple for more than seven years before joining PlayStation. Initially, he worked as the head of gaming business management for the App Store since 2013, but after a while, in 2018, he was appointed as the head of Apple Arcade, and this new service led Apple to its current successful position. Prior to that, he worked for the French company Ubisoft for almost three years as digital product manager.

BingMag.com The former Apple Arcade CEO will lead the PlayStation mobile division

His work at Apple, and especially in the field of Apple Arcade, has been very successful. This arouses our curiosity as to where he will lead the mobile division of PlayStation.

In a speech a few months ago, Jim Ryan stated: "We create, they enjoy, and we have achieved initial success in our experiments to provide more games and apps for mobile phones to provide this content to more people."

" They are bringing some of the exclusive games of PlayStation Studios to mobile phones, thereby introducing a new range of audiences to the highlights of PlayStation. Of course, there is an obvious fact that there is not necessarily a place for console games on mobile, and bringing directly the kind of content that PlayStation creates for its consoles may not be perfect for mobile phones, and in that way it has to be system-style. Compatible with the games of gamers who play with mobile phones. During these years, there have been great games such as the mobile versions of Call of Duty, Pabji or Gunshin Impact, which have been able to experience a lot of success on mobile along with consoles and personal computers, but the important point is that all of these models fit well with the mobile game market. In a recent interview, Jim Ryan reiterated that he would like to see a future in which PlayStation games are experienced by many more people. Although he did not provide further details, the mobile gaming market is one of the opportunities for PlayStation to attract new audiences to these games.

Source: GameIndustry.biz

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