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Director God of War Regnarok talks about more variety in the game and its struggles

BingMag.com Director God of War Regnarok talks about more variety in the game and its struggles

The previous episode of God of War, which was released in 2018, brought about great changes in various aspects for this game series, and this is just It is not related to the departure of Cretus from Greece and his departure to Norse mythology. Santa Monica Studios has changed a lot of aspects, despite maintaining the true feel of the previous episodes. From the more cinematic structure and its single-shot camera to the introduction of Kritos' new weapon, the Leviathan ax, as well as the introduction and important role of Atrius, all were new things we saw in the previous episode.

While it is clear that God War Regnarok is based on the previous episode, but its new director, Eric Williams, still seeks to evolve the foundations and principles of the previous episode's memorable experience while offering new variety and appeal to players.

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Following the recent screening of Regnarok's God of War, IGN interviewed Eric Williams and Corey Barlag to ask them questions on a variety of topics. "God of War 2 and God of War Ghost of Sparta are probably two of the most popular games I've ever worked on," Williams said of his philosophy for directing the series. There was an almost identical way of developing the two works. Both works were based on their predecessors, and we were saying at the time that we had a certain structure and basis, we could go deep into the demands of the fans. "There we told ourselves that we should think about more diversity, but not just to have more diversity, but diversity that is formed in a proper structure."

This is my first time [sitting in a director's chair], I want to use the lessons I have learned in the past and I will use them to do so. "So in Regnarok what we are trying to do with the game, and especially with Kritos, is to try to give the player more opportunity and more depth."

BingMag.com Director God of War Regnarok talks about more variety in the game and its struggles

The previous game defined new principles for this series, but this did not allow the developers to have more variety in many mechanics or Give parts of the game. Santa Monica Studios now has the opportunity to increase the depth and variety of the game by using the base of its previous game. Exactly the same as what we saw in God of War 1 and 2. God of War 1 was a completely new work that made many admire it, and after that God of War 2 presented one of the most memorable parts of the whole series by using the familiar formulas of that game and expanding, diversifying and deepening it.

One of the criticisms of the previous episode was the lack of a multi-faceted giant. However, there is now an opportunity for more developers to think about diversity in these areas. We can also expect to have more equipment and capabilities for Kratos, and from that we know that Atrius will have a bigger role in the fights and help you.

Eric Williams continues: "How Atrius and Kritos communicate in The struggles have spread. Atrius is a little bigger. So with his new moves he can help Kritos more. However, we have made sure that the enemies have advanced as much as they can and are able to counter these new moves. So obviously the enemies must also have tools to deal with it, otherwise you will easily destroy them. "So the enemies have new things to deal with that you might think you might attack with Atreus first or do with Cretus."

BingMag.com Director God of War Regnarok talks about more variety in the game and its struggles

Williams also explained that this thinking is used to evolve and deepen what players have already experienced in the real world of Regnarok, and now the game is Allows players to see all nine realms of the game world. However, in God of War 2018, it was not possible to go to some of them. Although Fimbolwinter (the long winter) has begun, players should not expect to encounter only snowy territories.

. Because of the occurrence of fimblewaters, every realm you have seen in the past has changed in different ways. Of course, this does not mean that all territories are affected by snow. I think this is a misinterpretation Fimbolvinter is an event that changes territories in different ways. Midgard is the center of these great developments. So it's almost frozen.

But all the add-ons the team does work in a very calculated way. The director of the game states that he wants to make sure that all the new additions will make sense in the game experience. He uses an example of a campaign to show how these new features have broader implications.

BingMag.com Director God of War Regnarok talks about more variety in the game and its struggles

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Source: IGN

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