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F1 2022 introduced for consoles and PCs; Watch the trailer

BingMag.com F1 <b>2022</b> <b>introduced</b> for <b>consoles</b> and <b>PCs;</b> <b>Watch</b> the trailer

Electronic Arts and Codemasters Studios have just unveiled the F1 2022 car game for the eighth and ninth generation Xbox, PlayStation and PC consoles.

The description provided by the manufacturer states:

Enter the new era of FIA 22, the official video game of the FIA 2022 Formula One World Championship. Sit in your seat for the new season as redesigned cars and revised rules will redefine race day conditions and test your skills at the new Miami International circuit. Experience the splendor of Formula One with F1 Life. Fascinating and cinematic new, take control of your race. Build a team and move them forward in My Team mode. Compete as a split screen or online in multiplayer.

BingMag.com F1 <b>2022</b> <b>introduced</b> for <b>consoles</b> and <b>PCs;</b> <b>Watch</b> the trailer

Reportedly, the F1 Life feature It is a big new one where players can unlock clothes, accessories and cars and have access to various items. Other features of the game include adaptive artificial intelligence to help inexperienced players, Formula 2 racing, Career Mode and the ability to experience virtual reality on PC.

Formula cars 1 With the introduction of new rules have changed dramatically and F1 22 game cars will also reflect these changes. Changes such as wheel guards, chassis changes, and generally all aerodynamic changes have been made to bring racing closer to the real world. Codmasters Studios has also announced that the F1 22 has a new handling model that makes racing look more real than ever.

BingMag.com F1 <b>2022</b> <b>introduced</b> for <b>consoles</b> and <b>PCs;</b> <b>Watch</b> the trailer

It should be noted that pre-orders for different versions of the game are now available. By pre-purchasing the standard version of the game, you will have access to the F1 Life starter pack, F1 22 New Era content and 5,000 Pitcoins. On the other hand, the Champions version, in addition to the items mentioned in the standard version, includes 18,000 Pitcoins and three days of early access to the game. Finally, the pre-purchase of each of these editions by May 16, 2022 (May 26, 1401), will provide you with content including special clothing, helmets, clothing, gloves, T-shirts, hats and with the atmosphere of the city of Miami.

F1 2022 will be released on July 1, 2022 (July 10, 1401). You can see the released trailer below.

Source: Gematsu

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