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Final Fantasy 14 and an easy way to deal with the poisoned community of gamers

BingMag.com <b>Final</b> <b>Fantasy</b> 14 and an <b>easy</b> <b>way</b> to <b>deal</b> with the <b>poisoned</b> <b>community</b> of gamers

Compared to the not-so-friendly World of Warcraft community, Final Fantasy XIV has been a huge success. By enforcing the right rules, you can have a healthy community of players.

As you probably know, Blizzard Activision has been deteriorating for months. For the first time, the California Department of Employment and Fair Housing has filed several charges against the corporation; The accusations that many current and former Activision Blizzard employees think are not big enough and should be more severe. Now on the other side of the square, another storm has been forming for a long time and is getting bigger day by day; A company with a toxic work environment culture also has a big game to play with the poisoned player community.

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It is not new that the Warcraft World player community is poisonous and undesirable. Audiences have been talking about this community for years, but we've probably seen the video game industry focus less on it as the number of players has slowly declined in recent years and the communities of some other games - including Wright Gamer - made League of Legends. Games) - has received public attention. However, over the past few months, the relationship between players, streamers and the creator of World of Warcraft has been greatly weakened. At the heart of all this is an important question: where and when did the poisonous game community come from and who is primarily responsible for it?

The details of these issues are found in a very strange and chaotic story. And Ethan Gach's recent article on the Kotaku site will probably describe it better than anything. But in short, one of the most famous streamers in the world of Warcraft (who had a relatively bad record in promoting good behaviors in the game) recently decided to move to Final Fantasy 14. Shortly afterwards, he encountered a positive, healthy, and exciting community in Square Enix's game, and then made some extremely negative remarks about the world of Warcraft and the poisonous community of its players.

Blizzard liked a tweet saying that the same streamer himself was involved in shaping the poisonous and violent community of World of Warcraft. In response to the developer, the streamer made another sharp speech to show that the tweet actually conveyed the right message to the audience. As you can guess, the situation got worse and worse from there. We have witnessed the creation of a very violent playing field with indecent behaviors in which neither side of the struggle can be called "good" or right. From Blizzard streamer and developer to other Twitter users who started an internet craze by swearing and revealing their identities.

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World of Warcraft is without a doubt one of the most commercially successful games in history, and few titles can break its record for monetization. However, the game is now struggling to keep its audience afloat. Streaming is one of the most important marketing topics for an online game today, and it can have a profound and far-reaching impact when a popular streamer argues with the developers and other audiences of a game to prove the badness of a game community. Then it all comes down to the fact that "people on the Internet are very angry and bigoted." These events can affect the number of players and revenue, and ultimately the useful life of World of Warcraft as a service-oriented game.

BingMag.com <b>Final</b> <b>Fantasy</b> 14 and an <b>easy</b> <b>way</b> to <b>deal</b> with the <b>poisoned</b> <b>community</b> of gamers

The basis of this article is an obvious and undeniable fact that seems interesting in its kind. The world of Warcraft has been on the market for almost two decades, but surprisingly, it has not been able to solve the in-game problems such as abuse, insults and anti-social behaviors that have plagued the player community for years. These problems have only gotten worse and worse over time and have penetrated the deepest layers of the game's identity. It's a developer question, but if you've been a rough and tumble player or streamer, not much to improve the situation), it doesn't really matter. It should be noted that one of the most popular games in the video game industry has been so affected by the toxic, unfriendly and unfavorable community that it has reduced the likelihood of its business growth and instead we are seeing a decrease in its popularity and number of players.

The stream I mentioned Entered into a major altercation with Blizzard is only part of the larger process of moving players to Final Fantasy 14. More interestingly, after entering the Final Fantasy community, all players are infinitely amazed by the prevailing culture. As a result, it can be said that having a noble society is not only good in itself, but also an important policy to attract players by Square Enix.

Now the question arises, how did they do such a difficult job? What magic did Square Enix use to build a popular MMO game with friendly, respectful and eager communities to help others? I do not intend to make the Final Fantasy 14 community too clean at all. Clearly everywhere in the world there are anti-social people with disproportionate behavior; However, during the Final Fantasy 14 online experience, you seldom engage in sexist, racist, or fanatical talk, and for every violent player who yells at rookies, there are 10 others who tell the rookie to fool around with his rudeness. Enjoy his experience. But my question is; How do most online game developers claim that building such a community of players is impossible?

BingMag.com <b>Final</b> <b>Fantasy</b> 14 and an <b>easy</b> <b>way</b> to <b>deal</b> with the <b>poisoned</b> <b>community</b> of gamers

Honestly Understanding what Square Enix has done to achieve its current status is largely disappointing; Because they have not really pursued a special and strange policy. They have policies that any developer can and should pursue, but unfortunately few companies have. Square Enix has told Final Fantasy community staff and related individuals to crack down on abusive behavior, harassment, racism, and the like, and to bar any user who does not follow this policy from playing and being in the community. The company's policy is called "broken glass"; They are well aware that if they allow a noisy player who behaves inappropriately to stay in the game, it will send a signal to others that such behavior is not controlled by observers, and as a result, they will behave as they wish. p>

I do not want to say "this and that", as if making these decisions and implementing such policies has no special complexity. But the whole issue is not as difficult as some companies claim. There's not going to be a magic formula for controlling communities, but developers have to come up with a set of logical rules and then be willing to execute them carefully and patiently. Yes, this can reduce the percentage of companies' profits, but it will definitely benefit them in the long run. Dismissing the most poisonous users, in addition to being a positive thing in itself, also sends a strong message to others and shows that in a particular game, community observers do not tolerate inappropriate behavior at all.

This also eliminates many of the negative group behaviors. In many societies, as long as one does not make a mistake, everyone behaves well. But as soon as one person tilts his foot and does not face any consequences, other people gradually show inappropriate behaviors. In the opposite scenario, if the atmosphere in the community is quite positive, many of the players themselves play the role of observers and police, and if they see an error, they react quickly. Not only does this minimize antisocial and misbehaving behavior, but new players also become familiar with the community and know that toxic behaviors in such an atmosphere do not have good consequences. They soon learn that bitterness and rudeness work better than other approaches - a reflection of Blizzard's poisonous domestic culture is a bit excessive. But it also can not be completely ignored. The fact is that a company with a wrong internal culture often can not properly control its player community. How can you stand up to racism, sexism, anti-social behavior and harassment in your game without controlling it all at work? It is not even unlikely that some of the people in charge of overseeing the World of Warcraft community have been involved in promoting or, at best, ignoring the poisonous culture within the company. Thus, there is no doubt that Blizzard's disorganized situation has more or less contributed to the violent, unfavorable and poisonous society of World of Warcraft. However, this is ultimately to the detriment of the company and, as we see today, has had a negative impact on its commercial success.

The controversy between streamers and game developers has two important messages for everyone. First, despite some false claims that it is impossible to build a healthy society in service-oriented games, it is indeed possible to do so; Provided that the creators really want such changes and try to apply their logical rules. Second, preventing the creation of a poisonous community is a great advantage for the game's commercial success, as there are many people out there who see a game in a friendly, healthy, and friendly culture.

Source: Gamesindustry.biz

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