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Director Diz Gan: We sold the size of Ghost of Sushima and they said you failed

BingMag.com <b>Director</b> <b>Diz</b> Gan: We <b>sold</b> the <b>size</b> of <b>Ghost</b> of <b>Sushima</b> and they <b>said</b> <b>you</b> failed

A few days ago, Jeff Ross, one of the directors of Days Gone, after the news of the sale of 8 million Ghost of Sushima versions of the game were released, announcing on Twitter that Diz Gan had also managed to sell 8 million copies, but the studio's internal management behaved in such a way that the work failed. However, according to his latest clarifications, the figures he has announced for the sale of Dizgan seem to be inaccurate.

In a recent interview between Jeff Ross and David Jaffe, the creator of the game series. God of War and Twisted Metal, performed on Jeffy's YouTube channel, are directed by Diz Gan. Jeff Ross says his source for game sales was a disbanded website called Gamestat, which tracks PlayStation trophy data and, to some extent, the number of people who have experienced the game.

"Where I got my data from, I had access to a lot of telemetry, and I could see things, and by the time we were able to sell 5 million copies - when we were told that 5," he said. Millions of copies of the game sold - telemetry data was about 5.8 million copies. This basically included resale or disc and joint purchase. I was actually using an external website - I think they are offline now - but they used trophy data and matched our internal telemetry data, so that data was "good enough" for me.>

BingMag.com <b>Director</b> <b>Diz</b> Gan: We <b>sold</b> the <b>size</b> of <b>Ghost</b> of <b>Sushima</b> and they <b>said</b> <b>you</b> failed

Ross then said that when you leave Sony, you do not necessarily receive the final sales figures for a game. He also stated that as Director of the game he did not have access to official Sony sales data and statistics. Jeff Ross continued: "I think [Gamestat] is still archiving the data, based on the 8 million figure that matched our telemetry, so that was enough for me. So, maybe the figure is about 7.7 [million] copies or maybe about 8.2 [million] copies, I do not know. "

Of course, he recently reiterated in his new tweet that despite this clarification He still insists on his initial statistics and believes that these statistics are correct. During the interview, he stated that the telemetry data he referred to was seen by him before the game was released on PlayStation Plus in 2021.

The important point is that The data obtained from the trophy may not be directly related to the sales statistics and show higher statistics, as it is possible that some people will get a second-hand game disc or receive it through PlayStation Plus. However, it is also possible that with a certain percentage of error, the statistics announced by Jeff Ross are almost the same as the actual sales figures for the game.

However, another important point is that Jeff Ross made it clear in the conversation that when he referred to the studio's internal management in his opening tweet, he meant the senior executives of Sony Bond Studios, not the top executives of PlayStation or Sony as a whole.

Source: Game Informer

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