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Delicious concoction of 2D scuba diving and tower defense (Game showcase: ‌ Aegis Defenders)

BingMag.com Delicious concoction of 2D scuba diving and tower defense (Game showcase: ‌ Aegis Defenders)

Games that combine two different styles are always a pleasant surprise. Observing how the mechanisms of the two genres interact in a game can teach us a great deal about the strengths and weaknesses of each.

One of the relatively new games (released in 2015), but completely unknown that An interesting experience in this field is the game of Aegis Defenders, in which the style of 2D Platformer and Tower Defense are combined and the result of an interesting and more or less creative concoction of water comes out of the water. Is. I say more or less, because this lineup is very much reminiscent of Awesomenauts, but Ausomnats is a two-dimensional mobile game with three players per team, but Aegis Defenders is a story co-op game with enemies controlled by AI. Thus, despite their physical and structural similarities, the nature of the gameplay in Aegis defenders is very different from that of Ausomnatus. (Which happens at the end of the stage). In the 2D scuba diving section, you can play the role of a girl named Clu and her grandfather Bart as a soloist or co-op. This part of the game, like all other standard scuba diving games, consists of jumping and killing enemies and solving a series of puzzles (which get harder over time). If you play the game as a single player, you can switch between characters, and if you play as a coop, the screen is divided into two halves and one of the characters is displayed in each half. If both characters are in the same place, the page split will disappear and the whole page will be displayed together.

BingMag.com Delicious concoction of 2D scuba diving and tower defense (Game showcase: ‌ Aegis Defenders)

Sometimes in the game you are given the right to choose between three dialogs. You will be given between 1 and 3 points, depending on how appropriate the dialogue is. With this score, you can speed up the process of upgrading your characters.

The unique point of the game is that Chloe and Bart each have their own unique abilities. For example, Kello's skill is to use long-range weapons (bows and arrows and laser guns) and to lay mines and bombs, while Bart's weapon is a hammer and shovel, so his specialty is close combat. Of course, Bart has the ability to build a turret, which automatically fires at any enemy in its range, but Bart has no control over his artillery, so building it in the scuba section is not very optimal, because you encounter scattered enemies.

In the second half of the game, two other characters named Kaiim and Zulu are added to the group and each has its own abilities. Each of these characters is marked with a specific color:

  • Chloe: Blue
  • Bart: Yellow
  • Cayem: Red
  • Zulu: Purple

The enemies of the game are each one of these four colors, and depending on their color, the mentioned character will do more damage to them. Enemy coloring is one of the key elements of the game's combat, and the gameplay makes the game deeper than it should be.

In 2D scuba diving, enemy coloring is not a big deal. Whenever you see a blue enemy, you can select Kello and hit him with a few strokes. But it is in the defense of the game tower that this issue sometimes determines your defeat and victory.

BingMag.com Delicious concoction of 2D scuba diving and tower defense (Game showcase: ‌ Aegis Defenders)

The relationship between Chloe and Bart, her grandfather, is warm and intimate and gives spirit to the game.

The tower defense system is set in an open environment. You will find that there are a series of ducts on either side of it. With each new wave of attacks, enemies emerge from these channels and you must destroy them before they reach the critical point of the stage (usually in the middle of the screen) or when your life is over.

Each new wave of attacks starts, giving you one minute to assemble your defense equipment and gather resources. Your clue as to what to do in these sixty seconds is the colored halo at the entrance to each duct. For example, if blue is displayed in front of a channel, it indicates that most (but not all) of the enemies that will come out of that channel will be blue. Therefore, Kello and its equipment will be the best way to deal with the enemies of that channel. The ideal decision is to tell Kello to place a minefield in front of it, or even hold Kello himself in front of him to automatically attack enemies.

If you play the game as a single player, in the section Tower defense Each of the three characters you are not in control of at the moment is controlled by artificial intelligence. Unfortunately, the game AI is not good and does nothing but follow a series of predetermined commands; In other words, the initiative is zero.

For example, if you put Bart in front of an enemy line, he guards them with his hammer and slows them down, but he only knows how to do that. Depending on the situation, he can sometimes stop guarding and hit enemies. The limited artificial intelligence of all groups has made it difficult for you to constantly switch between characters and fine-tune their tasks when experiencing single-player gaming, which adds to the tension and difficulty of the game.

BingMag.com Delicious concoction of 2D scuba diving and tower defense (Game showcase: ‌ Aegis Defenders)

Sometimes during the process, there are doors the color of one of the characters that only he can enter. Some scuba diving puzzles use this mechanism, in which each character must enter in the same color and do something there to open the way for everyone to progress.

In the later stages, instead of two characters, You have four characters and four types of enemies will attack you, the difficulty of the game will sometimes increase dramatically and you will understand why the coop section is intended for this game. Because in addition to the large number of colors, sometimes the enemies of a particular color are advancing in several different directions. Given that the character can only count on one of them, preventing other enemies from advancing falls on the rest of the team, causing little damage to the enemy. This is not always the case. Sometimes the presence of environmental elements such as elevators, teleport gates and areas where it is not possible to place defense equipment, you can not always advance the movement of enemies and you have to be constantly alert.

It is very difficult to control some enemies. For example, there is a special enemy that is able to fly, so it is easy for him to leave behind defense equipment (which is usually fired in a straight line). Whenever flying enemies enter the map, you have to gather your attention and draw them manually. Another stubborn enemy is the moving sludge, which is not only very hardy, but can swallow them properly as soon as they reach the defense equipment. These enemies are slow and individually do not pose much of a threat, but when they are numerous and there is nothing in their path to slow them down, they become a nightmare.

BingMag.com Delicious concoction of 2D scuba diving and tower defense (Game showcase: ‌ Aegis Defenders)

At the end of the game, the interfaces become epic.

Now, Aegis Defenders is not a game that is unfairly tough. You have a point where you can upgrade your weapons and defense equipment between missions to complete each stage. If you complete all the stages (for example, collect all the relics inside the stage and in the tower defense section, the number of your authorized hearts is not less than three) with the obtained reward, you can always upgrade your characters' abilities to the extent that you can overcome the challenge of the next stage. , Even on higher hardness levels (Hard and Insane). Personally, I finished the game on a hard level, and except for two or three stages, it never seemed to me that the level of challenge in the game was out of my control.

And using it properly, you can make many struggles easy for yourself. For example, one of my favorite synergies in the game was combining Bart's bullets with Kaiim's flames. If I felt that a lot of enemies were going to come and go in a certain line, I would place two-thirds of Bart's artillery in that line (which were upgraded to the end and fired practically like machine guns). Then I set fire to the machine gun in front of the machine guns, which caused the arrows to fire while passing through it, causing a lot of damage to the enemy, even if they were not the same color as Bart. In most cases, if I succeeded in deploying this system in a row, that row would remain safe until the end of the stage. When the enemy is slowed down, he spends more time on the barbed wire and thus suffers more damage. Depending on which equipment you upgrade sooner, you can devise a strategy for yourself and determine your favorite synergy.

BingMag.com Delicious concoction of 2D scuba diving and tower defense (Game showcase: ‌ Aegis Defenders)

Depending on what level of difficulty you choose and how much you get stuck in the game, it takes between 10 and 20 hours to complete the Aegis defenders.

The gameplay aside, Aegis Defenders has a great strength and that The so-called Comfy atmosphere is provided by the great music of the game, the eye-catching pixel graphics and the atmosphere of Hayao Miyazaki. The most atmospheric part of the game is the story characters' camp, where you go on each mission and talk to different people in the group. Being in this space always gave me a good feeling and conveyed a sense of security and intimacy, so that after a while I really felt that everyone who was there, from Chloe and Bart to the two vendors stationed in the camp, was also friends. And there is an inseparable and warm link between them.

BingMag.com Delicious concoction of 2D scuba diving and tower defense (Game showcase: ‌ Aegis Defenders)

In one of the stages of the game, you have to play only the role of Kelo. This stage provides a good variety compared to the crowded and fast-paced gameplay of other stages, in which you have to control several characters at once.

Unfortunately, despite the strong atmosphere of the game, which is the result of a series of aesthetic choices Sitting together, the story and dialogue of the game are unforgettable and suffer from a weakness that many anime-influenced works suffer from, namely the use of a bunch of special names about the story world, none of which provide enough background. They do not, and that is why you never see a reason to care about them and look at them with an immature attempt at worldliness. Also, many of the details of the story are told with a humorous, childish or so-called Cute approach, which may seem a little loose and prevent you from taking the story too seriously.

In general, the story of the game in the distant future It happens on the planet Earth. Chloe and Bart are the two main characters in the Rune Hunter story, and their job is to find valuable artifacts from the distant past. During their adventures, they find a powerful weapon called Aegis, and throughout the story they try to prevent it from falling into the hands of an evil empire controlled by a man named Hozai. Throughout the story, an attempt is made to unravel the identity of Kelo and his relationship with his grandfather and the identity of his parents, which makes the story more personal, but does not prevent it from being forgotten.

BingMag.com Delicious concoction of 2D scuba diving and tower defense (Game showcase: ‌ Aegis Defenders)

Hoza enters the story a little late and as the villain of the story needed more and better characterization.

In general, Aegis Defenders is one of those straightforward experiences in video games that may not be a transformative experience to complete, but if you are looking for an independent game that does not have hype behind it and you can play it in peace without any presuppositions, it will provide you with happy moments. .

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