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The first eFootball update is set to fix the game soon

BingMag.com The first eFootball update is set to fix the game soon

According to a new statement from Konami, the first update of the eFootball game is scheduled to be released on November 28 (October 28) and some of the reported problems of the game

You are unlikely to be a fan of football games and have not seen many online jokes with eFootball bugs in cyberspace. However, just a few months ago when Konami first introduced eFootball instead of PES and talked about the new conditions of the series, we could have expected an incomplete effect and much lower than the fans expected, but we did not think that the situation so far Awful.

  • Awful eFootball release; The worst score in the history of Steam and the beginning of the destruction of PES

As you know, the initial version of this work was released some time ago, which, of course, was more like a demo rather than a full game. Of course, this was said by Konami before its release, but the problem is that this version comes with a set of weird bugs that have become the subject of jokes on the Internet. Some of these bugs are such that the referee seems to be swimming on the football field or the players suddenly take on a scary face, and other similar strange things. Even the game animations are as if Naruto (from Naruto anime) is running instead of football players.

BingMag.com The first eFootball update is set to fix the game soon

It will be resolved, this claim can include anything from the said bugs to the weird faces of players who have even been licensed to use their real faces. However, we are not going to fool ourselves easily. The current state of the game clearly shows that it is almost unlikely that these reported problems will be fixed with an update. Konami itself has named this update 0.9.1, which means that even with this update, the game version will not reach version 1.

Konami has stated that over time, he will get more details about the various updates of the game. Will discuss fan feedback and requests in future updates.

BingMag.com The first eFootball update is set to fix the game soon

After the controversial release of the game, this work received a lot of criticism and even caused a scandal on Steam. eFootball received the worst score in Steam history since its release on Steam, which shows how angry the fans of the series are with Konami's decision for this episode.

Konami then issued an apology Released and promised to fix the game in several updates. How much of Konami's claim will come true will take time, but at least we can say that their first step in this direction will be done with the game update on October 28.

Source: Eurogamer

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