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Discord voice chat has been added to Xbox consoles

BingMag.com <b>Discord</b> <b>voice</b> <b>chat</b> has been <b>added</b> to <b>Xbox</b> consoles

Not long ago it was announced that Microsoft has bought Discord. The Discord program is the most popular gaming chat program on the computer and now it is also present on Microsoft consoles. Now both companies announced that voice chat has been added to the game.

One of the important points of this issue is the ability to talk without restrictions. This means that it doesn't matter if your friend is on another computer, mobile or Xbox, you can talk to everyone easily. This update is currently available to a limited number of people. Soon more users will have access to it.

BingMag.com <b>Discord</b> <b>voice</b> <b>chat</b> has been <b>added</b> to <b>Xbox</b> consoles

To use your Discord voice chat You must connect both Xbox and Discord accounts. To do this, enter the Guide section and select Parties and Chat. Then click on Try Discord voice on Xbox and a QR Code will appear for you. Scan it with your mobile phone in the Discord app to connect both accounts. If you have already done this, you need to establish this connection again.

Once this connection is established, you can easily enter your group or channel and enjoy it. The Xbox Discord experience is very similar to the desktop version, and that's why you won't get confused.

According to this Xbox, the experience of titles like Halo Infinite, which have the ability to cross play, It will be much more interesting. Now you can defeat your enemies with the help of your friends on the computer. On the other hand, the Discord community is very extensive and easy access to voice chat is a must for this program. Now Microsoft has made this feature available to users.

Source: Gematsu.com

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