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Electronic Arts Skate is a free online game and comes to all platforms

BingMag.com <b>Electronic</b> <b>Arts</b> <b>Skate</b> is a <b>free</b> <b>online</b> <b>game</b> and <b>comes</b> to <b>all</b> platforms

Electronic Arts and Full Circle Studio announced that Skate will be a "free to play" game and will be completely It supports cross-platform play and cross-platform development between previous-generation consoles, current-generation consoles, and PCs. A mobile version is also under construction. The name of the consoles for which this game will come has not yet been determined.

Dan McCullo, general manager of Full Circle Studio, said about this: "We really want people to get the most out of their gaming experience. and be able to play the way they like on their favorite platforms. Therefore, the Skate game will fully support cross-platform play and cross-platform progress in previous and current generation consoles and computers. We're going to go even further and as we continue down this path, we're going to do it with mobile. We also want cross-platform play and cross-platform development on mobile. We're very early into mobile development but we want to get the controls and everything to a point where it feels really good and when it's done we'll bring it all together and you can play with your friends on whatever platform you want. And that's going to be awesome.

BingMag.com <b>Electronic</b> <b>Arts</b> <b>Skate</b> is a <b>free</b> <b>online</b> <b>game</b> and <b>comes</b> to <b>all</b> platforms

Since this game is supposed to be a free-to-play work Yes, this is reflected in its name. The name of this game will not be "Skate 4" but simply called "skate". "This isn't Skate 4, and here's why: It's not a sequel," game director Kaz Perry said. This is not a remake. This is not a rehash or even a prequel. It's neither of those, nor is it a remake or remaster. This game will be known only as skate." He continued: "Over time we try to listen to your wishes and add more things to the game and this way of the Skate game. Isabelle Mocquard, head of production at Full Circle Studio, explained: "We have big ambitions for this game to support it for many years to come. From the very beginning of the idea of the Skate game, the development team knew that we wanted to make something different. Our vision wasn't a game that you played and finished, but something that you could come back to regularly and discover new things. Our dream is a never-ending Skate game, and to achieve this goal, we will actively support the Skate game by adding new elements to the game or adding new content or events and even new seasons."

Skate will support in-app payments, but McCullough emphasized that this has not been implemented in a way that affects players' winnings. Also, no new areas will be locked because of this, and there will be no paid loot boxes and paid gameplay benefits in this work.

BingMag.com <b>Electronic</b> <b>Arts</b> <b>Skate</b> is a <b>free</b> <b>online</b> <b>game</b> and <b>comes</b> to <b>all</b> platforms

Regarding the release date of the game, another director of the game, Deran Chung, said: "When the development of the game is finished, it will be released. When it comes to release dates, we take our time developing the game and don't have unrealistic expectations. The game will be released when it is ready. I mean, that's the way it is. However, we are excited to invite players to experience skating. As previously mentioned, the game's fan community will be able to experience the game in demo mode this summer and in the coming months.

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We hope that such an approach that EA has considered for the Skate game will eventually work and meet the expectations of the fans, but for now, this method can worry many old fans of the series. .

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