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Final Fantasy 16 is the legacy of the great success of Final Fantasy 14

BingMag.com Final Fantasy 16 is the legacy of the great success of Final Fantasy 14

It is not surprising that the presence of the Phoenix in Final 16 fantasy gameplay is very bold. As an intermittent summons, Phoenix is usually not as popular with players and creators as other franchise summonses such as Bahamas, Shiva, Titan, and the Witch; But in the game, we see this bird struggling with a fiery witch on top of a medieval city. We see such an evolutionary battle for the twin realms that it is eventually engraved on the game's blazing logo. Is Fantasy) to Final Fantasy 14, a game that, like Phoenix, rose from the ashes of its failed initial release, is now a much more sophisticated metamorphic engineer:

bringing Final Fantasy to the next generation. Phoenix is not just a prominent summoner among the warring factions that make up the world of Final Fantasy 16; Rather, it represents a recognition of the lasting success of Final Fantasy 14 and a reflection of its impact behind the scenes of Square Enix.

BingMag.com Final Fantasy 16 is the legacy of the great success of Final Fantasy 14

Reborn Territory

The Creative Business Unit III team has for the first time been responsible for making one of the main Final Fantasy games. The team is led by Last Remnant director Hiroshi Takai and producer Naoki Yoshida; Yoshida, on the other hand, is still watching the gradual but uninterrupted evolution of the Orsia world. Today, art teams often bring new perspectives to the game production process; So, maybe this is why the world of Final Fantasy 16 is so different from the recent Final Fantasy games. Final Fantasy 15 2016, along with Final Fantasy 13 and its sequels, with a completely scientific atmosphere - Imagination took place in a futuristic context mixed with fantasy elements. Final Fantasy 16, on the other hand, goes back to the ancient roots of this ancient franchise and is located at the crossroads of magic and the Middle Ages. As a result, our first look at Final Fantasy 16 does not look very glamorous compared to other recent games before it. The colors used are darker, the weapons do not shine much, and the story of the drama is mixed with the political conspiracies of war-torn realms and dizzying family lineages. Eventually they lead to crystals and warriors. So far, we know from the trailers and information released about the game that the game includes a great battle between the twin territories, a powerful force in Dalmax, the knights on the Chokubo who go to war, and the dragons of tyranny that use elemental magic in battle.

BingMag.com Final Fantasy 16 is the legacy of the great success of Final Fantasy 14

Mothercrystal character is always present in the titles that bear the name of Final Fantasy and how much grace she has In order to defend the territory against the spread of blight, an evil force that threatens to conquer the territory is needed. Final Fantasy 14 players are no doubt less likely to be confused here, as Mother Crystal (or Hydaelyn) is one of the main characters in the MMO storyline. Of course, crystals always play an important role in Final Fantasy games; So, it is not surprising that this time, too, they will play a key role in the Final Fantasy 16 game; But it will be interesting to see how Taka and Yoshida shape these themes throughout this new action game.

In the Final Fantasy 16 trailer, we hear the word "Eikon" over and over again. ; The term is used in Final Fantasy 14 to describe primes, which we know as franchise summonses. What we want to know is to what extent Mother Crystal is involved in the game's magic and summoning. Based on the information released from the game so far, it can be said with certainty that certain people in the realm are known as "Dominant" icons. In other words, these are summoners who have the power to summon a particular type of elemental primer set by Mother Crystal. It focuses on a young boy from the royal family named Joshua, who dominates Phoenix. He also has the power to heal and can summon his icon under difficult conditions.

BingMag.com Final Fantasy 16 is the legacy of the great success of Final Fantasy 14

Trailers and dialogues, due to the shock we see from the characters when the ghost (which is very similar to his design in Final Fantasy 14) enters the battlefield, and we hear the cry of a soldier who says: "Another fiery icon but such a thing is not possible ! , It can be concluded that Ghalib should have only one type of summons that is in line with the mother crystal element of its realm. Along with the dissolution of the "Crystals Legacy" by the game's anonymous characters, the reappearance of additional icons is undoubtedly related to the central theme of Final Fantasy 16. In addition, the playing time seems to be long; Because we see the protagonist of the story in the form of a young knight and then a skinny warrior with a wound on his cheek; So the probability of time jumps between events is high.

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We have not seen much about how he fights in battles; But from the gameplay trailer of the game, it is clear that the battle system consists of a real-time system of Final Fantasy 15 and Final Fantasy 7 remix, which instead of focusing on the group, focuses on one person.

More information Can not be extracted from the published video; But the battles seem to be faster and smoother versions of their Final Fantasy 15 counterpart. Another noteworthy feature of the gameplay is the combination of elemental icon attacks in one-on-one battles, which clearly refer to the summoning of Phoenix, Titan, and Garuda. Square Enix still has plenty of opportunity to spread the word. New about the game, but this information may not be completely accurate. Yoshida has confirmed that the next big unveiling will take place this year; Therefore, we have to spend an indefinite period of time in the realm of speculation. However, the unveiling of Final Fantasy 16 was well received by fans, and more importantly, it was a special gift for those looking to return to heavier, medieval adventures in the original games that make up a significant portion of the franchise's early years. .

Source: Gamesradar

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