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Details of the Avowed Xbox game released; Absidine open environment mapping

BingMag.com Details of the Avowed Xbox game released; Absidine open environment mapping

Last year, at one of the special Microsoft events held to show the games of the next generation Xbox X and S series consoles, the new role-playing game of Obsidian Studio That is, Avowed was introduced. Sources are now talking about the status of the game and some of its possible features.

A few days ago, except for Jez Corden from Windows Central, he published a full report on the game and talked about it. Although we can not read this statement 100% true, but he has shown in the past that he has good and relatively credible sources for the Xbox.

  • The Outer Worlds 2 game was introduced for the Xbox and PC

So far we have only seen one official demo of Avowed, which was a pre-rendered CGI trailer (CGI). This work takes place in the world of Pillars of Eternity, known as "World of Eternity", and its first-person camera angle is very similar to The Outer Worlds.

According to this report Informed sources have stated that the game development has changed from the pre-production state to the playable alpha state. Obsidian seems to be working on early versions of the game, intending to incorporate many of the mechanics and key elements of the gameplay.

BingMag.com Details of the Avowed Xbox game released; Absidine open environment mapping

According to this information, Avowed game is made with an improved version of The Outer Worlds game engine and has first-person combat and narrative system and in-depth exploration of role-playing games. The source claims that there are various classes in the game that seem to have been inspired by the two-handed combat system in Skyrim. You can hold two daggers or use a bow. You can also use a combination of sword and magic or use magic with both hands, which is necessary to use some of the spells and stronger abilities of the game. There are also hints that there are many animations for hand movements to perform spells. Something we saw in the game's official demo.

As we expected, Avowed borrows a lot of elements, especially in terms of magic, from Pillars of Eternity, and you have a long list of powerful and different spells. You will have. It is natural that the warrior class has more powerful physical attacks, while the wizards have a wide range of spells that can depict their fighting style in this way.

Also elements of classic computer role-playing games. They also have a big role in Avowed, and this is in a situation where we are also witnessing action-oriented fights. Apart from Kurden, he says he thinks The Outer Worlds fans will be particularly excited about the game.

However, he says that if The Outer Worlds is a Fallout-style role-playing game, Avowed without Doubt is an impression of Alder Scrolls. Fighting with two hands and a first-person camera is one of their undeniable similarities, but there are also obvious differences between the documents and the early versions of the game. And it reminds him more of The Outer Worlds game environment. Bright mushrooms inside the cave, lush forests full of giant plants and lush temples with many skeletal tombs can be seen in this game. Of course, this is also interesting in its own way, because the official trailer of the game had a much darker tone and less showed these aspects of the game world.

It was The Outer Worlds. According to the report, Avowed seems to have followed the same path. Destructibility There will be aspects of the environment using torches or fire-based spells in this effect. Fire spells can also catch tongues and reach the ceiling and walls.

BingMag.com Details of the Avowed Xbox game released; Absidine open environment mapping

What he saw of the game belonged to the pre-alpha state of the work, and aspects such as lighting and graphic textures were not fully embedded. Although the game is still in this stage of development, he claims that it is well playable and in good condition.

They will follow and can only speculate. He's not sure if the gaming world will have a completely free world like the Alder Scrolls series or, like The Outer Worlds, it will support a hub-centric environment that connects to larger areas and different crypts. However, he speculates that the latter is more likely. However, some job advertisements also refer to the completely free world environment, which is contrary to this speculation. In general, based on what he has seen of Avowed, it is more like a classic role-playing game with elements of The Outer Worlds and, of course, the medieval fantasy world.

Finally, Kurdon speculates that Avowed Achieve a fully playable status at E3 next year. Given this information, we may even see a new trailer for this work at this year's Game Awards. Given this information, as well as the official game trailer that was released last year, we are very excited for this work. . The release date of the game has not been determined, but it is possible that we will be able to experience it in 2023.

Source: Windows Central

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