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Firesprite game studio was added to the PlayStation studios

Sony has announced that English studio Firesprite has been added to the PlayStation studios to become Sony's third studio this summer. It has taken over.

Although the name of FireSprise Studio may be unfamiliar to you, there are some very interesting and noteworthy points about it and its formation that make the story more interesting. They are no strangers to Sony and its in-house studios, and they happen to have an interesting history with them.

To find out, we need to go back to Sony's serious entry into the video game industry. When Sony decided to launch the PlayStation 1 console, it needed to hire studios to create unique games. At the time, Psygnosis was one of the leading game development companies, and due to their high technical capability, Sony decided to take over the company. In fact, Psygnosis was the first company to be acquired by Sony. After producing successful games, including the Wipeout game series, in 1999 Sony decided to review the structure of the company and rename them to Liverpool Studios. In its repertoire, Sony Studio has experience in making games such as Formula One and Wipeout.

However, Sony ended its studio in August 2012. The connection of this news with the said story goes back here. In 2012, some key members of the former Liverpool studio decided to set up an independent studio called FireSpright. A studio that has now been added to the PlayStation studios. You may be wondering why Sony, which closed Liverpool Studios, bought FireSpright again. Perhaps the simplest answer is that a decade has passed since that decision, and everything from managerial changes to the current state of Firefight Studio has changed, and as it turns out, the studio's current projects have caught Sony's attention.

BingMag.com Firesprite game studio was added to the PlayStation studios

Persistence Game

Firesprite Studio Although it has helped Sony studios develop some games over the years, perhaps one of their most famous work in recent years has been The Persistence, a horror shooter that has also been released for the PlayStation VR virtual reality headset. However, Herman Hallst, director of PlayStation Studios, emphasizes that they are not going to be a supporting studio, but will have their own unique projects. One of the highlights of FireSprise Studios is that they have seen huge growth in the last year or two, which seems to have worked with Sony on two different games, bringing the number of employees to more than 250. This means that Firefighter Studios is larger than the other two British Playstations studios - London Studios and Media Molecule Studios -. In terms of staff, Firefox Studios is also second only to Nate Dogg, Guerilla Games, Santa Monica, and Insomniac Games.

"It makes great sense to work with the people we worked with during the development of Wipeout," he says. We have a history of working with the entire studio management team in the past. "It all feels great to welcome them back to the PlayStation Studios family." Has grown. They are now a team of over 250 people. They have taken a very empirical approach to game development. "I think the combination of their legacy and entrepreneurial spirit is a great foundation for us to collaborate on some of the unique big projects we're currently working on together." Has made history and is pleased to be working with PlayStation again.

About the projects we mentioned above, FireSpright worked on two different works before Sony took over the studio. According to them, one of these games is a very large multiplayer shooter and the other is a very ambitious dark story-driven adventure game that according to job advertisements seems to be developing based on one of the big and big titles. There are no big details about these projects and only according to the studio manager and Herman Hallst, these two games will offer a unique experience in different genres than other PlayStation studios.

Experience of previous purchases shows that Sony usually waits He wants to publish a game from the studios he works with and puts them on the agenda if he wants the desired result. However, it seems that the familiarity with the main members of Firefox and the ambition of their games led Sony to decide to take over Firefight even before the official introduction of these two games.

Source: GameIndustry.biz

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