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Death’s Door will be released in December for PlayStation and Switch

BingMag.com Death’s Door will be released in December for PlayStation and Switch

Death's Door by Acid Nerve was released in July for Xbox consoles and PC platforms and was immediately acclaimed worldwide. He was admired for his fascinating world, struggles, and extraordinary stage design, and was reminiscent of Zelda's classic games for many. The game was a great success and the developer was aware that demand for the game would increase to other platforms such as PlayStation 4, 5 and Nintendo Switch. Now it looks like this demand will be met soon.

In Death's Door, you play the role of a crow hired by a commission to capture the souls of creatures whose time in the living world It's over, get it. When one of your missions goes wrong due to an unforeseen complication, you have to go back and fix your mistake. Eventually, what starts out as a simple spiritual mission that was originally entrusted to you leads to a much larger journey. A journey that may eventually change the cycle of life and death.

BingMag.com Death’s Door will be released in December for PlayStation and Switch

Although the story It's not at the center of Death's Door, but the narrative foundations of the game are solid. Depending on how much you choose to explore certain parts of the game, you can find more details to visualize the story, but what makes the game special is the gameplay. When you start your journey, it feels like you are in a classic Zelda game. From the top-down camera to the dungeon-based structure and the variety of puzzles, they all give you a sense of zelda.

The player passes. Moving around in the environment, fighting and exploring, despite its simplicity, has a wonderful feeling. Of course, what helps a lot to this feeling is the design of the excellent stages of the game. The black holes and the areas leading to them are all uniquely constructed and entertaining with their Metroidonian design.

BingMag.com Death’s Door will be released in December for PlayStation and Switch

In the latest episode of State of Play, Dollar Digital announced that Death's Door will be released on November 23, 2021 (December 2, 1400) for the eighth and ninth generation PlayStation consoles. Shortly afterwards, the publisher confirmed on Twitter that it would also be available for the Nintendo Switch.

Also in a PlayStation blog post, Acid Nero Studios confirmed that the game will run at 60 frames per second on PlayStation 5. There will also be full support for dual-sensitivity controller (hepatic feedback) capability. It is interesting to know that the game was able to reach more than 100,000 players in less than a week, which is a success for an effect in this style and context.

Below you can find a new trailer of the game See Death's Door released at the State of Play event.

Source: Eurogamer

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