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Exhibition E3 2022 will not be held in person; Digital ceremonies in an aura of ambiguity

BingMag.com <b>Exhibition</b> E3 <b>2022</b> will not be <b>held</b> in <b>person;</b> <b>Digital</b> <b>ceremonies</b> in an <b>aura</b> of ambiguity

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA), which is responsible for hosting E3, announced that E3 2022 will be There will be no attendance, but that is not the whole story. While announcing the news, it was also stated that the future of this year's event is still unknown and may not be held at all. "Due to the ongoing health risks surrounding Covid-19 and its potential impact on the safety of exhibitors and exhibitors, E3 will not be held in person in 2022. "We are incredibly excited about the future of E3 and look forward to announcing more details soon." Although a Digital Exhibition is theoretically still possible without setting a date for the event and the absence of a planned physical event, in subsequent correspondence, ESA has told IGN that it is currently unable to confirm whether this year, as in 2021, Whether a physical event is a Digital event.

BingMag.com <b>Exhibition</b> E3 <b>2022</b> will not be <b>held</b> in <b>person;</b> <b>Digital</b> <b>ceremonies</b> in an <b>aura</b> of ambiguity

ESA Declaration Amid a Deadly Epidemic Which is still ongoing and has just released a record number of new cases in the United States. Vaccination was still growing slowly when ESA announced a physical event last year, and many believed that video game special events in 2022 would be resumed on a larger scale and in person. . Something that has not been achieved for E3. This trend began last fall with the PAX West event and continued with the successful Game Awards in December. However, the resurgence and emergence of new types of corona, the Amicron, has raised concerns.

Meanwhile, the future of E3 has long been a big question mark. Its 2022 show never had a specific date and has never been on the official calendar of the Los Angeles Convention Center. The physical and Digital events of the past E3 were planned more than a year before its date. E3 2022 has been scheduled in person since the opening of the show last year, according to a speech by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garst. But Twitter and the event's official website have since remained vaguely silent, with several E3-related sources speaking anonymously to IGN, suggesting that ESA had given up trying to hold a physical show much earlier. In fact, sources say that ESA probably made such a decision in the fall of last year. Other industry sources point out that whether the event is held in person or digitally, they would normally have heard of it, but the ESA's strange silence has obscured the situation and they are not even sure if it will be held this year.

Whatever the outcome of this year's E3, the only thing that is clear is that things are not going well these days at E3.

Source: IGN

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