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Electronic Arts: The name of the FIFA game series may change

BingMag.com Electronic Arts: The name of the FIFA game series may change

In an official post on the official EA website titled "Future of Football", the company stated that it may be the future of the FIFA series of games. No longer referred to as FIFA.

In fact, a brief excerpt from the text reads: "As we look to the future, we are exploring the idea of renaming our World Cup games. "This means that we are reviewing our registration agreement with the International Football Association, or FIFA, which, of course, is separate from our other official partnerships and licenses around the world of football."

Before this post Speaking of renaming this work, it seems more that its purpose was to convince you that a possible renaming is not a big or special event. As a result, Electronic Arts states that they understand the importance of the licenses of clubs and leagues and the appearance of players in the game, and immediately tells the audience in the text that these licenses do not rely entirely on FIFA.

"Over the many years that we have created this universal game series, we have learned that originality is essential to the game experience," the post reads. That's why we've put a lot of energy into bringing together 300 unique partners for various licenses and royalties that give them access to more than 17,000 athletes, more than 700 teams, 100 stadiums and more than 30 leagues around the world. Loss for us. "

BingMag.com Electronic Arts: The name of the FIFA game series may change

Loss of the International Football Association (FIFA) as a The trading partner for different licenses does not restrict access to the Champions League (which is controlled by UEFA) or the famous leagues and teams for this game; However, it can prevent Electronic Arts from using the World Cup brand.

However, changing the name and losing the royalties to FIFA could be a big issue. Be for them. The name of the FIFA game series is so big that it seems a bit strange for both sides to disagree and change it. The organization earned about $ 267 million (7 197 million) in 2020, 60% of which was related to various royalties. Most likely, they will reach an agreement anyway. It is possible that Electronic Arts said this only to use it as a lever through which it could put pressure on the International Football Federation before the start of new negotiations.

Last year, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Gareth Bale also complained about the use of their names and appearances in FIFA 21 and admitted that it happened without their permission. Zlatan Ibrahimovic wrote on the FIFAPro (International Federation of Professional Footballers' Associations) neck tag: "Who allowed Electronic Arts Sports to use my name and face in the FIFA game? "I do not know that I am a member of FIFPro, and if I am really a member, it was done without my real knowledge and through a strange move."

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