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First look at Jade Raymond's Haven studio; What is their exclusive game for PlayStation?

BingMag.com First look at Jade Raymond's Haven studio; What is their exclusive game for PlayStation?

There are only a few studio executives in the industry with a reputation similar to that of Jade Raymond. If you're a big fan of Assassin's Creed, you probably know him, because he was the producer of that play and one of the key factors in creating Assassin's Creed. In addition, Raymond is one of the leading women in the video game industry.

Recently, during GI Live: London, she chatted with Christopher Dring and explained more about her new studio, Haven Studios has stated that Raymond has worked on major games such as Assassin's Creed and WatchDogs during his career, and more importantly, several major successful studios, including Ubisoft Toronto and Electronics has launched Art Motive (EA Motive). In 2019, he became the head of Google's in-house video game studios and even recruited a team of industry experts, but a change in Google's policies following the development of video games led him and his team to work at Google. Stop. Although this may have been annoying for him, it did allow him to finally start his own independent studio after many years of experience.

However, he now notes that The initial sparks for the idea of establishing his new studio, Haven Studios, came at the end of his time at Google, and of course Google did not interfere with his work in this regard.

Raymond says: "We once While we were still working on the studio at Google, we started thinking about it. At first, it became clear that we could no longer continue with Google. Fortunately, Google was very supportive of me in this regard, and I got a strong blueprint with their approval and went to a few investors. "I feel very fortunate that Ullmann's choice of the people we want to work with, Sony and PlayStation, immediately welcomed and supported us."

Haven Independent Studios in Montreal, Canada According to the studio's director, there are currently 54 employees in the studio, many of them experienced people who have worked with Jade Raymond on the Assassin's Creed development team or on the Google Play Studio team. However, as they are working with Sony to build a whole new first-tier (AAA) game, Raymond says he is still looking to add experienced people and, of course, new talent to the studio. One of his goals in this studio is to attract people who can bring a new and diverse perspective to their studio and their work. For this reason, they may be looking for other talented hobbies for their studio.

BingMag.com First look at Jade Raymond's Haven studio; What is their exclusive game for PlayStation?

Many members of Haven Studios have a history of working on the Assassin's Creed series.

We had already gathered these great talents, and I wanted to keep that group together and build a "shelter" (referred to as the studio) to continue their work. There was also a personal aspect to it. I had been thinking about starting a start-up company at various stages of my career, and being in quarantine during the epidemic really gave me the opportunity to spend more time with my family. I had the opportunity to take a step back - as many people have done recently - and think about the things that matter to me. The times when I was happiest in my professional life were the times when I worked more with gaming teams. There you are working on a new title every day. "Getting a chance to do this independently is a dream, and it really makes me happy." Think about what they care about most. He also noted that in addition to the extraordinary team that has formed the studio with him, other experienced people such as Raphael Lacoste have been added to their team. "One of those values, and probably something I haven't seen in many other game studios, is kindness," he said. . We truly believe that kindness opens the door to freedom of creativity and innovation. That's what we really got from the team. I was not there when they were going through the brainstorming process and all this mind mapping. "Kindness came out as the biggest word, and everyone repeated it." It is very important. He says he likes their team of diverse talents; to be recognized. As Raymond says, the presence of these new talents with new perspectives is very impressive and makes us see new and different ideas in the world of video games. The importance of this issue for them has been such that they have hired someone specially for this job so that you can attract forces with diverse talents. This shows that they are trying to take a very specific and selective approach to the growth of their studio. we have. My best working days were when I could walk into the studio and see what the team members were working on and sit at the desk and experiment with the samples made or have a casual conversation with other members in a caf. We talked to the team about this and asked if they wanted to continue working remotely and how they felt about it. And everyone said they wanted to be in the studio office for at least certain days. "

BingMag.com First look at Jade Raymond's Haven studio; What is their exclusive game for PlayStation?

Rafael Lacoste, artistic director of the Assassin's Creed series, has joined Haven Studios.

" ; People like Corey May, who is our global director and the original author of the first Assassin's Creed game and then became one of the brand's main writers. He lives in California but is part of the main game development team. So we have to make exceptions.

Interestingly, he mentioned in his speeches some of the key members who were involved in the development of the first installment of Assassin's Creed and are now at Haven Studios. . According to him, the same passion and passion that they had for making the first Assassin's Creed game is now being seen again for their new work: "We started working together in 2004. I was 29 at the time. Now that a long time has passed, we all have children and we have gray hair. However, we still love working together. Corey, Rafael, Mathieu Leduk, our director, Pierre Franois Sapinski [production manager] were all there at the time and are still on the team, and the list goes on. Many people from that team are in the studio. "There was a magical feeling at the time of the development of the first game (Assassin's Creed) at the time, and I feel like it came back to us."

. Key members of the Rainbow Six game development team: Sage, Watch Dogs and some of Raymond's colleagues at Google play a key role in this team and are always working on new ideas. For example, Haven's technical director Leon O'Reilly helped Jade Raymond set up three studios. "You have to admit that what's done in the field of cloud streaming is progressive and extraordinary," he says. Working under this technology is really fun. It allowed us to build a studio in the cloud. At present, all our processes are done this way. Everyone [at Haven] has these powerful Eleanor laptops that we can play on and develop on. We can bring them to the park when we meet or when we are in the process of brainstorming anywhere else. All tools and everything runs in cloud computing. "So a lot of the thinking process and how to set everything up is inspired by Google." He also states that powerful hardware such as the PlayStation 5 can realize the opportunity to realize their realistic and ambitious vision.

BingMag.com First look at Jade Raymond's Haven studio; What is their exclusive game for PlayStation?

Cory May, author of The Prince of Persia and Assassin's Creed 1 to 4, is currently working at Haven Studios.

The other is that Haven Studios is not part of a larger company (at least for now). The head of the studio points out that he chose PlayStation as his first choice as an investor because they are best known in the industry for supporting studios. "I've talked a lot with different developers about their experience working with different publishers, and in these conversations Sony as a company that really understands the process of creating a work of art and the development and support teams that develop the games they need," says Raymond. Provides, is prominent. That was a very big reason. "

He continues:" Also, another factor is that we have been big fans of Sony since childhood. Working on a PlayStation First Party game is really fun. "For many people, this is a dream come true." "There are three things that really excite me, and they are the pillars of how we think about the future of the industry." The Corona epidemic proved that the gameplay remains a social glue that connects communities. Especially for the younger generation, this is what you do and through which you can make friends and socialize with people. "This is what we really want to build and do our designs in this direction."

"The second thing I think about is 'remix generation.' It started some time ago. We live in an age of self-expression, where we design our own NikeID shoes, instead of reading what professional journalists write, we study our friends' blogs. I think this trend has continued and even more with social networks like TickTock. This is one of the other things we think about when creating our game. It's more than just user-generated content, it's about a level of self-expression and recombining different ideas and concepts and taking them to the next level. "

" The third thing that inspired us the most was creating a collection. And brand new (IP). Creating a new work that is like a world that can stay in the minds of generations for generations and make sense to people on a deeper level. But the question is how to create a new collection that has such depth and on the other hand is designed to belong to the fans from the beginning. When we were developing Assassin's Creed, we were really thinking about creating a game that would belong to the creative team that would develop it in the future. We thought that if we created a framework for everything that happens at a moment in history, with the Assassin's Creed behind it, it would be compatible with the brand of the work so that the development teams could develop it. To own it. "Now we are looking to create a new title that belongs not only to the professional development team, but also to the way it is designed to belong to the fans and to be able to evolve it."

The announcement of cooperation with PlayStation mentioned two important issues, namely the creation of an AAA game and the existence of social and online elements in the game, some of which were also identified according to job advertisements. However, at first we thought they were probably working online or at least online with elements similar to many of the industry's most famous works. However, the final part of Jade Raymond's speech shows that they seek to create a special and unique work. We saw it last year in games like Animal Crossing. The work that in this sinister period not only created a lot of fun and extraordinary, but also created a very interesting way for the audience to interact and communicate with each other. However, the second and third cases are the things that most likely make Haven Studio unique. With that said, we should not necessarily expect a popular first-rate work like Assassin's Creed. It is true that there are already many games in which the role of the audience is very large and they develop the work. From a work like Dreams, which is like playing with a game engine, to famous works like Minecraft and even Sims. However, a work like Dreams is a very experimental work. The interesting thing about Haven Studio's new game is that so far there has been a lot of emphasis on the game being AAA, as well as the presence of great game developers such as Assassin's Creed, Watch Dogs, Rainbow Six Sage and others. This makes us very curious. In fact, their effect is a combination of these two important features. We hope to see a first-rate work with such creativity, according to these statements.

Source: GameIndustry.biz

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