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First look at Starfield gameplay; Explore the planets with the highest level of freedom of action

BingMag.com <b>First</b> <b>look</b> at <b>Starfield</b> <b>gameplay;</b> <b>Explore</b> the <b>planets</b> with the <b>highest</b> <b>level</b> of <b>freedom</b> of action

As we expected before the Xbox and Bethesda event, the biggest show of this event, which also had the most focus and time, was the Bethesda game show. That is, it was Starfield.

Bethesda during the event for the First time the gameplay of this game showed the creation of open space space in the form of a detailed 15-minute trailer.

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In showing the gameplay of Starfield, Todd Howard gives more details than This game stated. He described things like exploring the planets, customizing the spacecraft and piloting it, building a base, advanced role-playing mechanics and meaningful character-building systems, and more.

Some of these features are mentioned below. We will:

A New World

Starfield introduces a whole new frontier for space exploration. In 2330, you join a group called the Constellation. They are the latest group of space explorers to search for rare artifacts across the galaxy. Explore the stars and meet a group of memorable characters and try to find the answer to humanity's biggest question - what's in the world of the unknown?

Build your hero

According to Bethesda's immersive role-playing game world, customization is a key part of Starfield, and it starts from the very beginning of the game where you have to create a character. Given the Starfield gameplay trailer and a brief look at the character creation section, the depth of choices you have when customizing your hero is tremendous. The interesting thing is that customization is not limited to the physical characteristics of your hero, but you can also customize the characteristics of the behavior and some of his abilities or abilities in this section and make the hero to your liking. It's up to you to decide who you will be and who you will be in this game. You have discovered, make your big claim and position among different stars and planets so that you can do various researches and gather important resources. Resources that can be used to upgrade equipment, upgrade your weapons, and ensure you are prepared for any danger you may encounter.

Flying a spaceship >

Decorate your unique spaceship with the upgradeable pieces you get in the game and customize the interior and exterior to your liking. Then, pilot your own spaceship and enter space battles with other spaceships when needed.

Explore the game with unparalleled freedom

This show Joint also gave an overview of the environments of some of the planets in Starfield, which ironically number in large numbers. On the Kreet cliffs, you will encounter strange local wildlife and hostile Crimson Fleet pirates, but this is just one of the many expanses to the planet.

As Todd "This game is not just about one planet, it's about all the planets in the system," said Howard. . We are very excited to be able to experience this game for you. "It's been an incredible journey for us, but we know this is just the beginning, because when you all experience it, the journey and the adventure begin."

To find out more, go to Watch the fascinating trailer of the game. As explained above, it seems that the greatest focus and attraction of Starfield's game is exploring unknown planets and systems in space, as well as the freedom of action and the possibility of a lot of customization during the game, which can be a unique experience if implemented properly.

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Starfield is set to be released exclusively for Xbox X/S series consoles and PCs in the First half of 2023. This game will be available on the Gimps share service on the day of release.

Source: Bethesda

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