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The director of Uncharted 4 and Last of Ace founded a new studio

BingMag.com The <b>director</b> of <b>Uncharted</b> 4 and <b>Last</b> of <b>Ace</b> <b>founded</b> a <b>new</b> studio

In 2017, one of the directors of Uncharted 2, Uncharted 4 and Last of Ace, Bruce Straley, announced that he plans to Naughty Dog studio to leave and stay away from the video game industry for a while. After a few years of absence, Bruce Straily announced his return to the industry in a new statement and stated that he has founded a new studio called "Wildflower Interactive".

He announced this news. He announced in the form of a new video published on his official account on Twitter. In the video, the seasoned director explains, In 2017, I left the industry and wasn't sure if I wanted to make another game, but the longer I was away from it, the more I fell in love with the industry and all the things that haven't been done yet. Everything I wanted to do and didn't do, I thought. That notion is still with me.

BingMag.com The <b>director</b> of <b>Uncharted</b> 4 and <b>Last</b> of <b>Ace</b> <b>founded</b> a <b>new</b> studio

So, I went to some I went from my friends and we started our work by planning new ideas and creating them and these ideas sounded good and gradually became exciting and I thought to myself that I have to create this game. However, if I'm going to make this game, I need to build a team, and if I'm going to build a team, I need to start a company, and if we're going to do it, we need to do it the right way. That company should be inclusive, fair, and collaborative, and filled with good-hearted people who want to grow both professionally and personally." He didn't say it, but the description written on the official website of this studio shows that their focus is on creating small, creative games with a unique style that explores different potentials and possibilities from the medium of video games.

BingMag.com The <b>director</b> of <b>Uncharted</b> 4 and <b>Last</b> of <b>Ace</b> <b>founded</b> a <b>new</b> studio

The current team of this studio includes experienced people who have experience working on games such as Call of Duty, Uncharted 4, The Last of Us, Pathless They have Abzu, Kena and Astroneer in their repertoire. One of the interesting points that Streili made is that they've already picked up an exciting partner that will support what the studio is doing and help them reach the widest possible audience.

The studio is currently hiring new recruits in several different positions to help develop Wildflower Interactive Studio's first project. Help them.

Source: Eurogamer

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