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Demos of games on PlayStation are mandatory; Minus independent games

BingMag.com <b>Demos</b> of <b>games</b> on <b>PlayStation</b> are <b>mandatory;</b> <b>Minus</b> <b>independent</b> games

Sony Interactive Entertainment has contacted various developers about its special plan to place a limited trial version of the games on the PlayStation Plus Premium share service./p>

According to sources who spoke to Game Developer, developers who want to release games with a wholesale price of $ 34 or higher ( 33 in Europe and $ 4,000 in Japan) are required to have a limited trial version. Make time for their games. These trial versions should last at least two hours.

The important point is that this is the announced wholesale price and not the price you see in the PlayStation Digital Store. Every work that is released in a digital store receives a portion of its sales share from the owner of that digital store (whether it is PlayStation or Microsoft or even Steam and Epic Games). That price is called the retail price, and it's exactly what we see in digital or non-digital stores. However, the $ 34 or higher price mentioned by Sony is the wholesale price, excluding the store owner's percentage, and is exactly the amount a publisher or studio receives from the sale of a game.

BingMag.com <b>Demos</b> of <b>games</b> on <b>PlayStation</b> are <b>mandatory;</b> <b>Minus</b> <b>independent</b> games

Under this new policy, games with a wholesale price of less than that stated need to create this trial version with They do not have a limited time. Many developers are aware of this new policy through updates to the Sony Developer Portal. Various sources have stated that they have not received any further notification of this change.

Of course, this new Sony policy is not mandatory for previously released games as well as for PlayStation VR games. Following the implementation of Sony's new policy, first-tier game developers whose wholesale prices are above the stated price will have to devote time and resources to creating these timed trial versions.

Of course, Sony's policies It has also done some flexibility. Developers can release a timed trial version for PlayStation Plus Premium owners up to three months after their game is released on the PlayStation Store. Also, the availability of these trial versions in PlayStation Plus Premium is mandatory for only up to 12 months, and the manufacturers will be able to keep or remove it after that date. These two issues could make developers more receptive to Sony's new app.

Sony has also announced that it is ready to offer custom trial versions of these timed trial versions on the PlayStation Plus Premium, but this is a case in point. Must be checked separately for each game. Developers can also, as usual, release regular or timed trial versions for all PlayStation users, or release the game for free for a short weekend.

BingMag.com <b>Demos</b> of <b>games</b> on <b>PlayStation</b> are <b>mandatory;</b> <b>Minus</b> <b>independent</b> games

On the other hand, this feature can be very interesting and useful for players and allow people who have purchased a PlayStation Plus Premium subscription to buy a $ 60 or $ 70 game before purchasing. They can experience the effect for at least two hours and then decide whether or not to buy the game.

On the other hand, we need to see the reaction of various developers and major publishers to Sony's new decision. There has been no specific reaction from the developers at the moment, and it seems that so far there is no major objection to this decision, but in any case, forcing a trial version for all games with a wholesale price of over $ 34 can be somewhat It's controversial.

For a better conclusion, we'll have to wait for more details and details, as well as how the project will be implemented, and see how developers react to it.

Sony Interactive Entertainment The new policies and report published on the Game Developer site have not received much response.

Source: Game Developer

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