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Famous singer Ed Sheeran comes to play Pokémon Go!

BingMag.com Famous singer Ed Sheeran comes to play Pokémon Go!

It was recently announced that the famous singer Ed Sheeran is going to collaborate with Pokemon Go. This collaboration is one of the very new things in this game and in a way it has made Pokmon Go to the top of the news.

Due to the special style that Pokmon Go has, it cannot host a virtual concert like Fortnite. For this reason, this collaboration is more in the form of background music and things like that.

BingMag.com Famous singer Ed Sheeran comes to play Pokémon Go!

This is how Ed Sheeran's character will be displayed to you in the game.

This event will start today, November 22, and will last until December 30 November) will continue. You can see previously recorded Ed Sheeran performances in this game. So far, 6 songs have been announced that are to be performed. These include:

  • Perfect
  • Bad Habits
  • Overpass Graffiti
  • Thinking Out Loud
  • First Times
  • Shivers

The song Overpass Graffiti will be played around the evening for users who are playing. Pokemon Go creator Niantic wrote in a blog post:

Ed Sheeran has chosen a hydrophilic character since playing Pokmon. That's why our new event will have a lot of blue background with hydrophilic characters.

Finally, in this event, a free box of in-game items will be given to the players. In this box there are a number of stickers, a hoodie for your character in Pokmon Go and more. You will receive gifts by entering the code: VVM87WGMMUZHTB8X on the Niantic site. Be sure to enter this code in the event interval.

BingMag.com Famous singer Ed Sheeran comes to play Pokémon Go!

A very different gameplay of this game caused it to find many fans around the world.

During this period, there were many events in different games. Some singers like Ariana Grande even gave a virtual concert in Fortnite, which in turn was very interesting. However, this is a kind of propaganda ploy to bring the game back to the tongues. Pokmon Go has not been known for some time, although it was very popular at the time of its release.

Pokmon Go was a different game that was released in 2016 for the mobile platform. This game, with a combination of real world and virtual world, forced people to go out of the house and look for their Pokmon. Different style along with interesting gameplay of this game made it not only nominated for many awards but also found many fans. Of course, Pokmon Go caused a lot of trouble, but it still paved the way for a new style in video games.

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